Top 6 Printable Vinyl for Inkjet Printers


There’s an array of products on the market these days, and choosing the best among those could be pretty daunting at times. Isn’t it? 

Well, of course, it is!

We understand your dilemma when selecting between the best printable vinyl sticker sheets because all you want is your creativity to take the best shape and come out in the best possible way!


So here we are, with a meticulous selection of the top 6 printable vinyl sticker sheets that you could get on the market! 

  1. Joyeza Premium
  2. Buttercraft Glossy White
  3. Limia’s Care
  6. Gotega

Now, all that you have to do is read this article carefully and make an informed decision for yourself. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with whichever product you choose from the list mentioned above. 

So why wait any longer?

First on the list appears our preferred choice - Joyeza, and for all good reasons

Let’s explain why!

1. Joyeza Premium – $ 13.97

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If you are looking for something unique that lives perfectly up to your expectations, then Joyeza Premium has your back! This pack of 25 white printable vinyl sticker sheets never disappoints you.

Priced reasonably at $13.97, this product is soon going to be your inkjet's favourite!

Let’s see what features make it so popular and appreciated overall.

Product Features

  • Water-resistant – Joyeza lets you go wild with your creativity as it makes you create fantastic water-resistant stickers for your personal and commercial use. And if you want to add to its waterproofing element and durability, then just a gentle spray of UV resistant sealer is enough!
  • Thick matt/ highly durable – Known for its durability and versatility, this vinyl paper suits perfectly all of your project needs.
  • Superb adhesion and easy application – These vinyl sheets provide super adhesion power and don’t leave a residue when taken out. Their easy and smooth application add further satisfaction overall!
  • Smudge-proof and tear-resistant – Joyeza excels with its resistance to tearing and smudging. These particular features make it super attractive to sticker lovers.
  • Compatible with inkjet printers – Coming in 8.5″ × 11″ size, Joyeza is compatible with an inkjet printer. 

What We Liked Most

  • Having tried many other products, we loved Joyeza as designs come out at their vibrant best!
  • Even the edges glue on perfectly and do not curve up even if wet, making it perfectly water-resistant. 
  • The ink does not fade away, and there is no smudging and smearing at all. 
  • The sticker sheet is also tear-resistant, which is undoubtedly a plus.
  • The $13.97 price is a steal deal if we count all the great features that it brings along.

2. Buttercraft Glossy White – $ 12.99

image 5

The quality of Butterfly Printable Vinyl has attracted people and professionals throughout the years.

The number of positive reviews we found on the internet justify this assumption!

Also, we were satisfied with the outcome, and that’s why we included it in our list.

Product Features

  • Durable and water-resistant – These glossy stickers are highly durable and last longer than expected. Their water-resistance is also well known.
  • Strong adhesive power and easy to apply  Buttercraft sheets have excellent adhesion and stay intact even with prolonged usage. They can be removed or repositioned without leaving any residue behind. Due to their easy application, they’re popular and appreciated by a vast majority of users.
  • Compatible with an inkjet printer – This printable vinyl is fully compatible with your inkjet printer and is available in size 8.5″ × 11″.
  • Quick ink drying without smudging – That’s the most valuable feature. The ink dries up fast and does not smudge either. For best results, we recommend leaving the sheets for drying up for a few hours. 

What We Liked Most

  • The Buttercraft company seems to care about the most common printer issues you may have encountered and has developed valid solutions that claim to solve them!
  • We appreciate their advice to use original printer inks for more durable printouts. They also recommend using the ‘photo paper’ type while printing to deal with the black ink smearing issue.
  • We also liked this product quality-wise and the ease of using it with Cricut and silhouette alike.
  • At $12.99 for 20 sheets, it’s a pretty economical solution.

3. Limia’s Care – $ 13.75

image 6

Limia Care is another well-reviewed brand known for providing great products to its customers.

Limia's Care deserves to be on your list if you are looking for high-quality vinyl paper sheets!

Would you want to know some of its features? 

Here we go!

Product Features

  • High resolution and clear image quality – You will enjoy the excellent image quality and the high resolution of these vinyl sheets.
  • Water-resistant and self-adhesive – These sticker sheets can be used both indoor and outdoor without having to worry about their water-resistance prowess! In case, you could always opt for some clear acrylic spray or UV protection too. Also, it does not easily come off due to its high adhesive properties.
  • Compatible with inkjet printers – Limia’s Care vinyl works perfectly with your inkjet printer and can also work with all craft cutters. Ink will remain intact, and it will not smudge.

