How To Create Abstract Paintings in Photoshop?


Professionals working in the creative industry field, such as graphic designers, abstract artists, or photographers, need high-end photo editing and creation software. Their priority is, without a doubt, Adobe Photoshop. However, 90% of them don’t know exactly how to create an abstract painting in Photoshop. 

If you’re looking forward to creating a stunning abstract painting, follow the below-described steps to start practicing with Photoshop.

Open your Adobe Photoshop application. You need to download 710 MB of software on your device.

Go to “Windows->Workspaces->Essentials”. Follow these steps to set up a basic canvas for a project.

Select the source file from “File” to upload the input you will work on. 

Now, head towards “Layers” to add various effects to your input. You can play with multiple features and a wide range of functionalities. 

After you have finished editing, it’s time to save the file. Go to “File->Save.” 

Lack of knowledge about abstract painting in Photoshop develops the myth that this tool is difficult to handle. But trust us, if you spend some hours on the basics, you will become an expert within a few days.

Photoshop is a photo editing and creation software developed by Adobe and is flooded with various functions, photo editing tools, and features. It is the best choice if you are an abstract artist and want variety in your digital art

What Is The Best Way To Create Abstract Art?

Basic guidance is necessary if you are a newbie to abstract art. Some advice will haunt you and distract you from the desired path, whereas the motivation of a few will make your journey easier. 

But don’t worry!

We will talk about a few basics that will motivate you to create unique abstract art.

Encourage Yourself

Everything seems to be difficult with a lack of self-confidence. While starting abstract art, most people feel that “We cannot achieve the desired output” or “Are we following the right way?” Such initial thoughts never lead to a positive end. 

Having confidence in yourself that whatever you make will be the best is important. Once you have started your work, don’t stop until you achieve what you wish. Write motivational quotes on paper and stick them on your working station. If you get depressed or stop at some point, then they will encourage you.

Enjoy The Path

Abstract art is the representation of creative ideas. While painting abstract designs, don’t bind yourself with restrictions. Play with colors, shapes, and lines. Put your heart on canvas. Instead of copying others’ creations, create your own masterpiece. Try to shut off your analytical side while indulging in the creating process.

You will see that working is the best way to make abstract art. When you think a lot, your creative ideas get submerged somewhere. So stop overthinking and be more spontaneous and intuitive. It will be worth it, believe us.

Use Big Canvas

We have heard people say, “You are a beginner; start on a small scale and don’t waste a big canvas.” It is a widespread comment among beginners. Despite that, the brain better outputs and explores the best version, starting with a big canvas.

If you can’t find one in your area, you can order one online. Various options come with a full-length canvas to work on. Start with one solid, mid, and light-tone shade. It would be great also to use minimal colors in the beginning. 


Practice makes a man perfect and enhances your abstract art skills. You can start copying a source file. Take your sketchbook and copy a model. Use materials like graphite, which improves the overall speed. Also, for this purpose, better create Abstract Painting in Photoshop. 

How To Create An Abstract Painting in Photoshop (Tutorial)

Adobe Photoshop produces many unique art pieces you generally see across the web. It literally is heaven for graphic designers and abstract artists due to the wide range of features it implements.

Once you are familiar with the tools' rules and methodology, you can have a bright career in abstract art. 

To get started, have a look at the following step-by-step tutorial:

  • Start with a large canvas. Go to the “Image” option on the top of the home page and select the canvas size. You can choose the height and width of your size from there. 
  • Move to the filter to add noise. You have the option of “Uniform” and “Gaussian” noise options. Choose the one you want. 
image 1
  • Enhance the noise intensity by making the necessary changes in the “Amount” column.
  • We need the colors of the noise to pop up. For that, you can use the scaling option. To get bigger chunks of color, increase the size of the noise. It will have a more dramatic effect.
  • Changing from “Blend” mode to “Difference” will invert the colors. 
image 2
  • A small “Play Button” is at the end of the “Actions” dialogue box. This button is used to obtain different patterns of color. Pressing it at various times will give you different patterns, like random fractal color ones. A stage will be reached when further pressing shows no visible change. That’s the threshold. 
image 3
  • After you are done with your abstract art, go to “File.” We need to save what we’ve done for later use. Choose the name you want to assign to the file. 

Photoshop is something to play with. Keep experimenting with different features, and you will see different outputs every time. 

How Do I Create An Abstract Wave In Photoshop?

Have you ever seen some amazing backgrounds in abstract art? Do you want to achieve such an effect in digital art? 

If so, then Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator can provide these results. You can create stunning backgrounds through abstract waves. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to design a fabulous background with Abstract Painting Photoshop.

Step 1

Start by setting up a new canvas size 3000 x 2000 in Illustrator.

Step 2

You can create waves of any shape. Let’s suppose we want a line. Draw a line on the canvas with a pen tool. 

image 4

Step 3

Now you have to draw similar lines without a minimum change. Repeat until you have four to five lines.

image 5

Step 4

Use the blend tool to incorporate all the work you have done. 

Step 5

In “Blend Options,” you have two choices to make: spacing and orientation. Choose the specified step and 64 for spacing. Before moving to the following steps, make sure your output has no errors like extra spacing or some wide spaces. If it has some, then handle them at this point. 

image 6

Step 6

Open the “Stroke Window” while keeping the vector lines selected—set stroke weight to 2 pt and gap to 6 pt. 

image 7

Step 7

Select the top vector lines to provide a blur effect. Go to the direct selection tool and set the stroke weight to zero. 

image 8

Step 8

Make a new document in Photoshop. 

Step 9

Paste your vector wave into Photoshop as a smart object.

image 9

Step 10

Add relevant gradients to the entire image through “Gradient Fill.”

Your abstract wave background is ready.

image 10

How To Create An Abstract Portrait With Photoshop? 

Abstract portraits are eye-catching. They seem difficult to copy, but what you really need is just Adobe Photoshop and a few images. 

Step 1

Open your image and texture in the same file. Drag the texture to get it to fit with the picture. 

image 11

Step 2

Go to “Layers.” Play with different options like Multiply, Screen, and Overlay until you obtain your set result. 

image 12

Step 3

Color corrects your texture for synchronization. Go to Select Color -> Curves. 

Step 4

You can crop your image and save the file on your desktop. 

How To Turn A Photo Into Abstract Art?

We can turn an ordinary picture into a painting through abstract painting in Photoshop. Just follow a series of steps, and your unique photo-transformed portrait will be ready.

Step 1

Select the photo from your computer that you want to transform.

Step 2

Go to layers and select “Convert to Smart Object.”

image 13

Step 3

Open the “Filter Gallery” from the filter.

image 14

Step 4

Select the dry brush filter from the artistic folder and set the brush size to 7.

Step 5

Go to the adjustments panel. Set the saturation to +65. It will increase the intensity of colors. 

image 15


Adobe Photoshop is the most used software in the creative industry. If you dive into abstract art, graphic designing, and photography, you will see how common it is among professionals. 

Through Adobe Photoshop, you can convert an image into abstract art, create abstract portraits, fantastic backgrounds, and much more. 

However, it is necessary to understand the basics. Because once you know the basics, you can experiment and learn more. Hence, if you are looking for an all-in-one software for photo editing and abstract painting, Adobe Photoshop is the best. 

Mastering this gem can add more shine to your career.

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