How to Publish a Children’s Book for Free


The writer’s number one worrying factor is getting the book published, which is sadly often rejected by the publishing house. Whether considering children book writers, the false narrative set that the writer has to pay to get his book published.

Well, we are here to debunk this!

If you’re wondering how to publish a children’s book for free, we will show you three excellent websites that make your life easier: Kindle, BookBildr, and FlipHTML5!

Please keep reading to discover how to create and publish your children's book with ease through their service!

The writer’s role is to write a manuscript and refine and proofread the content, other than worrying about spending time and money on publishing. You might be amazed upon knowing that you can publish a book for free through various sources available, and it is the publisher who shall pay for it.

Getting Started

Before getting into the main topic, it is essential to ensure that your written text is flawless or at least up to a certain quality level before publishing. Although a writer spends a considerable amount of time writing and editing the content, it might not be enough.

So we suggest looking at the following guidelines to ensure your book is worth every penny!

Are you Achieving your Target?

A children’s book’s target audience is, naturally, children, but how can you be sure that your manuscript is ‘children-friendly? ‘

The best way to ensure this is to read it in front of them or let them read

It will allow you to see their emotions flow while reading your book and whether it is has made a good impression or not, at first glance. Otherwise, you could also ask an opinion from parents, as they know children’s preferences the best, or from somebody else, you can rely on.

Constructive criticism is always helpful to make the appropriate edits that can positively impact the final output you will publish. Through this, you could also get new hints that you may want to implement in your plot.

Proofread Multiple Times!

We know it can be boring to read the same content countless times, but we can’t stress enough this concept: proofreading is necessary! There may be grammar, punctuation, formatting, or spelling errors that have gone unnoticed.

You may seek the help of a ghostwriter - here we suggested 5 reasons why you should do that

Alternatively, let your book sit on your shelf for a while. After a reasonable time, please bring it back and read it with a fresh mind. An entirely new perspective will unfold in your mind: you might incorporate new ideas and notice details you hadn’t noticed before. While you’re writing, it often happens that the storyline looks fine and with no apparent discrepancy. Proofreading and editing the content multiple times at specific intervals have the invaluable power to clear all the doubts and boost the quality of your content.


Here are three ways through which you can publish your children’s book for free: Kindle, BookBildr, and FlipHTML5! Let’s indulge in each of these methods, starting from the primary way.

The Basic Method

The usual path sees the author spend a reasonable amount of time listing possible agents and publishers to contact for publishing inquires and rates. In this phase, the more people you reach, the better it is. Usually, some publishers demand a commission or would not be so reliable. That’s why it’s important to consider all the alternatives carefully.

The publishing process may take up to months and years until you find the right professional for this purpose

Many writers are still waiting for their books to be published. So be aware of the high competition you may encounter due to this endless waiting. It may come in handy learning how to properly negotiate contracts with publishers, as it can turn into lower expenses through the publishing process.

In this article, we discussed if it’s worth it to publish through publishing firms or by yourself.

1. Kindle

Ebooks are becoming increasingly popular and cheaper than traditional channels. Regarding this, Amazon offers an extraordinary ebook device – Amazon Kindle, where you can easily format and publish your book for free. You don’t have to worry about the complexity and cost of publishing anymore (check our complete step by step guide!).

Kindle readers, on the other hand, can download your book with ease. The availability of digital books through portable devices has conquered people’s reading habits. It became convenient for both readers and writers to follow this new trend nowadays. Here’s how you can format your children’s book into an ebook through their completely free program!


You need to format your ebook before publishing it on Kindle (here we wrote about the best way to format an ebook), and we know how these steps are crucial if you don’t have any guidelines to look at. We have compiled a step-by-step guide for you to format your ebook on Kindle Create!

Getting Started

image 23
  • Once you install the software, you can proceed by formatting your book.
  • Open the Kindle Kids Book Creator software and follow the instructions. Continue by inserting all the relevant metadata; title, publisher, author, language and similar. 
  • The next step is alignment. Do you want it portrait or landscape? One image or two images? That’s how you will present your book in front of the readers’ eyes.
image 24
  • You can also add a cover or front page for your children’s book. If you hadn’t done it already, you could select the image you want from files on your local folder.
  • A pop image will confirm that you have uploaded the picture.
  • Click ‘File on the top-left corner and select save for saving the formatted file. Save the file as a ‘Mobi file’ that is a kindle ready readable file.
  • The process then might take a while to finish. Now, it’s ready for publishing.