What We Liked Most

  • Comparing this product with other products, we found that it was more scratch-free and tear-resistant, a feature which makes it durable and long-lasting!
  • We also liked how the printout emerged – clear and vibrant, a must-have for professional users.
  • It’s perfect for creative projects such as DIY, home decor, murals, decals, stickers for laptops and phones, etc.

4. HTVRONT – $ 14.59


All brands claim to be the best in their niche, but in most cases, they somewhat falter.

However, Htvront provides you exactly with the quality that it claims

And we are confident enough to add it to our list!

Product Features

  • Perfect thickness and high durability  The right thickness has a significant impact on the quality of stickers. And these sheets seem to have that type of consistency we’re looking for.
  • Water-resistant – HTVRONT sheets are water-resistant, and a simple layer of UV-resistant sealer would be enough to increase their weatherproofing and durability. 
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers  These sheets are compatible with all inkjet printers. With a standard size of 8.5″ × 11″, they are easy to print and cut through craft cutters.

What We Liked Most

  • HTVRONT vinyl comes with good packaging that protects the sheets inside. Besides its anti curling design, it also has an anti-printer jam feature.
  • These sheets also have outstanding adhesion power and are easy to apply. Furthermore, they are spotless and leave no residue behind.
  • As well as drying quickly, these sheets don’t leave any smudges or smears of ink.


image 8

Jendjpackaging printable vinyl sheets come with great sturdy packaging and have impressive image quality and adhesion power. 

We have been using these sheets for a while now, and we had a positive overall impression

That’s why we decided to add it to our list.

Product Features

  • Superb image quality – The printout comes out well with vibrant colours, and there’s no smudging at all. Therefore, these printable sheets are among our favourites.
  • Excellent adhesive power – J&P’s vinyl is highly tacky and doesn’t easily come off. Also, these stickers are easy to apply, as they don’t curl up or leave bubbles. 
  • Tear and water-resistant – Quality printable sticker sheets are expected to be tear-proof, and these do not disappoint. However, we recommend hand washing them over dishwashing, despite their water resistance.
  • Fully compatible with craft cutters – J&P’s vinyl is fully compatible with Cricut, Silhouette, Xyron, Craft ROBO, etc.

What We Liked Most

  • These vinyl sheets are children’s safe since they don’t contain any chemicals.
  • Another feature that caught our attention is its outdoor durability. If you do not laminate it, it will remain in good condition for one year. Although we did not try it for such long time, this is what the company claims, and it seems to be true based on the other reviews. 
  • We also like this product as it’s not too expensive. A 30 sheets pack at $13.49 is quite feasible.

6. Gotega – $ 12.99

image 9

Another product making to our list is Gotega.

If you are looking for something that matches your expectations regarding quality and price, we truly recommend it

Let’s figure out why!

Product Features

  • High-quality – For those looking for good quality vinyl sticker sheets, Gotega has you covered!
  • Water-resistant and durable – These sticker sheets are water-resistant and therefore are not damaged by water. Simply spraying a UV resistant sealant on top makes them waterproof and more durable.
  • Quick and drying and vibrant images – You can obtain high-quality prints that are bright and vivid, with crisp images that dry out quickly without smearing or muddying. This makes Gotega a clear win over other brands that cannot keep up to this feature.
  • Compatible with inkjet printers – These vinyl sticker sheets are perfectly compatible with inkjet printers.

What We Liked Most

  • Great value for cheap – What we appreciated the most about Gotega vinyl is its intrinsic value considering the price it comes for. A 30 sheets pack for $ 12.99 is a good deal. Isn’t it?
  • Professional quality – You can get crisp images, water-resistance and fast drying without any ink smears. These features make Gotega vinyl ideal for DIY crafters who want to express their creativity and have high expectations.


It is easy to be confused when there are so many products on the market and so many reviews! Luckily, we have done all the hard job for you after endless research. 

We have compiled a list of the top 6 printable vinyl for inkjet printers in this article, and we hope you will find it valuable. 

Our experience suggests Joyeza as the best vinyl brand among the others

Anyway, each of these products has its set of pros and cons, and it’s upon you to prefer the one you like most. 

Hoping to leave you sorted with a wide selection of printable vinyl sticker sheets, we hope to bring you another valuable topic soon.

Until then, happy crafting!

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