How to Start an Online Art Store in 5 Steps

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Do you have a passion for art but don’t know where to start? Have you always wanted your own online store where customers can buy what they like from you? This post will provide the steps on how to get started!

To start an online store for your artworks you need to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Find a niche to sell art in
  2. Choose the type of artwork you want to offer
  3. Find an online store where to sell your art
  4. Build a website that showcases your work
  5. Promote your art through socials or in-person

Did you know that the art industry is worth over $100 billion in the US alone? That number is huge and it just goes to show how big of a market there is for artists. 

Unfortunately, this means that competition for exposure has never been higher. If you want your work to be seen, then you’re going to have to get creative with how you sell your work online.

1. Find a Niche to Sell Art In

If you are looking to sell your art, and want to make a living doing what you love, it’s important to find your niche.

This allows you to focus on one specific type of artwork or style that you have mastered and can continue to improve in.

It also makes it easier for people to find and buy your art because they know what they are looking for.

Some good niches might be abstract, realism, Americana, animals, landscapes. 

  • Abstract” is a good niche because it has a widespread following and is not going to go out of style.
  • Realism” is quite popular as well and there are many different styles like impressionistic or photorealism that you can specialize in.
  • “Americana” is a good choice because people love American history and the art that it inspires, which is both nostalgic for those that lived through it and inspirational for those that did not.
  • Paintings of animals are popular too because they demand attention, whether the subject is cartoonish or realistic, and they are great for buyers because animal lovers know what they like.
  • Landscapes are another good niche to consider because the subject is always in demand and you can paint them from different angles.

These are just examples but of course there way more you can search online. Just find a niche that you like and specialize in it.

2. Choose the Type of Artwork you Want to Offer

If you’re an artist, you know there are many types of artwork that can be sold – from paintings, drawings, and sketches, to calligraphy and lettering works, sculptures, and even 3D printing creations!

Do you do watercolors or oils? Are paintings your thing, or do sculptures inspire passion inside of you?

The first step is figuring out what type of art you want to sell.

Some people might want to offer mixed media art, or they may specialize in paintings. Whatever your type of artwork is, it’s important to know what you’re passionate about and then work from there.

Although many artists like the idea of creating a unique piece for every customer, this may not be feasible because it takes time away from their other projects. If this is your case, consider setting up an order form on your website that lets customers choose desired size and medium for their work of art.

If you want to offer your art as a pre-made commodity, it’s important to have some sort of product description and pricing in place on your site or blog so that customers know what they are purchasing.

There is also the option of asking potential patrons how much they would like to spend and then setting a price for the artwork in that amount of money.

3. Find an Online Store Where to Sell your Art

Once you figure out what type of artwork inspires your creative soul, it’s time for some research on where best to showcase and sell them.

Selling artwork online has become a popular way of being able to share work and make money from it.

Several websites offer various levels of service and features for artists, so it’s important to do some research before committing to any of them.

Examples of those are Etsy, Fine Art America, and Saatchi Online.

  • Etsy‘s focus on handmade items makes it a good option for artists who create unique, one-of-a-kind items.
  • Saatchi Online offers an online gallery with a focus on photography and digital artworks such as animations and illustrations.
  • Fine Art America is also another good site to upload artwork that falls under the category of fine arts, like paintings or sculptures.

One thing all the sites have in common is a marketplace where you can upload your artwork, set an asking price, and make work available for purchase.

Many online stores provide customer reviews as well as social media integration which helps promote pieces on their profiles. Other options exist depending on what type of art you are looking at selling; whether it be paintings, photography, or sculptures, there will be places you can find them sold online.

Some galleries also sell prints, but many require exclusivity which means they want exclusive rights to reproduce your work forever with no further compensation from you.

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4. Build a Website that Showcases your Artwork

Creating an online presence is essential for artists who want to be taken seriously and monetize their exposure to the fullest.

But where do you start?

The internet is the best place to showcase your art. If you want to get your art out there for the world to see, then a website is an important marketing tool.

website is a place where you can upload and display your art, sell it through an online store, or even give away prints to visitors. 

And it’s easier than ever with the many tools online that will walk you through setting up a site, from hosting and domain name registration down to how to upload art images in seconds!

Just follow these steps:

  • Determine which type of website might suit your needs (i.e., personal portfolio, professional studio)
  • Decide whether or not you want an e-commerce store on your site
  • Find a web designer who can create the perfect look for you

The process is simple and easy! You only need two things: creativity and patience.

Once the website is up it will not only showcase your artwork but also make you stand out from competitors.

5. Promote your Art Through Socials or in Person

The art industry is a competitive place, but there are many ways to get noticed.

One of the best ways is through social media. It can be hard work though, and it’s not as easy as just posting something on Facebook or Instagram.

One of the best ways for artists to do this is through Instagram. This platform allows you to post pictures and videos of your artwork that are appealing and eye-catching. You can also post about upcoming events or exhibitions, provide a link to your website, or share creative inspiration with other users who may be interested in following you.

Some other ideas for promoting your artwork are through Facebook and Linkedin, as well as in person

Sometimes it’s hard to get noticed online without spending a lot of time on the computer or going out into public spaces such as art galleries where you can meet potential buyers and collectors. 

You can also promote yourself by asking people who like your work to share it on social media or by inviting them over for a studio tour.


The art world is a booming industry, but it’s also notoriously difficult to break into. With the right approach and an online presence, you can open your own gallery that sells original pieces of artwork from artists all over the world without any experience in art or curation required.

This blog post has given you some insight into how to start an online art store.

Hopefully, this has been helpful and provided you with a few ideas for your own business venture. If not, we hope that it at least piqued your interest in starting one yourself! We encourage you to take all of the information presented here and use it as a checklist when creating yours.

Remember that there are many more avenues than just what is discussed here so feel free to get creative too! 

And remember our final word of advice – be sure to have fun while doing it because after all, this is supposed to be about making money by sharing something that will give joy and inspiration back in return.

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