How To Create Abstract Art With Canva


Are you an abstract artist? Or do you sell online services for contemporary artists? If yes, you would need a photo editing tool on a daily basis. 

The first one that comes to our minds is Canva

Canva is an accessible, user-friendly, and web-based graphic design platform. On Canva, we can create posters, brochures, logos, and (why not?) abstract art all for free. 

But we usually hear questions like:

  • How to create abstract art with Canva?
  • How do you use it for making designs?

To take full advantage of this free tool, we must know its utilization principle. Follow these easy steps to create spectacular abstract art in Canva:

Head to; you will need to set up an account if you are using it for the first time.

Select the design class below and create a design option.

Choose a background. It is optional to use the built-in options or to upload your own.

The canvas is set. Now you can use elements, colors, brushes, and whatever else you need from the menu visible on the left side.

Press the download button on the top right to save the abstract artwork on your desktop. 

The creation process of abstract art on Canva is much more affordable than Adobe Photoshop because of its easy interface and accessible functions.

Want to know more?

Let’s dive into the main steps to creating abstract art in Canva.

Can Abstract Art Be Digital?

Technological development is booming with time. Things that seemed impossible in the past now exist and have become an essential part of our lives. In 1839, humans were able to see their physical existence through cameras. Similarly, in the early 1980s, digital art was introduced—an innovative technology for transforming creative ideas into pictures. 

Abstract art delivers thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions without direct evidence. 

Lines, geometry, and shapes may seem unthoughtful, but they carry a hidden meaning. Artists try to put ideas on the canvas through their brushes and strokes. The digital version of abstract art seemed unrealistic before the 1980s. But the evolution of abstract art into digital has made it possible to use applications, websites, and devices to create a pictorial picture of ideas.

Digital abstract art is easy to implement. You don’t have to spend bucks buying various brushes, canvas, stands, and utensils. Open a digital medium, set up a canvas, start drawing if one output is not up to the desired mark, set up a new background, and start again. 

Digital abstract art can be done using applications like Canva, which are free to develop and have an intuitive interface. To try it out, have a look at the following steps. 

Let’s dive in!

How To Create Abstract Art With Canva (Tutorial)

Canva is an easy platform. It provides a friendly interface to interact with. But people who are new to photo editing, abstract art, and digital painting will find it a bit complicated at first glance. 

To make it easier to use, we have written a simple tutorial. Just follow the below-mentioned steps, and you can become an abstract art expert in just a few days.

Step 1. Start-up Plan

It is essential to have a basic rough idea in mind before starting. You must know what you want. Draw a rough picture in your mind. Think out the colors, paints, textures, and images you want to add. If you start without having any idea or concept of the desired output in your brain, you wouldn’t be able to reproduce it through Canva or any other photo editing tool.

Step 2. Dimensions

You can choose the design size for whatever canvas you need from the “create a design” option on the top right side. Through the “custom size” option, users can select the length and width of a canvas on their own.

image 1
image 2

Step 3. Background

Choose appropriate, relevant, and matching pieces from the “elements” label on the right side for the background. You can select colors from the style icon if you need a solid tint. A list of various colors with all possible shades will be in front of you. 

image 3

Step 4. Work On Elements

For example, you want to make a woman’s sketch. To find related images, you have to enter a matching keyword like “woman sketch” in the elements search bar. In the element menu, you can also find any aspect: picture, water paint, design, logo, photo, or graphic. You can bring the desired piece onto the canvas through the drag-and-drop option of Canva. 

image 4
image 5

Step 5. Adjustment

From rotating to duplicating, you can adjust elements on your canvas the way you want. The duplicate option helps to make a copy of the selected piece. It will reduce the effort to label and search for the desired work again. 

Step 6. Download

When satisfied with the abstract artworkgo to the download button on the top right, click on “Download,” and a list will pop up. You can choose the file format: JPG, PDF, GIF, and MP4. Download your abstract art in any format you want. 

image 6
image 7

And that’s it!

You have just created an amazing piece of abstract art in a matter of minutes!

What Are The Rules Of Abstract Art?

After seeing abstract art, you must have asked yourself: “What does this painting state?”

That’s what the idea is. It is the rule of abstract art not to deliver its exact meaning to the audience. The purpose is to add a seed that forces the viewer to keep thinking. An artist usually designs abstract art in a way that prompts a person to seek its hidden meaning and the mood behind it. He establishes a connection and an emotional attachment with him. 

Abstract art pieces take inspiration from nature and the world. This influence is visible in these artworks, even if not at first glance.

Nevertheless, you can’t expect to spend hours and days predicting the exact meaning of art. Often, our brain cannot focus and doesn’t develop results at the desired time. You can find a solution to your problem at any time, even when you are not concentrating. 

Never try to link the title of an abstract with a painting. Most of the time, abstract art titles are vague and different from the art itself. 

What Are Examples Of Abstract Art?

Abstract art emerged as a work of fantasy. In the beginning, art was a way of portraying the physical world in a sketch. It was immediate and required no further explanation.

However, an art that uses lines, shapes, colors, and geometry needs some explanation while understanding its profound message.

That art was known as abstract art. Artists like Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso, and Wassily Kandinsky made exceptional pieces of abstract art. 

  • Wassily Kandinsky, a pioneer in this field, made the first-ever abstract art painting known as “Untitled,” a combination of vibrant colors representing his inner emotions. 
  • Piet Mondrian made “Tableau I” using a combination of lines, mathematical precision, and geometric shapes. He used thin black lines in his abstract art to solidify the painting. “Tableau I” is an inspiration for current artists, fashion designers, and painters. 
  • Joan Miro made “La Mancha Roja,” the result of a subconscious state of mind. A very playful yet serious piece of art.
  • 180 Farden” is an abstract work by Gerhard Richter. It represents industrial color samples. Richter got inspiration from industrial labor and transposed it into the painting. 

What Kind Of Abstract Art Sells Best?

  1. Landscape. Landscapes are the most famous pieces of art. People who like to embellish their houses with nature and vibrant greens usually prefer landscapes. It gives a feeling of freshness and cheers up the ambiance. Most people better understand this concept, so they prefer to buy seascapes, harbors, and local landscape artworks. 
  2. Figures. People like to watch paintings of figures. They usually come with a nude background to distract the person’s mind. The majority find such images attractive; that’s why they spend large amounts on buying them.
  3. Wildlife. Wildlife and animal enthusiasts often choose to display wildlife artwork in their homes and offices. It gives them a sense of peace and happiness that nothing else can deliver.


Art is all about creativity and ideas. Abstract art is a combination of feelings, emotions, and shapes. It is considered a problematic format, but tools like Canva come in handy. 

Beginners find it very comfortable due to its friendly interface and accessible functions. Just spend a few days practicing, and you will be able to create unique abstract art in Canva. 

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