How To Print Labels With Dymo Labelwriter 450


If we ask you which is the essential device in any departmental store, what will you answer?

You may reply to devices such as PCs, the internet, etc. But there’s no wonder a label writer is one of the essential devices in any departmental store and plays a vital role in managing stock and its labeling.

We dug deep into the internet for your ease and shortlisted the best label writer for this review, the Dymo Labelwriter 450. 

To print labels with Dymo Labelwriter 450, you need to:

  • Connect the power cords and data transmission wires with your Dymo Labelwriter 450
  • Connect the PC to the printer
  • Download and install the required driver
  • Fill in the data, inventory, and design the barcode
  • Choose your SKU and print the label
  • Apply it to the chosen product

After testing and comparing everything with other label writers, we found that Dymo Labelwriter 450 is the best overall. That’s why we’ve written an ultimate guide to everything you need to know about this wonderful machine.

So let’s get into it!

What is a Label Writing Machine?

A label writing machine is a device used to print barcodes, prices, and other related information regarding the inventory of the products in your departmental store.

At the checkout counter, a scanner reads the label’s barcode and removes the product from inventory. This helps you to manage the stock on your list better.

These labels also show the price of the products, which is great!

According to a survey, the worst thing that most customers hate about department stores is when they can’t see the price tags on the products.

So, a label writer perfectly covers this need!

Where Do I Get My Dymo LabelWriter 450 Online?

The Dymo Labelwriter 450 might not be available on the offline market. This product is exclusively for the online market.

We highly recommend you to visit the official website of Dymo.

From there, browse to Labelwriter 450 and click on “Where to Buy.” You can see some online stores selling authentic and authorized Dymo 450 Labelwriter. You can go with any online store that you like.

Currently, online stores such as Walmart, ODOM, and Staples are the official authorized sellers of the 450 Labelwriter, showing on Dymo's official website.

However, the official Dymo Labelwriter is also available at Amazon, which is currently in stock. The price for the machine is around $144.50.

image 1

For people outside the US, we highly recommend you go with Amazon to purchase the Dymo Labelwriter 450. If you already have a Prime subscription, buying from Amazon might be the best choice.

While purchasing the machine, please note that the company may not claim the warranty in your country if it’s not officially available. For example, the company will not claim the guarantee in South Asia and some African countries where Dymo isn’t officially known.

Please note: If you see the product sold offline anywhere, it might be possible that it is fake or a copy of the original, or the seller has also purchased it online.

How to Print Labels With the Dymo Labelwriter 450

Once purchased your machine, you need to set it up according to the inventory of your stock. For beginners yet, we have prepared an ultimate guide on how to print labels with the Dymo Labelwriter 450.

Let’s dive in together!

  1. First, you need to connect the power cords and data transmission wires with your Dymo Labelwriter 450. Connect the power cord with the machine. Note that the device works with a 220-250 Volt electricity supply.
  2. Connect the PC cord’s one end with the machine and connect the other USB port with your PC.
  3. Visit the official website of Dymo and download the driver for the Dymo Labelwriter 450. If you’re using Mac OS, download the Mac driver; otherwise, download the Windows driver.
  4. After downloading, install the driver on your PC, and you’re ready to go.
  5. Now it’s time to fill in the data, inventory, and design the barcode. Also, you will need to fill in the products, their SKUs, barcodes, price, and quantity. From now on, you can manage, view and access all your stocks in inventory through the Dymo dashboard.
  6. Your Labelwriter is now ready to use! Just choose your SKU and print the label.
  7. After the printing, apply the label to the corresponding product, and that’s it!

What Size Labels Does Dymo 450 Print?

The Dymo 450 Labelwriter is a standard-sized printer that you can use to print small and medium-sized labels. This machine is ideal for printing labels for FMCG products, medicines, and other consumer products.

To be precise, Dymo 450 can print the labels of 2x2". Other labels such as 4x2" and 6x4" are not supported.

If you’re looking for a Labelwriter that can print 4×2″ or 6×4″ labels, then you might consider purchasing an upgraded model. But unless you need labels for courier, food delivery, or any transportation company, then Dymo 450 Labelwriter is the best for you!

How Do You Clean a Dymo 450?

The cleaning process of the Dymo 450 is straightforward. We recommend you using WD-40 or any alcoholic cleaning liquid to achieve the best results.


Below is the process of cleaning the Dymo 450 Labelwriter:

  1. Open the top and front lid of the machine to clean the device from the inside.
  2. Now remove all the label rollers from the machine so you can clean them properly.
  3. First of all, start cleaning the sensor. In most cases, you might notice an incorrect alignment of the print on your labels. It’s due to the dust that covers the sensor so that it couldn’t recognize the correct shape of the labels.
  4. Now we highly recommend you use WD-40 or any alcoholic-based cleaning liquid to clean the sensor. Apply the cleaning agent to a microfiber or any cloth for lens or glass cleaning. Rub the lens with the fabric so that you can remove the dust that covers the sensor.
  5. After cleaning the lens, now clean the whole body of the printer. You might notice adhesives and residuals of labels, so you can use alcohol or WD-40 to remove them.
  6. Close the top and front lid, and that’s it! Now, if you want, you can clean the body from outside as well.

What is the Difference Between the Dymo 450 and the 450 Turbo?

The main difference between the Dymo 450 and the 450 Turbo is the speed. That’s it!

The 450 Turbo can print more labels in one minute than the 450 Turbo can.

Other than that, both are the same and have no difference. Therefore, unless you require publishing a high number of labels in a given amount of time, Dymo 450 is best for you!

image 2


If we talk about label writers, there’s no wonder Dymo 450 is the best as compared to any other label writer in the market.

Considering its quality, price, the number of prints at a specific time, and many other things, the Dymo 450 Labelwriter is the winner!

Without it, it’s hard to manage the pricing and inventories of your products efficiently!

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