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ArtStation is a leading online community for artists, designers, and creative professionals.

With over 1 million members and over 300,000 daily visitorsArtStation is the best place to find inspiration, connect with like-minded creatives or just get some work done. They’ve got everything you need to stay on top of your game – from tutorials to job opportunities.

You can upload your portfolio, post jobs, and more in minutes. Join their community now and start connecting with other creatives around the world who share your passion for creativity!

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Why We Recommend ArtStation

Artists have a very different world that is creative, diverse, inspirational, and interesting! And if you are an artist, you would know exactly why we say so! You would have invested time, efforts, and resources to come up to where you are today and you could be really good at expressing and interpreting your work of art to the spectators you have, but at the same time, you might feel the need to reach out to more people with your amazing creativity. Don’t you? 

In the digital world we live today, it is easier than ever to connect with people around the globe and reach out to a larger audience while catering to their creative cravings. All you are required to do is to get onto a digital platform that helps you showcase your portfolio to the people interested in that industry and empowers you with global opportunities to showcase your skills. It should also help you to connect with more audiences, build better relations, find new prospects and also open new avenues in your field of artistic interest.

When you begin hunting for a suitable digital platform, you come across plenty of them where you can showcase your work. And while you might feel perplexed choosing the right one, here we are, with pertinent suggestions just for you!

ArtStation is one such portfolio website that offers a plethora of distinctive services to its users. Launched in 2014, it is known to empower artists with endless opportunities so they can find their inspiration and success, all in one place! If you are an artist and planning to unveil the amazing works of your art to the world to astonish it, then ArtStation brings to you more than you could have possibly thought of. Providing tools that cater to each of your requirements while you are on your career path, ArtStation happens to be a true companion in your creative pursuits!

From helping you to learn and grow your artistic skills, to reaching out and establishing a wide range of audiences, to monetizing your work, ArtStation helps you at every step of your creative journey!

What is ArtStation Used For?

ArtStation is basically a social media community networking platform, that has niched down for artists, helping them to create their portfolio and nurture it to maximize their creative potential. We find like-minded art admirers converging here on ArtStation, to share their experiences and artworks. ArtStation provides us extensive scope to meet and interact with people who share our art skill or admiration for artwork. 

Other social media forms like Instagram are also popular among amateur and experienced artists who want to showcase their artwork and it is great to present your creations there, but the only disadvantage is that it hosts people who come from different backgrounds, consuming a variety of content but are not specific about the artwork. This may not make those platforms very audience-specific, especially if we are planning to target them in particular. Moreover, if we plan to take our artwork further for monetizing it, we need to target one specific audience who is engaged in this industry. 

ArtStation offers us a perfect audience-specific platform where we can collaborate or engage with them and get the maximum out of our conscientious work. This means ArtStation brings us the opportunity to catch the eyeballs of the right kind of people that we and our artwork deserve. With the widespread exposure we get to showcase our artwork on this platform, we can aim for enormous opportunities on our career path.

What Else ArtStation Offers?

Learning with ArtStation

ArtStation is much beyond our expectations as it offers almost everything we need to become more skilled and successful artists. Apart from creating your portfolio, displaying your artwork, enjoying free exposure, and bagging plenty of opportunities, ArtStation also provides an exciting streaming video service that helps artists learn and grow in their skill sets

ArtStation boasts of an ever-growing content library that provides artists with endless arts topics that one can learn at their own pace and expand their knowledge and skills. Experienced professionals from diverse fields form an invaluable panel of instructors who bring along valuable insights and experience. 

Learning courses offered by ArtStation cover a large range of art topics for us to choose from offering different skill levels for interested artists and art admirers, so they can constantly develop and level up their skills. And best of all, access to these courses is free of cost and one may learn whenever and wherever one feels convenient. 

Selling on ArtStation

ArtStation offers us a wide range of resources to get on the floor and be seen by the community of art lovers! It provides a platform that can lead us to establish a bond with the audience which has been looking out for something we can provide them. In this process, we can transform our passion for the artwork into a lucrative opportunity that can bring us dollars as well! How? Well, we can actually sell our artwork on ArtStation! 

