Cheetah Print Vs Other Unique Patterns

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Do you know the difference between cheetah print, leopard print, and zebra print?

Cheetahs are a type of animal that lives in Africa. They have black spots on their bodies with white stripes going down their backs. This pattern is what we call “cheetah” or “leopard” prints. 

Zebra patterns come from zebras who also live in Africa and have black and white stripes on them. These two animals are very different but they both share this common pattern that makes up their coat of fur.

A cheetah’s spots are usually bigger than a leopard’s spots, making them easier to see at a distance. 

A zebra has more defined lines between its colors which can be seen even from far away distances as well because it doesn’t blend together like the cheetah’s ones. 

You want to buy something new but don’t know what kind of design will work best for your needs?

This blog post will provide all the necessary information to make the right choice for your tastes, among these unique patterns.

So, stay with us and let’s go!

What is “Cheetah Print”?

Cheetah print is a unique pattern that has been around for decades. 

It was popularized by the pop singer, Madonna in her 1980s music video “Lucky Star. This fad eventually made its way to clothing and other accessories like purses and shoes. 

Cheetah print comes in many different colors but the most common are black and white cheetahs. When these two colors are combined together, they create a very striking contrast.

This trend has been going on for many years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Many people love this pattern because of its fun, playful nature and because it can be worn in any season.

And if you’re reading maybe you’re one of those!

How to Wear Cheetah Prints

People who wear cheetah prints tend to do so for the attention they receive. 

This is because cheetah print clothing and accessories are often seen as show-offs or aggressive

To avoid these negative connotations, cheetahs can be worn in a more subtle way such as with an everyday black dress or turtleneck sweater, or with other patterns such as leopard prints or zebra prints, which can also help to soften the look of the clothes and accessories.

Cheetahs should be worn when meeting someone for a business transaction, job interview, or any similar event that requires discretion in one’s behavior. 

It is not recommended to wear them in a situation that calls for more informality such as going to the grocery store or meeting up with friends.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Cheetah Print Clothes


  • Cheetah print has a very unique look that is not found in many other patterns.
  • It’s also an affordable way to stay trendy, as it can be paired with simple items such as black pumps or gold necklaces rather than inexpensive accessories such as plastic bracelets or leggings.
  • The other great thing about cheetah print is that it can be worn on a variety of different occasions, from interviews to weddings and parties.


  • Some people may shy away from wearing animal prints because they are not a fan of the “wild” style, which is understandable.
  • Ladies who are not confident in their curves may want to avoid cheetah print as it can make the wearer appear larger than they are.
  • Cheetah prints are also typically worn by younger women and teens – which means that they may not be suitable for someone older.

How to Take Care of Cheetah Print Clothing? 

The best way to take care of cheetah print clothing is:

  • Hang dry the clothes in an airy space such as a patio or balcony that gets sun.
  • Machine wash cold and hang dry on low heat for cheetah print clothing made from cotton, silk, rayon, polyester blends.
  • Dry clean cheetah print clothing every time.

On average, this type of clothing lasts about four years

But with these little tips, you can prolong its life for a further time.

Other Unique Trendy Patterns

We have talked a lot about cheetah prints, but what about other similar patterns?

Here is a list of just some of the other unique trendy patterns that are on trend this season:

  • Zebra prints
  • Leopard Prints
  • Anaconda Prints
  • Crocodile Prints
  • Nautical Stripes & Checks
  • Stripes and Polka Dots
  • Geometric Patterns
  • Floral Patterns

It could be a little difficult to see the difference between them because they both have very similar variations.

For example, leopard prints also use black or brown as their main color while zebra prints often have black stripes instead of white panels like in cheetah print clothing. 

Let’s take a closer look at each pattern to find out the difference.

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Zebra Prints

Zebra prints are almost always black and white, but sometimes you can see some other color variations in there too like brown or pink stripes on top of their base color which is usually either light blue for girls or navy blue for boys. 

The zig-zag pattern is black and white but in alternating blocks.

Leopard Prints

Leopard prints are made up of a base color that’s usually brown or dark tan, with an overlay of large black spots on top which makes it look like the pelt of a leopard!

Anaconda Prints

An anaconda print is a pattern that has brown or black scales on top of its base color which can be green, red, blue, yellow, and even orange, like real animal skin!

Crocodile Prints

Crocodile print is a pattern that has black scales on top of its base color which can be green, red, blue, or yellow, similar to the skin of an alligator!

Nautical Stripes & Checks

Nautical stripes and checks are patterns that have blue, green, or red on top of their base color which can be yellow, orange, or purple. It looks like the pattern you would find at sea!

Stripes and Polka Dots

Stripes and polka dots are patterns that have white or black on top of their base color which can be green, red, blue, yellow, orange. It looks like the pattern you would find in a school uniform!

Geometric Patterns

Graphic prints are patterns that have geometric shapes on top of their base color which can be green, blue, red. It looks like the pattern you would find in a math textbook!

Floral Patterns

Floral prints are patterns that have flowers on top of their base color which can be blue, green, orange. It looks like the pattern you would find in a garden!

What is the Difference Between Leopard Print and Cheetah Print?

Leopard print is a pattern that has black and brown on top of its base color which can be white, pink, or yellow. Cheetah print is a pattern that looks like the cheetahs’ spots with a light cream background.

The main difference between them is that cheetah patterns are made up of large spots while leopard prints have a variety of shapes:

  • Cheetahs’ spots contain an oval in the center, with two triangles on either side which form another rectangle.
  • Leopards don’t always have this shape but rather they can range from a simple line to an intricate design.
  • Cheetahs also have smaller spots on the outside of their larger cheetah print shapes, while leopards don’t contain these small spots.

Do you Want to Know More About Cheetahs? 

The cheetah is one of Africa’s fastest animals, reaching speeds up to 75 miles per hour!

These speedy cats can be found in savannas on the African continent from Libya through southern Sudan into South Africa.

Today, unfortunately, they are threatened with extinction. They have been hunted for their beautiful spotted fur and to clear the land where they hunt.

In Africa, there are three main types of cheetahs: spottedstriped, and black.

  • Spotted cheetahs are the most common, with a light cream background that has small dark spots all over it
  • Striped cheetahs have large white stripes on their face and body, with two to four dark lines running down each side of its back
  • Black cheetahs are very rare because they’re not found anywhere else besides Asia. They can be hard to spot at night because they blend into shadows well.

Cheetah is now extinct in Asia though there’s speculation that some exist in Africa or Iran!

So, Which is Your Favorite?

It’s tough to choose just one pattern when you’re looking at a bunch of awesome ones.

A cheetah print is a unique pattern that has been used for decades in some cultures as a symbol of status and wealth

The cheetahs are the fastest animals on earth, so they represent power and strength to many people. 

They’re also popular with fashionistas because they can be matched with any other color scheme or outfit without clashing. 

If you want your customers to feel like royalty while wearing clothes from your store then it might be time to start incorporating this trend into your designs!

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