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Are you interested in learning about dropshipping?

Apliiq is a company that specializes in custom apparel. They provide a vast selection of different fabrics and countless customizable options for your products. You can create your own designs or choose from one of theirs. They offer global shipping in over 150 countries at an affordable price, so it’s easy to get started!

To dropship with Apliiq, you need to follow these simple steps (only for Shopify users):

  1. Create an Account
  2. Install the Apliiq Dropshipping App
  3. Setup payment and shipping options
  4. Choose your labels
  5. Create your designs
  6. Start dropshipping

Keep reading if you want to start dropshipping today with Apliiq!

What is Apliiq?

Apliiq is a print-on-demand company that allows customers to design, customize and order apparel with their own designs at the touch of a button.

Their primary focus is on branding streetwear clothing. With their unique technology, you can turn your designs into custom patterns and then turn them into real products by their production partners.

They handle all the manufacturing logistics, so you can focus on what you do best: design!

Founded in 2009 by the artist Ethan Lipsitz, Apliiq is based in Los Angeles and boasts over 15.000 clients that currently use their dropshipping service.

What Are the Main Features of Apliiq?

Apliiq offers top-notch services for creatives willing to start their print-on-demand business.

They aim to provide a tailored platform to build your store with ease and the lowest investment possible.

Also, their dropshipping business model lets you pay for the custom material only after you have sold the final product. Not in advance, as usually happens elsewhere.

So, what are the main services of Apliiq?

Well, we can divide into four macro-areas:

  1. Cut & Sew – Pocket tees, Liner Hoodies, Kangaroo Pockets, Patch Hats, Patch Beanies.
  2. PrintingDigital Printing & Screen Printing.
  3. Stitching – Embroidery & Applique.
  4. Labelling & Branding – Woven Labels, Private Label, Neck Prints, Patches.
  5. Graphic Design – Creative Services.
image 55

As you can see, Apliiq provides countless solutions for getting started in your dropshipping business.

But how can you practically dropship with Apliiq?

Stay with us. We will show you how in the next paragraph!

How to Dropship With Apliiq (for Shopify Users)

To create your brand new dropshipping store, you need to follow some easy steps.

Please note that this tutorial is only for Shopify users. If you use WooCommerce, move on to the related paragraph.

But first of all, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Create a Shopify Store
  • Create an Apliiq Account
  • Link your Shopify Store to the Apliiq Account
  • Provide a Credit/Debit Card

1. Getting Started

The first step is to download the Apliiq Dropshipping App and install it on your laptop.

Open it and follow the instructions provided by the dropshipping setup page.


Add a payment method, where you will be charged if somebody purchases on your dropshipping store.

Also, dare to check the following steps. They are optional but equally important.

We recommend filling them, but it’s upon you.

image 10

They include different options:

  • Setup a woven label
  • Add a shipping label 
  • Setup automatic order processing
  • Setup product description
  • Setup packing slip

2. Choose Your Labels

Before moving to the design process, it’s important to choose the right labels first.

You have three choices:

  1. Woven Labels. They boost the visibility of your brand in the product.
  2. Private Labels. You can replace the manufacturer’s tags from fabrics with your own custom labels.
  3. Embroidered Patches. With Apliiw, you can even stitch custom motifs on your products or patches, but with a minimum of 50 orders.

3. Create Your Design

Now it’s time to create your own design!

You can start choosing a white-label product from the menu and then upload an image from your laptop as a design.

Adjust it according to your tastes and preview it for the final check.

On the final page, you just have to click “Dropship this product”, and the product will appear in your marketplace!

4. Start Dropshipping!

At this point, the initial setup is complete.

Your dropshipping store is already active, and you can start selling your product.

However, we recommend adding additional products before launching your store and running paid promotions on it.

Make sure to have at least five products on it to make it more appealing and professional!

Further configurations may occur on your Apliiq store, like shipping rates and taxes.

For this purpose, we recommend consulting the embedded links above or consulting their FAQs.

How to Add Products to Your Shopify Store?

A key step for your dropshipping business is to add products to your Shopify store.

We have seen the entire setup process, step-by-step previously, and we believe it’s important to review even the last part.

First of all, we start from the assumption that you have customized your products in the Apliiq platform.

With the “Dropship this product” function, you can publish your products directly on your Shopify store.

image 2

A new section will appear, with the option of adding new products to the store.

image 3

Furthermore, the next tab lets you add multiple variants to your products (as colors and sizes).

image 4

The last tab allows you to remove all variants from your existing product and add new ones from the Apliiq design (“Switch product to Apliiq”).

image 5

At the end of this process, we strongly recommend writing a creative description of your products (title name + details).

Apliiq will already provide you with a basic description of your product’s features, including a “produced on demand” message.

It’s upon you to make it as engaging as possible.

image 6

Once updated the description, your product will officially appear on your Shopify store in all its brightness!

How to Dropship With Apliiq (for WooCommerce Users)

We have talked about so far how to dropship with Apliiq connected to a Shopify store.

But what if you’re a WooCommerce user?

Apliiq has recently developed a Beta Program that made this partnership happens!

The procedure is straightforward:

  • Create an Apliiq account and submit your WooCommerce store link on the above page.
image 7
  • Log in to your store and allow Apliiq to connect to it, approving all the permissions requested.
image 8
  • Next, you will be directed back to the Apliiq dashboard, where you can finalize the last details.

And that’s it!

The WooCommerce Beta App is now running into your store!

Is Apliiq Free to Use?

Apliiq is free of costs, as they don’t charge any recurring fees to get started dropshipping.

Furthermore, they apply the "pay as you go" philosophy: you will get billed only after the customer purchases through your website!

The price of each item is clearly shown once you click on the “dropship this product” button at the end of the customization process.

It represents the cost of the ‘raw material’ plus fulfillment expenses. You will add the shipping fees to the amount, calculated by the product weight and the estimated distance.

However, part of these expenses is usually turned to the final customer. You can set the prices manually from your Shopify store’s settings.

Here’s an overview of domestic shipping costs applied by Apliiq.

image 9

You have to include also an extra fee of $1.00 for each shipment.

For international shipping rates, you will find detailed information on this page. 

You can download the attachment at the end of the page, which shows clearly the prices for each country.

Pros & Cons of Apliiq

Finally, we want to leave you with a list of the pros and cons of Apliiq.

We have tested the platform during the last months, and we can give an honest review based on our experience!


  • Great selection of unique products.
  • Main focus on branding and creation of premium labelled products.
  • Wide choice of services, from printing, to embroidery, to cut and sew.
  • Great discounts for bulk orders, up to 55%!


  • Prices are higher than the average (except for bulk orders).
  • The app interface is a bit awkward, not so immediate to understand.
  • The fabric quality is average.
  • Shipping times are often long.


We hope you’ve found this article useful and possibly accurate.

Dropshipping is an effective way to start a business, and Apliiq has all the tools you need. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own brand and set up an online store, Apliiq gets you covered.

They provide stunning products and multiple customization options, from screen printing and embroidery to cut and sew.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to launch your own dropshipping clothing line with Apliiq!


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