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Do you have a photo project coming up?

CVS Photo is the easiest way to get your photos printed, scanned, and mounted. They offer high-quality prints in just minutes with their easy online ordering process. You can also upload your digital files or order from an old-school film camera for even more options!

Their services are perfect for any occasion – be it a wedding, graduation, family reunion, or another special event. And if you need to print out something quick and don’t want to go anywhere they also offer same-day pickup at select locations!

So don’t stop reading if you won’t make your next photo project easier than ever before.

Why You Should Order Photo Prints From CVS?

Our experience with CVS Photo was great. They delivered exactly what we needed and offered speedy delivery options for a very reasonable price.

Plus, their customer service is top-notch! When we contacted them about an issue with our order they responded in just 24 hours and were extremely friendly during the whole process – even when it wasn’t their fault!

The quality of the prints was also great. We were impressed with how vivid they came out. Also, they provide a ton of different size options to choose from – so you can get exactly what you need for your project!

Their online ordering process makes it super easy to get prints, scans, and mounts in just minutes! You can upload a digital file or order from an old-school film camera too – so no matter what you’re looking to print CVS has got you covered.

What Kind of Photo Prints you Can Order at CVS?

CVS provides a wide variety of different sizes for your photo prints – perfect if you’re looking to frame them or put them in an album. 

You can also order magnets, postcards, and greeting cards! They even have some fun options available like personalized mugs for great gifts.

Let’s have a view of the main prints available:

  • Photo: they offer photo enlargements from small up to huge (40″x 60″) posters and black & white photos. 
  • Mini Prints: This size is great if you want a more unique framed print, but don’t have large frames. CVS offers mini prints in a variety of sizes from 16″x20″ to 24″x36″.
  • Photo Magnets: These are the perfect size for displaying on your fridge or giving as gifts! You can choose between two different magnets – one glossy magnet and one matte magnet. The glossy ones come with colorful borders while the matte ones come with black borders.
  • Photo Books: The most popular sized photo books are the 12″x12″ and the 16″x16″. You can choose to print in color or black & white, add photos from Facebook or Instagram, put your pictures on a timeline, and even order extra prints of select pages!
  • Mobile Prints: They only take about 20 minutes to print. They come as wallet-size prints (perfect for fitting in any pocket), mini prints that fit into frames without glass (great for displaying them at work), and magnet sizes that adhere to metal surfaces.

You can upload your photos from home, or pick them up at CVS and have the employees help you with ordering.

Photo prints are perfect for any occasion: Christmas, weddings, birthdays, graduations, family reunions – CVS has a great selection for you to choose from. 

And if you’re in a hurry – no worries! They offer next-day delivery on many of their products so that they’ll be ready for whatever occasion is coming up. 

How Much Does CVS Charge for Printing Pictures?

You can print your pictures for a reasonable price in any CVS Store. 

The photographic printing process starts at only $0.39 per photo. Usually, they charge between $0.99 and $13.99 per picture, depending on the type of printing you choose:

  • for a photo, you will be charged $0,39-0.99
  • for enlargement, you will be charged $13.99
  • if you want to print a canvas with your picture on it they charge between $39.00-139.00
  • if you want to print a calendar with your pictures on it they charge between $39.00-69.99

There are packages available that come with everything you need to print your pictures, including photo paper. 

CVS offers these convenient packages in two different sizes: an 11×14 package and a 20-pack package. The cost for the large pack is $59.99 while the smaller one costs $29.99 – both of which include shipping.

The prices CVS charges for printing your photos may not be the cheapest around, but they’re pretty good as far as convenience goes.

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Where Can I Find CVS Stores For Printing?

CVS services are available only to customers who are located in the U.S. territory.

For those who live in an area served by a CVS Pharmacy, you can find prints in the photo section. The store is always open and you can pick up prints of any size in just a few minutes.

To order online, just go to and click on “Photo Prints”, which will take you to the CVS website where you can start ordering your prints.

If you want them to get delivered to your home, you can order CVS Home Delivery where they will be delivered to the address you will provide.

If you want them to be delivered elsewhere, just click on “Store Pickup” where they will have your order available for pick-up at the store of your choice within 24 hours.

You can also call CVS customer service and place an order over the phone or email their Customer Care team if you don’t have internet access.

Email CVS customer service at with your order number and the store location you would like to pick up from- they will get back to you in 24 hours or less!

Ordering from CVS is a great option if you want to get your photo prints quickly and without spending more than necessary.

FAQ about the CVS Photo Prints Service

What is a CVS-Mounted Photo?

CVS Mounted Photo is a photo that has been attached to an L-shaped piece of cardboard and then cut down the middle. 

You can order these prints from the CVS website or you can ask your local store for help with this process. 

A CVS mounted photo can be used as an award, decoration, or promotional item.

Does CVS Do Same-Day Photo Books?

CVS does not offer same-day photo books. They offer traditional photo books, in-store, that are delivered in about a week.

Alternatively, you may have the option to upload photos online and create a photo book on, which will be delivered in about five days.

How Much are 8×10 Prints at CVS?

For an 8×10 Photo Panel, you will be charged $14.99. For an 8×10 Acrylic Panel, the price will be $19.99.

However, for a better overview of the prices, we’ll recommend having a look at the table below, taken from this great article:


How Long Does It Take to Print a Photo at CVS?

The printing process takes about two minutes for the first copy of your picture to come out of the printer. 

So it’s quite reasonable that you can walk into CVS and have your pictures printed in about five minutes.

How Can I Contact the CVS Customer Service?

CVS offers a variety of customer service options on its website. 

You can find the CVS contact page by visiting their site and clicking “Contact Us“. This will take you to an online form where you can type your message, choose what department you want to send it to, and then submit it for review. 

You can also look at CVS’s FAQ Page, where you will find answers to questions that are frequently asked by customers.

You’ll also receive a response from CVS via email or phone within 24 hours of submitting your inquiry. You may be able to save yourself time and effort if you search for an answer on their website first.

What is the CVS Refund Policy for Photo Prints and Products?

CVS will provide refunds for prints and products that are returned within 14 days of purchase

There is no refund or store credit offered after 15 days from the original date of the transaction.

The customer must present their receipt at the time of return to get a full refund on all photo orders, including digital uploads, framing, and non-photo products.

Let’s Sum Up!

CVS Photo Prints is a cost-effective, convenient, and reliable printing service for your family or business.

You can order prints in-store, on the mobile app, or online from anywhere with an internet connection at any time of day. With this service, you get beautiful color photos printed within minutes that will last forever – perfect for framing!

Whether it’s printing pictures for your living room wall or using them as promotional materials for your company, they have everything you need to make great impressions through visual marketing.

We hope you found this blog post helpful! If not, please let us know and we will do our best to help.

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