What is Book Creator?


Book Creator is a user-friendly educational aid that is easily accessible to teachers and students.

This app is utilized to produce virtual books that can immediately catch the reader’s attention. It involves multimedia like illustrations, audio, and text. Book Creator is reachable to a wide and massive range of populations because of its versatility and adaptability. It provides flexibility to users as they can switch to any language that is convenient for them to decipher. This app caters to readers with translated text that they can understand.

Book Creator’s features are designed in such a way that they offset the pull-back factors of online reading. Therefore, as a reader, you can lose track of the lines they were reading from and may have to start all over again. Book Creator allows one to highlight the text that has been read. It guides the children to effectively use this app to produce and publish fairytales and fictional content. It will enhance their thought-process and social skills.

Book Creator also allows its users to print the e-books or save them as PDF.

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How Does Book Creator Work?

Book Creator enables you to add stickers, shapes, audio, and videos using a simple + option. What’s even more captivating is the fact that you can use the standard stickers and edit them with words on their top. You can customize and resize text and layout as you want.

It encourages readers to share their or others’ work through a wide range of methods. You can send it via email, or if you are an iOS user. Moreover, you can instantly share it through an airdrop. However, for android users, options like DropboxGoogle Drive, and iCloud Drive are readily available.

If you’re an educator and you want to invite your students to the learning program, Book Creator gives you a 5-digit code that you can share with your students who can use it to join the library.

Feasibility & Accessibility

People from different areas of expertise can grasp hold of this app to publish narratives regarding science, literature, or fiction. You can also find autobiographical and research-based content across Book Creator. Once you publish the book, authors can access them from either iBooks or Google Play Books. In this way, it encourages students to produce and propagate helpful material around the globe as Book Creator minimizes the accessibility issues. It brings audiences from across the world together on one platform.

How Book Creator Came into Existence?

Book creator empowers students who lag at school and learn at a relatively slower pace with content that fits best with their ability to understand. Dan Amos created this app back in 2011 to help his dyslexic child. His child was not doing sufficiently well at school.

How Much Does Book Creator Cost?

Book creator costs $2.99, and you have to pay this amount while signing up. Book Creator has no restriction of age, and freshers are encouraged to come forward and contribute their ideas and knowledge to enlighten many others. People from different areas of interest can reflect light on subjects that they are passionate about.


Book Creator has grown drastically over the span of a decade. Every month 2 million creators publish their books on this platform, by authors from various countries. Moreover, it’s a firm platform for children who can identify their hidden talents and interests. Children are going places with the help of this app and are able to thrive and flourish using new ways to educate themselves and others. Moreover, it gives authority and liberty to people who can use this app to be vocally active about what they think needs to be known and shared.

Improve your Experience with Book Creator

One hack to avail a better experience with the audience is to write up and publish a short bio. In that way, you can introduce yourself sharing your interests and pictures to gain acquaintances. Educators and students can even upload an introductory video enabling the viewers to have a better look at your personality.


While educators and students publish their material, Book Creator allows the same people to learn from other’s content as well. Moreover, did you know that according to many surveys, students learn better with technological resources than theoretical ones? It is more helpful to watch a video and learn about a certain subject than to read the text explaining the entire concept in 10 pages.

Present Data

Students who indulge in Creative Arts can design their portfolios on Book Creator and present them to the class. Significant figures who established history, monuments, and countries can also be embodied digitally, making it more engrossing for the learners. Students can even use Book Creator to organize and curate examples in a digital form after finishing a chapter or topic. It will help them when they have to revise the content for their exams.

Book Creator has an extensive reach over the internet where it updates the viewers about new options that publishers can use to engage with the audience in a more effective manner. Students are inspired to produce the best quality content when they know their judge is a wide audience and not just a teacher. This trains them to broaden their horizons and think from miscellaneous perspectives that enable them to establish a chain of links helping them to create better documentaries.

Using Book Creator, you can add visual appeal to the slides by personalizing them following your need. Thus it allows you to engage with more people who are attracted to your presentations. Being able to produce and generate content of your interest gives you a sense of freedom of speech and expression that can greatly enrich your experience with Book Creator!


Is Book Creator Free?

