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AI art generators are evolving as time passes. You can already see artificial intelligence in almost every field of the internet. Whether it’s a SERP of search engines and social media platforms or grammar-checking tools, AI is everywhere.

The AI has now stepped into art sketches. Some art generators online use AI to create different artists’ drawings through machine learning. 

In this article, we’ve hand-picked and reviewed the six best AI art generators online:

  1. NightCafe
  2. Artbreeder
  4. Starryai
  5. AI Gahaku
  6. Deep Dream Generator

If you’re enthusiastic about this new technology that is revolutionizing the art world, then this article is for you.

Let’s dive in!

What Is AI-Generated Art? 

Artificial intelligence-generated art is a computer-made illustration. Yes, it refers to artwork wholly created by software that uses machine learning. 

The programmers design an algorithm (or an artificial mind) and teach it to design and develop drawings without human help. 

This algorithm learns graphics and illustrations notions, their mixtures, creativity rules, RGB science, contrast differences, and much more. 

It’s like you teach a beginner how to design from scratch.

Top 6 AI art Generator Online

Below we’ve hand-picked and reviewed the six best AI art generators online. Please note that none of them is perfect; their AI algorithms are still learning, but they are perfect for personal use if you’re not a demanding person.

1. NightCafe

image 8

NightCafe is at the top of the list because of its ease of use and features. In addition to all of its parts, the platform is 100% free for the first 2-3 images. It works through credits – each art image will cost you about 2-4 credits, depending on your preferences. After that, you’ll need to buy further credits with real currency.

The AI art generator uses the VQGAN (Vector Quantized Generative Adversarial Network) learning architecture for its algorithm. 

It’s an AI dedicated to learning and generating new images and calculations similar to previously learned data. The VQGAN network can also learn from new images that users upload.

40 Credits8 USD
100 Credits15 USD
200 Credits20 USD
  • Support: Web-version only

2. Artbreeder

image 9

Artbreeder is another AI art generator that uses machine learning algorithms to learn and develop new designs and artwork by itself. The service creates unique artistic images based on the user’s input with ease. 

It does require some basic information, such as a source image, a design that you want to apply, and resolution according to your preference. Then, the algorithm will do its calculations and design a custom artwork for those specifications.

This unique AI processing is possible through the BigGAN. 

BigGAN is an artificial intelligence assistant dedicated to teaching image recognition and regeneration, just like the AI in Artbreeder.
PackagesDrive SyncFast Image CreationImage UploadsImage ResolutionCost
Start BreederYesYes802009 USD
Advanced  BreederYesYes30080019 USD
Champion BreederYesYesInfinityInfinity20 USD
  • Support: Web-version only


image 10
Source: isn’t just a typical AI art generator; it’s more than that. Instead, you can rename it as the next-generation artificial intelligence in the image creation niche. 

The website uses an advanced state-of-the-art algorithm capable of performing all the advanced high-end tasks that even a professional Photoshop artist can't do. 

It also offers features for colorizing black and white images, restoring old pictures, removing backgrounds, enlarging facials, and many more. 

Machine learning allows it to recognize the image, perform the necessary operations, and give the output as expected by the user.

  • Pricing: All the features on the website are 100% free to use.
  • Support: Web-version only

4. Starryai

image 11
Source: starryai

Starryai is different from other services. Instead of asking for input from users, it processes the image through the machine learning algorithm, giving you the best output possible. 

Unlike standard AI generators online, Starry gives you full ownership of the image you create and the rights for any personal or commercial uses. 

The AI of Starryai isn’t currently advanced compared to, but still, it’s better than other new and inexpensive art generators software. It’s improving day by day and keeps learning from the user’s images folder.

The service isn’t limited to the PC side only; you can install the Android and iOS apps and use them from your smartphone. 

The service requires a recurrent fee. It’s not free. However, you can claim a refund if you dislike the service. But then, all the copyrights of your artwork will get back to Starryai.

20 Credits10 USD
1 Month unlimited18 USD
40 Credits16 USD
  • Support: Android and iOS only

5. AI Gahaku

image 6

AI Gahaku is one of the most straightforward yet powerful art generators. What we like the most is that it’s 100% free. You don’t have to pay a single dollar to the service. Just choose your image, select your design, and the AI artist will get you print-ready in a matter of seconds. 

Moreover, the app doesn’t ask for a sign-up or login. You don’t have to share your email, phone number, or any sign-up information. Just open the website and start using it. 

That’s it! No in-app purchases, no sign-up.

However, we need to admit that it creates lower-quality illustrations. But it’s free, so you can’t complain. Upon going deep into the website, advertisements and cookie tracking are their only income sources.

So, if you want to try how these AI art generators work, you can give it a try.

AI Gahaku is entry-level in terms of quality, and you can try it before paying real money to other significant AI art generators on the internet.
  • Pricing: Al Ghaku is free for personal use only. You’ll need to pay 3$ (cup of coffee) for commercial use under the CC (10 images only)
  • Support: Android, web-version, and iOS

6. Deep Dream Generator

image 7

Deep Dream Generator is one of the most powerful AI art generators in this review. It uses deep learning algorithms and BigGAN-based learning to create advanced AI graphics, even better than human-made ones.

However, the service requires a paid subscription. It doesn’t offer any free trials. If you’re wondering how Deep Dream Generator works, all you have to do is look at its Instagram profile and scroll through the creations made by other users.

The AI provides three different options for styling your artwork: Deep Dream, Deep Style, and Thin Style.

Overall, it’s a value-for-money service, but for personal use only.

120 Credits19 USD
250 Credits39 USD
750 Credits99 USD
  • Support: Web-version only

Can AI Create Paintings?

Technically yes, practically no. However, if we look at the technical side, artificial intelligence can do that, but currently, at least in this decade, it is not developed enough. 

According to researchers, we will have to wait until 2050 to create an AI capable of competing with human artists. So, in short, AI provides beginner-friendly solutions for low-level artists and creators. If you’re looking for higher-level paintings, better seek the help of real professionals.

How Will AI Affect Artists?

AI will indeed affect artists, but it will take too long still. We’re almost talking about 2090; before that, AI won’t likely affect any artist’s career. 

AI is great, but it lacks one thing: creativity. And art is all about that. 

According to researchers, the current or even the next generation (10 decades later) of AI can’t compete with the human brain, not even close. 

So there’s no way that an AI art generator can affect the actual artist’s era.

Can AI Art Generators Take Over Graphic Design?

We already mentioned that it will not happen any sooner than 2090. The AI is currently in its initial stage. It can’t do anything today. To get the AI smart enough to overtake the graphic designers, it’ll take at least 70–80 years.

So graphic designers can sleep peacefully for a long time yet!


This article has reviewed the six best AI art generators for personal and commercial usage. We all know they’re not as good as humans, but they can still offer interesting solutions. is one of the best and top choices among the six services mentioned.

Its features, accuracy, and technology are better than the other AI art generators reviewed. So if you want to give it a try and satisfy your curiosity, is the one for you.

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