Top 10 Ultra-Affordable White Label Products

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Are you looking for a way to customize your products?

White label products are the perfect solution. 

They give you the ability to create and sell your own branded product without any of the hassle or upfront costs. You can find white label products in a variety of industries, from apparel to electronics.

We’ve compiled the 10 best white label products that are ready for customization!

  1. Clothing
  2. Electronics
  3. Toys
  4. Home Goods
  5. Books and Greeting Cards
  6. Jewelry Pieces
  7. Kitchen Utensils
  8. Hair Care Products
  9. Toothpaste
  10. Sunglasses

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What is “White Labeling a Product”?

White labeling a product means branding the item with your company name and logo while paying an up-front fee for manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. 

In many cases, white-label products are sold at lower prices than their branded counterparts due to this lack of initial investment on behalf of the buyer.

White labeling is also known as private labeling and surplusing, but the terms are often used interchangeably with white labeling even though they don’t mean exactly the same thing. 

Surplusing is the act of selling a product you make to somebody else who will then label it.

White labeling can be done in many different ways, but most often refers to consumer packaged goods and products that are manufactured for other companies. 

While there are some risks involved with white labeling because you’re paying upfront costs and have only one shot to get it right (or you’ll have a difficult time selling your product), the process itself can be quite rewarding.

Your company will pay upfront costs of production and shipping to create batches for other companies who are looking to sell their products at a lower price point.

This is done by creating finished goods that end up on store shelves under different brands.

This is a very popular strategy for beverage companies as they can create the same product but sell it under different labels to appeal to more people and in turn attract higher sales volume, which typically outweighs the upfront costs of white labeling goods.

Is White Labeling Profitable?

We studied that white labeling is an excellent way to bring in new clients who are interested in buying products with the prestige of a well-known company. 

It’s also cheaper for companies to white label goods since they have only one production line and don’t need multiple marketing teams. 

If your company is looking into expanding, this will be a great option as it will allow you to grow your business without the added expense of marketing.

The white labeling process is fairly simple and can be done in-house with minimal effort. 

The only things that need to change from a regular product are the labels themselves, which will include your company name instead of someone else’s. This lets customers know they’re buying goods from your company.

On average, the cost of a white label is 15% cheaper than an equivalent regular product.

It is an excellent way to save money and grow your business with minimal time investment on the marketing side of things. 

It’s also easy for someone who has never done this sort of work before, and you can always hire someone to help if need be.

Best White Label Products

1. Clothing

The best clothing products for this purpose are those that are simple, inexpensive, and easy to customize. 

These include t-shirts, tank tops, and other basic items with a logo or design which can be printed on them easily without spending too much money on the design itself.

Since white-label clothing is usually simple and basic, it isn’t as expensive to produce when compared with other types of customized products like sports team uniforms or custom-tailored suits, that need much more detailed work before putting them out for sale.

Therefore, these are good cost-effective products that can be customized easily and inexpensively to suit the needs of your business.

2. Electronics

White label electronics with a simple design are easier to be customized. 

This is important because the more complicated and detailed an electronic device’s design is, the harder it will be to produce it in bulk at a lower cost than it would if there were fewer features involved with its production.

For example, smartphones are a popular white label electronics product because they have such an established design, and all that really needs to be changed is the logo printed on them.

In comparison, laptop computers are much more complicated than tablets or smartphones, so it takes longer for companies to produce custom-made laptops for their customers. 

Consequently, these devices typically cost more than a white label product or any other custom electronics.

3. Toys

Some common examples of white label toys are:

  • Plush
  • Puzzle
  • Children’s Books

The best toys are those that children will want to play with, or at least look at. 

White label products are often things like stuffed animals, puzzles, storybooks, or a toy set. 

These types of items work well for this purpose as they’re easy to produce and don’t require much customization on the part of the manufacturer.

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4. Home Goods 

A few white-label home goods can be:

  • Vases
  • Wall Art
  • Magnets (i.e., refrigerator, file cabinet)
  • Pens
  • Calendars

Think about what people might need at home, then try to figure out a way you could offer them that type of product in your own packaging without altering the look or feel too much for their customers.

These types of products are also good for a small business owner who wants to sell their products at trade shows, on the web, or in local stores. 

5. Books and Greeting Cards

Many businesses have been successful with white label books as well. 

If someone wants to make their own coffee table book filled with pictures from their travels, they can hire a publishing company to print their book on high-quality paper and design it with their specific needs in mind.

The same goes for greeting cards you be willing to provide to your customers for any occasion. 

It’s much cheaper than going through an established printing house like Hallmark or American Greeting Cards.

6. Jewelry

Jewelry is often what people think of when they hear the term “white label.” 

These types of products work well as white label products because they’re high-quality and can be customized to fit any company’s needs. 

You may not want a standard silver bracelet that you can find anywhere. 

You might want a custom-made, gold bracelet with your company logo on it for all of the employees to wear at trade shows and other events.

 7. Kitchen Utensils

If you operate a restaurant, for example, and are looking to provide your staff with disposable items that will still look nice on the table in front of customers but also be budget-friendly for you as well, one way is through white label kitchen utensils. 

These are typically plastic or heavy-duty paper utensils that can be printed with your company name and logo.

8. Hair Care Products

It’s no secret that we’re living in a time when looking good is more important than ever. 

This means not just hair but also skin and nails should all be considered as part of your personal care routine

And while you can find some high-quality products at affordable prices offline from your local drugstore or grocery store, many people prefer to order their products online where they can find a wider selection of brands and products.

A popular choice among all is white label hair care product lines that are custom designed by the customer with their own labels on them.

This means you have total control over what type of ingredients are used, what kind of fragrances you want to use, and how much you’re willing to spend. 

The best part is that these starter kits from companies like Makeup Artist Essentials are unbelievably affordable!

9. Toothpaste

Teeth care is another popular product for many manufacturers, as not only does it take up a significant amount of space on the bathroom counter but also most people use toothpaste every day.

It’s the type of product available in both retail and wholesale, with some of the best-known brands worldwide including ColgateCrestOral-B, and Sensodyne.

10. Sunglasses

Whether you’re a retailer or wholesaler, sunglasses are often an excellent product to buy in bulk. 

They come in every color and style imaginable and if there’s one thing people love more than wearing them themselves, it’s giving them away as gifts.

Typically the best time to buy sunglasses is in April or May when retailers are preparing for summer sales; though some may have smaller purchases available year-round.

Where Can I Find White Label Products?

The easiest way to find white label products is by using a search engine.

If you’re looking for towels, for example, type “white label towels” into Google and then filter the results based on what’s available in your country or region.

The best sites that we have tested and truly recommend are:

  • Zazzle. Zazzle offers a wide variety of product types, designs, colors, and sizes to suit everyone from the casual user to serious corporate buyers. You can also find a lot of pre-designed products to quickly make your own and order in just minutes.
  • CafePress. Cafepress is another site that offers white label printing on t-shirts, mugs, posters, and more with an easy interface for browsing designs or uploading your own artwork.
  • Spreadshirt. With affordable pricing, great support, and an easy-to-use interface for editing designs or uploading your own artwork.
  • Redbubble. Featuring a wide variety of products like bags (shoppers), phone cases and sleeves, canvas prints, stationery (cards & greetings cards) posters, mugs.


White label products are a popular way to create your own customized product without the upfront investment of designing and producing it from scratch. 

And with so many white-label options, finding one that suits your needs is easy! 

If you’re looking for an affordable option that will allow you to customize any number of items at once, try our 10 best white-label products list above. 

What do you think about these ultra-affordable white labels? 

Which ones have caught your attention?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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