And if we are not doing that just yet, we are missing out on a chunk of opportunities that most people worldwide are taking advantage of today. Now, you may wonder why we should be selling our artwork on ArtStation, right? We will give you ample reasons below, which support our suggestions as to why you should be doing that!

  1. There are millions out there, waiting to see your products. Reaching out to maximum eyeballs is what every artist yearns for. ArtStation, being a hub for ardent art lovers, is visited by millions across the globe. What more could an artist ask for, than being on a global platform that fetches them millions of views and appreciations that can satisfy their creative soul! 
  2. Get your deals discovered with global discounts. ArtStation gives in to heavily promote discounts, such that buyers interested in your deals can readily make the purchase. And what all you have to do? Well, you just have to set your discount and switch on to participate, while ArtStation maximizes the visibility of your products on its own. 
  3. The built-in e-commerce tool. ArtStation provides its users built-in e-commerce tool with automatic cart recovery emails, wish list campaigns, and much more. It focuses on introducing tools to convert more of your potential buyers to your customers while creating special offers. This leaves you with more time to focus on creating your products and expanding your business.
  4. No base fees for your listings. You can list your products on ArtStation completely free, as there is no base fee for your listings. You will never be charged for listing your products no matter how many sales you make. 
  5. 95% of the earnings go straight to your pocket while selling on the marketplace. Yes, you just need to pay a 5% fee to ArtStation for hosting your products on this platform, while the rest 95% goes straight to your pocket. Cool! Isn’t it? 
  6. Draw 30% more traffic towards your digital store. People viewing your artwork also happen to see the link to your digital store. Your store gets 30% more traffic from the products that are displayed on your artwork pages. 
  7. Tips can add to your earnings too. There may be times when your buyers may want to give you some additional support or appreciation for a free or paid product while leaving a tip for you. These tips can add up to 5% more income to your business. 
  8. ArtStation’s SEO especially benefits you. The comprehensively optimized ArtStation’s SEO helps your product’s visibility by 10% from search engines like Google.
  9. ArtStation lets you create your own coupons to drive more traffic. Promoting your products and generating more sales is always on every artist’s mind. ArtStation provides you tools for creating your own coupons that can help you drive more traffic to your products. It also generates beautiful social sharing images automatically, so you can use them to promote your sales just with a single click. Amazing, isn’t it? 
  10. Become an affiliate partner with ArtStation to earn some extra dollars. You can start earning anywhere from 3% to 8% of a sale, merely by becoming an affiliate partner at ArtStation. All you have to do is to recommend a product and earn a commission!

Is ArtStation Free to Use?

Creating a portfolio and posting your work to the like-minded community comes free when you open an account on ArtStation. You can use much of the site for free, but considering a membership subscription can give you some added benefits in terms of features. ArtStation offers its users 2 different subscription plans- Plus and Pro.

Free Plan

Things that come free are not usually worthy, but at ArtStation, the free version comes with really delightful features! It is free to sign up and create for yourself a decent profile page to begin your creative journey. If you plan to take your creativity to the community of admirers, then you can easily create a profile website for yourself. Not only this, you can take it further and be seen and hired by recruiters who are in search of the kind of creativity that you have to offer! 

What’s more?

Well, with the ArtStation website, you can even sell the printed versions of your artworks while choosing your own mark-up!

Your digital products also find their way to the ArtStation marketplace, fetching you decent revenue of up to 88%. The free plan also caters to the users who are always on the hunt for some learning lessons in order to expand their skills and upgrade their knowledge in their area of creativity. (However, the unlimited access to ArtStation learning is valid till the end of the year 2021.)

Plus Plan

The Plus plan is a delightful add-on to your creative pursuits, at $10 per month.

Apart from what the Free version provides its users, the Plus plan comes with some really cool features!

You can purchase your domain name and use it on your ArtStation powered website and also have complete dominance over the display of your portfolio. 