Book Creator allows the users to sign up for free, and as a gratuity, the user gets one library with 40 books. However, some features are not available for the non-paid version, like real-time collaboration. Though there is no restriction on the number of books that a creator can publish in a library, if the number of books exceeds 1000, the teacher has to pay $10 a month and $120 annually.

Each library can store a maximum of 200 books. This tool enables the users to use their collaborative skills and bring forward their creativity using a trial plan. There’s no restriction on the number of books published or the number of students who can join in; they can be as many as there can be. Book creator allows volume pricing strategy for larger purchases where you get a considerable amount of discount given that you have to buy books in bulk which schools are likely to do.

Instruction Manual

Although, they provide an instruction manual that explains all steps in chronological order, which will help you sign up, create a library, and invite students to join in with you. Even then, you can seek help from videos available on YouTube made by Book Creator users.

How Creators Can Use This Platform?

You need to open the Book creator website on your iPad, and on the top left corner, you will find the ‘New Book’ icon. Once you click on it, the platform will re-direct you to three options that you can orientate and align your content in portraitsquare, and landscape.

Orientation must remain the same throughout as some students or viewers may want to print them and combine them in the form of a book. The + option allows you to add photos from the gallery or click one on the spot. Furthermore, you can add visual content using the ‘Media’ and ‘Shape’ buttons on the top right corner. You can personalize and customize your text with the ‘I’ button on the top right corner. 

Book creator gives a Google Image search engine within the app, which means you don’t have to leave the app to gather images. Using the ‘Add sound,’ you can add sound effects or recordings in the background of your slides. You can use as many pages as you want. Once you’ve finalized the editing, you can save the file by clicking on ‘My Books.’

Main Key Features

Book Creator is designed to provide great flexibility. Even people who don’t have this app can download the ‘iPad app‘ where you can create content offline. Without having to sign in! Therefore, these e-books can serve as a course structure for homeschooling as well.

Read to me’ is an option available in Book Creator that you can use to vocalize the e-books, enabling them to be read aloud to the audience, students, or teachers if you’re presenting them in a class. It also provides the users an opportunity to switch between languages that they can understand. It is a convenient tool for people of all ages. Those who can’t read can listen to the subject instead. Thus, it is very versatile.


E-books can be outlined and presented in various formats. You can create a link that will be used to open your e-book, which you can easily print or save as a PDF. You can even affect a movie by adding sounds in the background and combining slides. Multiple concepts can be organized in one book as a single document. There is an array of 50 fonts that you can pick and choose from. You can use the pen tool to draw and doodle on the screen or even provide annotations with illustrative content.

‘Real-Time Collaboration’

This feature is only available for the paid version of Book Creator. This function allows you to collectively work with a group of authors on the same book. This doesn’t require physical coordination, but you can engage with each other on Book Creator regardless of the distance and proximity. You can exchange ideas with one another and finalize a consensual topic. This feature draws immediate feedbacks, too.

Audio & Video

You can use these features to record an introductory video where you can actively socialize with the viewers and allow them to know more about you. These options can add great background effects to the slides, and people can be attracted through the visual appeal.

Fonts & Emojis

Emojis and icons can be utilized to produce an expression or reflect an idea. The auto draw is one of the best options for people who are clumsy at drawing. So, instead of feeling hopeless at perfecting your drawing, you can outline an object just however you can, and this option will bring forward a wide range of images similar to your drawing, and you can pick any. Moreover, Book Creator has an extremely simple user interface, and anyone can adapt to it quickly. There are mainly three symbols or icons: ‘I‘, the ‘plus‘, and ‘share.’


Did you know according to scientific researches, our brain is 10x more efficient towards graphical content than written content? It is because it only requires 1/4th of a second for our brain to process the images. Whereas, our brain requires at least 7 seconds to read 100 words. Therefore, it is scientifically proven, our brain can learn and store things much faster if they’re displayed in graphical content.

The same concept applies to Book Creator. Dan Amos, founder of this awesome platform has introduced Book Creator. The app enables the children to view e-book but is extremely attractive graphical content, which makes their mind learn targeted objects extremely faster than book-based content. 

In this guide, we’ve mentioned everything you need to know about this platform!

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