How to Dropship Artworks with Ease?

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Dropshipping art is a way for anyone to sell original artwork without the need for an inventory. This means that you can offer quality products with no upfront costs and never have to worry about shipping items out!

This post will cover how to start dropshipping artworks with ease by teaching you the basics:

  • What is dropshipping
  • How to sell artwork on Amazon FBA
  • How to sell artwork on Shopify
  • Dropshipping tips for beginners
  • Tips for selling art online

Dropshipping is the new way of being an entrepreneur. You can start a business with very little investment and it isn’t limited to just one industry. In fact, you can dropship artworks that are one of a kind or have your own personal stamp on them by telling their story through photos.

What is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead relies on suppliers to send products directly to customers. 

Dropshipping was first introduced by a famous entrepreneur and author of “The Lean Startup” Eric Ries. The idea behind dropshipping is that it eliminates the need for overhead costs like inventory storage and shipping; this means you can start your own e-commerce store with just a few hundred dollars or even less.

Dropshippers don’t have to worry about sourcing from wholesalers, breaking down cartons, or stocking shelves – they simply place an order for the goods they need from a wholesaler and then wait for it to be delivered.

Dropshipping is popular with entrepreneurs who are just starting out, or those that don’t have much capital to invest in inventory. It’s also perfect for e-commerce store owners because there is no risk of holding an expensive item until it sells – if you get stuck with an overstock, your suppliers will handle the returns process so you keep all of the profits regardless!

Some dropship items include clothing, furniture, jewelry, and more. There are three ways to source products as a Dropshipper: “dropship“, which means finding one product at multiple retailers; “shopify” where you sell physical products on Shopify’s e-commerce platform; and “affiliate” where you find products to sell on your website.

How to Sell Artwork on Amazon FBA

Sell artwork on Amazon FBA is a great way to make money when you don’t have an established audience. You can start by listing your art as a new seller and then apply for the Artist Program. With this program, you’ll be able to sell your work in Amazon’s Handmade store with Prime shipping benefits and access to customer reviews. 

If you’re ready to take your artistic talents online, read on!

Quick Steps to Sell Artwork On Amazon FBA

  • Start with finding the best price point for your product (set up a spreadsheet). To do that, you can use a price comparison site or create your own. This will help you identify which products are priced competitively to give yourself an edge when it comes to sales.
  • Create a listing on Amazon’s website. You’ll need to upload a photo of your artwork, price it and add the relevant details about how many pieces are available.
  • Place prints in packaging materials and ship them off! You can keep track of your inventory and account balances by using an app like Shipstation.
  • Receive payment through a check or direct deposit into a bank account. It might take a few days for the funds to show up in your account.
  • Repeat steps until desired monthly income is reached! It’s important to set a goal and make sure that your prices are competitive.

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to take action. Remember that you don’t have a lot of time to spare if you want your artwork on Amazon in time for Christmas.

How to Sell Artwork on Shopify

Artists are often frustrated when they find themselves with a surplus of artwork and no way to sell it. They flock to Etsy, but many quickly decide that the fees outweigh the benefits and need a better solution for selling their work online. The good news is there IS an alternative! 

Shopify offers easy-to-use templates and powerful eCommerce features to help your artist business thrive. It is the perfect platform for artists and creators who want to start selling their art without any hassle. The process is simple, easy, and fun! 

  • Sign Up – First thing first, sign up for an account at or click “Create Account” in the top left corner of the screen if you already have one. We recommend signing up for an individual account as opposed to a business one because it costs less money and is more straightforward.
  • Choose a Theme– Shopify has over 100 free themes to choose from and it’s easy to switch them up later on. For now, just pick something you like the look of!
  • Fill in your shop details – The next step is filling out some simple information about yourself and what type of store you would like–either an online store, a dropshipping store, or both. Keep in mind that Shopify will need to have your credit card on file for you to be able to use the platform.
  • Add products – Now it’s time for adding some products! For someone who wants full control over their own inventory and doesn’t want any help at all, they can create individual listings manually through the editor interface using HTML code as well as uploading images themselves (this option requires self-hosting of images and more technical wants the help of a dropshipping company if they need it); we recommend uploading the products to Shopify via an e-commerce platform. For someone who wants some guidance in getting started but doesn’t want all of the hassles that come from selling things themselves (like marketing) and would like help managing orders and fulfilling them properly, they should try Dropshipping through Shopify Plus.
  • Make sure everything is perfect before launching -Now’s the time to take a last look at all the information you’ve entered into your Shopify store and make sure it’s perfect.
  • Launch -Once everything is set, click “Launch my online store” from the settings page. 

Congratulations! You’re officially selling on Shopify!

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Dropshipping Tips for Beginners

Dropshipping is a great way to start an online business and doesn’t require an upfront investment. However, it does take some work on your part. 

Here are four tips for beginners who want to try dropshipping.

  1. Research which products you should be selling by looking through Amazon’s bestseller list, eBay items with high bids, or other websites that have popular products like AliExpress. You can also use Google Trends to see what people are searching for most often. Once you’ve found the right product, make sure they’re in stock at the supplier that you’ll be using because if not then there won’t be any profit!
  2. Find a supplier that will ship directly from China (or whatever country the product is made in). Once you’ve found the supplier, check to see if they have a dropshipping service. If not then make sure that your contract with them allows for freight forwarding as this will be necessary since most suppliers don’t ship internationally but it’s free and saves money on shipping costs!
  3. Third, when you’re sourcing suppliers, make sure that they can fulfill your order. A good rule of thumb is to find a supplier who has an inventory size at least double the amount of your desired order quantity and fulfillment time not exceeding two weeks from the purchase date.
  4. Lastly, research the product and make sure it’s not a private label. Private labeling is where you buy an existing product but put your own name on it and sell it at higher price points because of branding or uniqueness. If you’re dropshipping private labeled goods then you have to create the product first which takes more time and effort.

Tips for Selling Art Online

If you are an artist who is looking for tips on how to sell your art online, we’ll provide you a list of the top five things that can be done to increase sales and exposure. 

Whether you’re new to selling your art or have been doing it for years, these tips will help!

  1. Create a blog post describing your artwork and where they were created, so viewers get a better sense of what their experience would be like if they purchased any pieces.
  2. Have images on social media sites that show the process behind the finished product, with technical descriptions and engaging captions that are informative and exhaustive as well.
  3. Offer discounts periodically (e.g. every month, twice a year) to reward your customers for their loyalty and promote new artwork just coming out so people feel like there is always something fresh and exciting available.
  4. Create a blog that showcases your process of creating art: include photos, videos, sketches, descriptions about materials used in the piece; anything to show how you make it! Share these on social media sites to get more eyes on your work.
  5. Provide a clear path on how much each purchase costs and the different payment options you accept. It’s important to mention what happens after the sale (e.g., when you are shipping it).


Dropshipping artwork is a great way to get started with your own online business, but it can be tough going. With all the options and information out there, it’s easy for things to become overwhelming. 

This post has walked you through how to dropship artwork like an expert from start to finish so that you can make sure everything goes smoothly and effortlessly! We hope this has helped as we know how difficult starting any new venture can be.

Having trouble finding customers? Try advertising on social media or using Google Adwords! And don’t forget shipping – make sure to find out which carriers offer free shipping when ordering online so that your costs stay low.

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