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Are you looking for an abstract art generator? On the internet, you will find many tools for digital abstract art. We have seen 1SecondPainting and Random Art making their names on the premier abstract art generators list, but which is the best among the two?

Let’s explore both software to reach a satisfying conclusion. 

Technology has overcome many human tasks. Abstract art creates emotions on canvas and can now be achieved through digital technology.

With the help of modern technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-time algorithms, and deep learning, abstract art generators produce unique artworks within a few minutes. 

In early times, artists spent various days obtaining the desired output. They used to teach their hands how to portray designs on canvas, whereas now artists teach computers. Abstract art generators generate amazing designs that astonish you based on previous learning.

Even a beginner with insufficient knowledge of the creative industry can make mind-blowing designs with software like 1SecondPainting and Random Art generators. 

These two abstract art generators use different techniques to generate their outputs: let’s find out which is better.

Why Does Abstract Art Sell So Much?

“Interchange” is an abstract landscape painting by Willem de Kooning, sold for $300 million in 2015. 

$300 million, just for one painting? Isn’t it too much? 

Every day, auction houses sell million-dollar paintings regularly. Does it give birth to questions like “Why is the abstract so expensive?” 

There are three reasons why abstract art sells for so much:

  1. Personal feelings
  2. Investment
  3. Decoration

Art is not just a spread of colors; it’s an emotion. Every abstract work of art hides meaning, emotions, and feelings within itself. People who can understand such hidden messages are ready to invest whatever they demand. It is true that money cannot measure passion and love.

The days are over when property and gold were the only sources of investment. At present, art and paintings are superb assets for any portfolio.

But how can you turn a piece of art into all this? The answer is NFTs

You must have heard about non-fungible crypto tokens. They let you sell unique artwork in the online marketplace with ease. You won’t ever lose your ownership thanks to the blockchain, and, furthermore, you might witness a revaluation of the price over time.

Through abstract art generators, a non-artist can also make valuable abstract art and sell it as an NFT. If you are looking for an asset for investment, then abstract art can be a good choice. 

Most billionaires are not concerned with the hidden meaning of abstract art; they just want to buy it because it matches their drawing room interior. 30% of people bid on million-dollar abstract art for decoration in auctions. 

1SecondPainting: Review

image 16

Abstract art in one click” is the slogan of 1SecondPainting. It is an AI abstract art generator that claims to produce life-like AI paintings. A detailed review of the website shows that 1SecondPainting uses neural style transfer to generate unique abstract art. 

Neural style transfer is an algorithm that incorporates one design into another without changing the image's content. 

We need to provide two images: content and style. The content image is then recreated with the design and texture of the style images desired.

With 100% free shipping charges, 1SecondPainting has produced 230,431 AI paintings. When a company claims to use AI technology, you have to review its credibility and how it has trained its AI. From this point of view, 1SecondPainting claims that they have trained AI on Pollock and Delaunay, credible artworks. It has targeted a broad market, from professionals to households. Users can create abstract artworks for their house, office, or offer them as a present to a friend. 

Data discovery statistics of 100,000 paintings show the effort 1SecondPainting has put into providing worthwhile and quality AI abstract art.

The website has a user-friendly interface, making the generation process straightforward. The gallery of 1SecondPrinting contains fabulous AI paintings, which you can buy at a reasonable rate of $38.

How To Use It?

Press the small button “generate your own” on the top right. A small window with your abstract design will be displayed on the rightmost side. By clicking on “create,” you can generate as many designs as you want. 

Random Art: Review

image 17

As the name specifies, Random Art generates a random design every time you log in or refresh the site. Random art is a combination of two techniques: algorithmic and generative art. One describes the other. 

Generative art is code art that designs an algorithm that makes the artist's decisions in specific languages.

Our knowledge of geometry and math is consumed in developing algorithms. Random Art generates abstract paintings in real-time: a piece of art that appears to you at once will not be visible again. Also, it guarantees the uniqueness of the design, which makes it extremely valuable in generating NFT paintings

There are two categories of Random Art: abstract and landscape art. Random abstract art generates amazing and unique abstract designs. We need to provide the color and design to get an output. Through Random landscape art, we can generate breathtaking and satisfying algorithmic landscapes. Just click on the line, and we will get a new landscape. 

Random Art maintains a private marketplace known as the Open Sea. All the paintings generated are available as NFTs on this open marketplace. Outside of it, users cannot sell any of those paintings as NFTs.

How To Use It?

If you desire to create abstract art, then choose “random art generator,” and in the case of landscape, select “landscape art generator.” In the art gallery, we can see already made art designs.



  • Due to the use of AI technology human error is reduced
  • Neural style transfer ensures that we get unique and good-quality abstract art without losing content
  • The high quality of colors in abstract art makes 1SecondPainting designs valuable for NFT Responsive websites
  • A user-friendly interface attracts the attention of new users
  • Free-shipping around the world
  • While creating your abstract layout, the strokes of brushes are very smooth
  • Fast delivery
  • Affordably priced abstract designs that have already been created


  • Abstract art is all about emotions. Machines do injustice with emotions. Hence, the feeling that we get from handmade abstract art is missing in the AI painting of 1SecondPainting
  • Require AI training at a particular time; otherwise, we will start getting the same designs every time

Random Art


  • Real-time art makes sure that we get unique content every time
  • Broad variety of designs every time we click on the draw button
  • Great for people who don’t know how to paint
  • Liberty to create two different art designs, such as abstract and landscape


  • The website layout is not attractive and eye-catchy
  • Response time is prolonged
  • Art generated through random art can not be sold as an NFT on any marketplace
  • Error in algorithm will be visible in the designs of abstract art
  • The quality of abstract art generated through this website is not up-to-mark

Which Is The Winner?

1SecondPrinting and Random Art are both amazing abstract art generators. Both of them utilize different techniques: AI and generative art.

After reviewing two websites in detail, we conclude that one has taken the lead in becoming the best abstract art generator: 1SecondPainting

There are various reasons why we have chosen 1SecondPainting over the former:

  • The result of abstract art generated through 1SecondPainting is flawless
  • The colors of abstract art are very vibrant and high-quality
  • The website is well-organized and displays the content in a defined way for the ease of user understanding
  • They offer affordable rates for already created abstract artwork
  • They provide free shipping around the world


Hence, we understand that continuous development occurs in the creative industry. AI, machine learning, and algorithms have now replaced the human effort. There was a time when very few people were interested in art and creativity because they found it boring and worthwhile.

But now, when users know that art and paintings can become a good source of investment, the trend towards art is increasing. 

There are different tools available for making digital art, and today, we have discussed the two most prominent ones. We can get amazing abstract designs in our gallery with just one click using 1SecondPainting and Random Art. 

So, now you don’t have more excuses.

Let’s start making your own abstract art!

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