Additionally, you can customize your website with your unique themes, and make it presentable to your audience exactly the way you want! 

Moreover, you can decide for yourself, the projects and albums you would like to showcase to the community. With a Plus plan, you can upload video clips and 4K images, unlike the free version! You can even protect your website pages, by setting your own password and reach out to your audience with your valuable ideas and content through the section of your personal blog, which Plus plan provides you with!

What extra do you get?

Well, you can even flaunt a badge alongside your name under the Plus plan and enjoy priority support from the team whenever you need it!

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is a premium subscription plan, which has the power to take your art up by a notch for just $15 per month!

The Pro plan premium subscription comes with more visibility features, as you get a Pro Badge with the advantage of appearing at the top of the searches! It also offers its subscribers advanced analytics and tracking facilities so that one can track their performance and also analyze the kind of visitors they are having on their website. 

With the Pro plan, one also has the benefit of choosing mark-up on selling prints of their artworks while also enjoying 5% of the base price on earnings!

Selling digital products on the marketplace is more lucrative with the Pro plan, as you can earn revenue of up to 95%

Pro subscribers also have the benefit of creating their own coupons over the marketplace and enjoy the ad-free version of this premium plan!

Studio Plan

Studio plan is the elite subscription plan created basically for a team. Apart from all the benefits that the Pro subscription brings along, the Studio plan is perfect for a group of people. Under this plan, you can add team members so that your account can be managed easily by multiple admins. 

If you are planning to expand your presence and be easily found by the recruiters and also drive more leads to your studio, then this subscription plan gives you the benefit of appearing in the studio directory too! 

Now isn’t that exclusive?!

ArtStation subscriptions are perfectly designed to provide you with features that you may require at various stages of your art career journey. However, if you want access to one particular service, like a portfolio website or an online course, or better profits on your products, then going for a Free version could be sufficient.

But in case you plan to make use of all of them, then ArtStation Plus or Pro Subscriptions are going to prove incredibly economical and valuable provisions!


ArtStation Vs Other Platforms

When we talk about ArtStation, a few other names also flash to our minds which can be referred to as alternatives to this amazing platform. Platforms that are popular among art lovers worldwide are Behance, DeviantART, Dribble, Pixiv, 500pxPinterest, Inkbunny, Instagram, and others. 

ArtStation or DeviantART?

Let’s see what DeviantART, one of the earliest and most popular websites, offers to its users. When art lovers were looking out for a platform that they could exclusively call theirs, DeviantART came to existence as their allegiant comrade! It was created in the year 2000, to entertain, inspire, empower, and most of all, to form a community of art lovers, where they can interact and mingle to quench their artistic hunger! 

It is a social networking platform, mainly geared for artists and fiction writers, while also offering enough social opportunities for bloggers. It comprises of:

  • Chatrooms
  • Community forums
  • Polls
  • Profile comment and shoutboxes
  • Blogs
  • Links supported in descriptions and text submissions, etc.

If you are into graphic design, photography, illustration drawings, stock photos, and similar areas, then DeviantART is the place to be! You can create your profile while it renders you a profile address like, ‘‘. You can then upload your artwork, sketches, and drawings to your profile gallery, where they can be seen by other visitors. You can also get feedback and comments on your work from other members while you are at the liberty to give feedback and comments on other artists’ works too. DeviantART comes free with sign-up, but also has a paid subscription just in case you wanted some added benefits for yourself.

When it comes to the interface, the DevianART website carries a simplistic and bland look as compared to the detailed and vibrant look of ArtStation. Where DeviantART also differs from ArtStation is the fact that it hosts all types of artwork and even amateurs can find a place to showcase their creativity. ArtStation focuses more on polished and professional works and hosts more experienced talents.


If you are an artist or an ardent art admirer, you need to be among the community where you can explore, learn, grow and mingle with like-minded people. Isn’t it? We hope this article has been successful in shedding some light on the areas you wanted to know more about ArtStation and its impeccable dominance in the art industry.

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