  • Sign in to your KDP account and click on ‘Kindle E-book.’
  • Add some details in the several description boxes, like title, publisher details, age range, author and keywords, etc. Then click ‘Save and Continue.’
  • Step two is the Kindle eBooks content. Here you upload the manuscript that is the Mobi file you created before. Upload the cover of your kindle children’s ebook as well.
image 25
  • Go ahead and click on ‘preview’ to see how your ebook looks from the reader’s point of view.
  • The third step is setting the kindle ebook pricing. KDP already provides standard pricing of your niche that you can adjust to your liking (for this purpose, we have written some helpful tips to best price your ebook!)
image 26
  • After the adjustments, click ‘Publish your ebook’ and it will be finally published on the internet.

2. BookBildr

Next in line for publishing your children’s book for free, it’s the online site BookBildr. It is a fantastic place where you can create picture books for children. It may happen to spend hours going from one app to another looking for illustrating, designing and publishing features: Book Builder allows all of these tasks in a single source!

BookBildr has unique Google fonts and an inbuilt illustration facility

You don’t have to worry about paying for software and publishing services anymore, as BookBildr is entirely free and allows you to create and publish as many times as you desire. And good news don’t stop here, as BookBildr will print and publish your children books for you!

Going through their platform is not complex at all. You can enjoy their services without paying any subscription fee. The only costs associated with BookBildr are related to the number of copies you might print and the delivery options. If you’re planning to develop your new children’s book idea, please visit first their website: BookBildr | Make Children’s Picture Books Online for Free and create a new account. 

image 27


BookBildr offers multiple formatting styles for its users that can vary from landscape, portrait and square hardcover book. After picking a format type, you can write the content you want and finish with the illustrator. The Portrait Book is ideal for older children; since it incorporates more text along with fantasy illustrations.

Landscape Book involves full-page illustration; though it has text, the main focus is on images

Square Hardcover Book is the exact type of book that children like to read. You can also choose the picture book format to download, whether pdf, magazine or hardcover styles. The cost of your final order depends on the number of pages your picture book has, the format you have chosen, size and cover options. Sample prices are readily available on the website.


Eventually, BookBildr offers authors to purchase editorial services too. They cover editing, proofreading and ghostwriting. These services help fix any grammar mistakes you might incur during your writing experience. They concretely let you hire professionals to proofread your project until it reaches a top-notch level! A further enhance option is hiring professional illustrators that help you make your dreams come true!

image 28


Lastly, we have FLIPHTML5, which is a great digital publishing platform for your children’s book. They offer you a personalised space to publish your manuscripts for free and showcase your digital projects. It will be like a personal website with your own portfolio of publications.

Readers can subscribe to your website profile and receive fresh new updates from you. Furthermore, you can share your content to other social media platforms for free! The website is also SEO friendly and shows a bunch of statistics and reports regarding sales and reviews.

image 29

How to Get Started

Download FlipHTML5 software from their website: FlipHTML5 Features, World Leading HTML5 Digital Publishing Platform. FlipHTML5 is available for both PC and Mac, or you can sign in online for free.

The software is user-friendly and efficient and has many publishing options for your needs!

You can start uploading your children’s book in pdf or word format. Choose any links, pictures or videos you would like to include with a simple drag&drop function. Finally, before publishing, dare to review your FlipBook according to what we said first (you don’t want to come out with a poor result!). It might come in handy the preview option provided by the software, which gives a reader’s view of the book.


With these suggestions, we hope your publishing experience will be far better than expected. As you see, you don’t need to spend lots of money or stressing out looking for publishers for your book.

Each of these sites provides valuable free alternatives for self-publishers who have their dream children's book in mind!

All of them are one of a kind, with features that every writer would like to have at his disposal. Hopefully, this is also true for you. If so, we would want you to consider your point of view.

  • Which of the three services do you like most?
  • Which one would you choose first?

It’s time to transform your imagination into something real, and wherever will be your choice, each of these sites gets you covered! Let your dream children’s book come true!

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