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In the last years, we have seen artificial intelligence spread in many fields, throughout machines, cars, offices, and security. But today, we’re assisting an incremental usage of AI in the creative industry as well.

Abstract art generators like Synthetic Studio Artists and Corel Painters use modern technology in making abstract designs. 

Are you wondering how?

Stay with us, keep reading and let’s dive in!

Synthetik Studio Artist

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Rotoscoping is the process of adding animation to a moving frame. It is a core skill if you are a videographer, VFX artist, or animator. Rotoscoping is easy in theory, but it is a tedious task, as it is also time-consuming and tiresome. To correct one frame, the video editor needs to smash his finger on a keyword for several hours.

Is there any software that can perform automatic rotoscoping? 

Synthetik Studio Artist is an abstract art generator that performs automatic rotoscoping. 

There’s no need to spend hours in front of a computer. Through artificial intelligence, Synthetic Studio Artist performs time-consuming tasks in a matter of minutes. Not only rotoscoping, but you can also get unique abstract art pieces just with one click.

If you love landscape images, just click one button, and the software will convert your idea into a masterpiece of abstract art.

Synthetik Studio artists produce vector-based graphics. Hence, there is no need to worry about the quality of the image – you can get maximum zoom with 0% blur. For manual editing, you can take control of the machine and make the final touches with the brush.

For any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact their customer support. They will be glad to help you!

Corel Painter 2022

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What is the key to digital abstract art? Natural textures. The best digital art is the one that appears to be handcrafted at first glance. 

Corel Painter 2022 is a digital abstract art generator that provides natural effects to painting. It is a heaven for all abstract artists and photo editors, as it contains many useful functions.  

Corel Painter 2022 emerged with a new color collection and an acknowledged library of brushes. Due to alphabetic sorting, users won’t find it challenging to find an optimal brush. Adjust the size of the stroke to your desired level with a size window pop-up on the side.

Their clone tinting feature came out recently, in 2022. You can use it to clone the colors of the source and create your own palette. There is a color wheel that contains a wide variety of shades.

The fantastic AI styles and smooth strokes make Corel Painter 2022 a tremendous abstract art generator.

Moreover, you can purchase items on Corel Painter from other platforms like Photoshop. But keep in mind that a free purchase of brushes comes with watermarks.

Synthetik Studio Artist


  • Auto-rotoscoping. This feature of Synthetik Studio Artist makes it the best art generator. Rotoscoping is a hectic task. But with Synthetik Studio Artist, we can do it with just a click.
  • Image to art converter. The feature of manual painting makes it worthwhile. It can convert amazing images close to our hearts into beautiful paintings. It is an exciting feature that grabs people’s attention.
  • Vector-based graphics. It designs vector graphics. Sharp lines, smooth curves, and a clear image will improve your output. Picture resolution will not be affected in the case of a 500% zoom.
  • Easy-to-use. Synthetik Studio Artist has a user-friendly interface. Beginners can use it very quickly.
  • Customer service. Responsive customer service always attracts people. Synthetik Studio Artist provides good customer service, which develops audience trust.


  • Discounts and coupons. When it comes to discounts and offering coupons, Synthetik Studio Artist is weak. Customers find coupons exciting and attractive. But synthetic studio artists do not provide such customer attention-picking techniques.

Corel Painter


  • Natural texture. Good quality digital art demands a natural effect and textures that give real drama— Corel Painter 2022 generates overwhelming natural-looking pictures.
  • Brushes. Corel painters have a wide range of brushes – almost 35 categories. You can find realistic encounters with real effects. On Corel, users can buy brushes from other platforms like Photoshop.
  • Color range. Corel Painter 2022 contains a vibrant color collection. The color wheel of Corel has new shades that can make a perfect clone of the source.


  • Difficult to use. If you are a beginner, Corel is not for you. It can give you a tough time if you are a beginner. Corel is more on the professional side. Due to this, non-artists find it challenging to locate the tools and functionality of particular objects.
  • Costly. Corel is a bit costly. For those who want to use photo editing just for the sake of small functions like Instagram photo editing, then Corel can be an expensive choice.
  • Heavy software. Due to extensive tools and a wide range of functionality, Corel is heavy. Your processor will not be happy during the run time of Corel. Every functionality of Corel generates a new process that needs processor attention.

Which Is The Best Abstract Art Generator?

It is tough to choose one of the two best. Synthetik Studio Artist and Corel Painter 2022 revolutionized abstract art generators. Both have introduced auto-rotoscoping technology, providing natural-looking digital art.

But if we judge based on advanced technology, Synthetik Studio Artist leads the race.

Synthetik Studio Artist uses AI for rotoscoping and abstract art. There is no alternative software that fully understands the need for auto-rotoscoping. 

The Synthetik Studio Artist website contains impressive and unbelievable abstract art samples, which you can generate through the AI technology of studio artists.

In our opinion, Synthetik Studio Artist is the winner and got the best abstract art generator title.

Curiosity: Will AI Replace Artists?

Edmond de Belamy was the first artist who artificial intelligence-generated art. In 2018, the artist made this painting. It was a piece from the “La Famille de Belamy” series. That’s the time when AI art got the first hype. The same algorithm created by Edmond de Belamy was tested on 15,000 portraits and learned diverse painting designs from WikiArt. Artists were shocked when they knew that Edmond de Belamy sold his painting for $432,500.

Will AI replace artists? It is a common idea among professionals in the art field. But it won't happen. 

Who will teach AI abstract art generators from past designs? Artist. Creativity, which an artist conveys on a canvas, cannot be achieved through machines. Only a human can do that. 

Of course, we all know that the purpose of technology is to make our life easier (even though it’s true that it increases human responsibility). By learning from past experiences and deriving results from examinations, AI has made computers smarter.

Teaching abstract art generators with comprehensive designs produces fantastic end products.

What Are The Characteristics Of Abstract Art?

Abstract art doesn’t symbolize anything in the real world. Its genre is just a combination of colors, textures, and geometry that came out in the 20th century.

It conveys a series of random colors that hide hidden meanings and emotions.

Wassily Kandinsky was the pioneer of abstract art, also known as “The Father.” He made the first abstract design that lit up this genre for the world.

From a technical point of view, there are four types of abstract art:

  1. Abstractionism, whether sensitive or informal
  2. Tachisme
  3. Geometric Abstraction
  4. Action Painting

1. Abstractionism

The essence of abstract art is visible in abstractionism. It’s about conveying feelings and emotions in a painting. It’s definitely the most common genre of abstract art you may encounter in national museums.

2. Tachisme

Tachisme came out during World War II. The purpose was to break the rules of previous model art. Tachisme is more related to solid and statement marks, as it incorporates a random series of colors that hide influential emotions. Dark tones convey dramaticity while light shades bring rhythm.

3. Geometric Abstraction

Instead of random colors, geometric abstraction is about geometric shapes, lines, and curves. It is a more organized version of Tachisme. Geometric abstraction absorbs the essence of cubism and gains influence from futurist movements. Both styles are visible in the artwork.

4. Action Painting

The most exciting and fun type of abstract art is action painting. Put a canvas like a plate on the floor and drop paint on it. For final touches, use the brush to correct the edges. The result is gorgeous!


Generating a brilliant abstract piece is not difficult today. With the help of modern digital technology, we can develop unique abstract art.

Wheater what will be your choice between Synthetic Studio Artists and Corel Painters 2022, you don't need to spend hours anymore. 

Abstract art is just one click away!

So what you’re waiting for?

Let’s get your abstract art masterpiece today!

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