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Etsy is a worldwide famous marketplace, in which you can find original ideas for custom t-shirts and stickers.

If your purpose is to sell these items on your Print On Demand store, you may want to integrate them with Etsy, as it can boost your visibility more than expected. 

Here are the main Print On Demand services available that best integrates with Etsy:

We will analyze them as follows.


Printify is the most well-known alternative to Printful, with over 250.000 stores connected to its platform.

It can be easily integrated with Etsy, with a one-time fee of 20 cents for each item, like Printiful.

However, some limitations may occur, like the HTML editor, which is not provided. So, if you want to edit your products you have to go through the Printify dashboard.

Furthermore, you can’t publish size charts and more than 10 images per time.

Printify has a basic free account like Printful. The premium account charges a monthly subscription of $29, and lets you accede to further discounted prices (especially if you sell in bulk) and multiple stores setting at the same time (up to 10).

What is really good in Printify is the possibility to choose among different providers for the same product, as you can sort them for pricing, fulfillment time, printing options, geographic position, and reviews.

This is so important for customers from all around the world, as you can offer them fast shipping services no matter where are they from. It’s an incredible boost to the shopping experience of your store.


Printful is the biggest Print On Demand platform on the market right now.

It offers integration with Etsy, but with some limitations (no shipping rates displayed on your product).

However, you don’t have to take care of processing as Printful will do this for you, including shipping.

Etsy will just charge you a 20 cent fee for each product you upload; all the other costs are related to Printful and its unlimited services.

What is really good about Printful is the number of fulfillment facilities they have, both in the USA and Europe.

This means that you can ship products everywhere in the world in a short time and at competitive prices.

Indeed, Printful lets you set your profit margins, from a minimum of 30%, until your desirable rates.

But this is not the ending. Printful has a unique fulfillment service that allows you to store products that you haven’t even purchased from them.

They will be even shipped directly to your customers, as you receive an order.

Of course, you will be charged an extra fee for the service but it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking for this type of solution.


Teelaunch is usually associated with Shopify but it can be even integrated with Etsy through their app.

We all know the range of custom products provided (even backpacks and Bluetooth speakers!) and their high-quality services throughout the supply chain.

It’s definitely a valuable option to consider for both customers and sellers.


Redbubble is a worldwide famous Print On Demand service, which can be used stand-alone, as its marketplace boasts millions of users every day.

However, you can integrate it to Etsy, but you have to fulfill orders manually one by one.

This might seem tricky and time-consuming, but, imagine, you can exploit both marketplaces’ exposure, and increase your revenue rates as well!

For more tips on selling fast in Redbubble, please consider this article.


Gooten provides everything you need to run a successful store on Etsy but not the same variety of products as Printify and Printful (around 130 products instead of 200).

However, you can accede to broad categories of products, like clothing, decorations, accessories, home decors, and whatsoever. Furthermore, what is unlimited in Gooten is the possibility to set up as many stores as you want, without incurring premium subscription fees.

Setting up your account it’s easy: once you fill in your business information you can quickly upload your product listings to the dashboard.

When you connect your Gooten store to Etsy, you may incur in few limitations, that could delay your product release (you have to make sure your items have only two variants, 10 images each, and 13 tags).

Gooten takes care of the product quality and chooses only those suppliers who can guarantee you the highest-standards possible.

T-Shirt Gang

T-Shirt Gang, it’s not only focused on t-shirts as the name may suggest, but it provides different printing options too.

The integration with Etsy is fast and simple and you can publish your products directly from there. We wouldn’t recommend it for big stores, as it’s more tailored to small businesses.

However, their service is pretty fast (short fulfillment times are guaranteed) and their prices are on average.

Printed Mint

Printed Mint provides standard selections of products, mostly clothing, wall art, and accessories.

It can be integrated with Etsy through their API, and it’s more recommended to beginners, due to the limited range of features provided.

Art Of Where

Art Of Where it’s not a well-known service, but it has some unique features: it provides specific product niches like headbands, wall art, notebooks, and a powerful mockup generator tool for your advertising campaigns.

Art Of Where is fully-integrated with Etsy, but, unlike Printful and Printify, it provides shipping only to North America, not to the rest of the world, which could be a problem in the future.

However, a remarkable feature is the customization of the product package (you can add some cool stickers or artist cards inside), which may increase your brand awareness in the customer’s eyes.

Art Of Where is free for orders in bulk and charges $1 for dropshipping ones.


Prodigi doesn’t offer direct integration to Etsy, unlike the previous providers.

Nevertheless, you can solve this problem by simply connecting the Prodigy account to your Shopify store and then connecting the latter to Etsy.

In this way, you can use Shopify to create a professional website with Prodigi products, and then Etsy for the final advertisement in its marketplace.

Sounds tricky but it’s not so time-consuming as you think.

Prodigy charges you a one-time fee of $69 for full integration to Etsy. You can start with a free 5 products trial and then choose to pay or not, but if it’s not you will have to process manually the orders one by one from the dashboard.

Otherwise, you could either use a CSV bulk importer tool, which lets you import in bulk orders all-in-one from Etsy.

Shirtee Cloud

Shirtee Cloud provides thousands of variations to your custom products.

If you want to integrate their platform with Etsy, you will be charged an 18 cent fee per product and a 4% per single sale (plus the Etsy 5% fee).

Consider these expenses, as they could hit heavily your margins.

Nevertheless, their service is flawless, as your orders are fulfilled automatically within a few days, and their warehouse is available for storing extra products as Printiful does.


We have seen so far many alternatives to implement Print On Demand services with Etsy.

Etsy it’s a marketplace that can truly boost your visibility and makes you reach that targeted audience you’re looking for.

If you’re already a seller on Etsy, you could integrate Print On Demand services to diversify your income streams.

Vice versa, you could exploit the Etsy marketplace, with its millions of customers every day, and try to sell them your printed products.

If you’re a creative and passionate designer, Etsy it’s simply the best place where to be.

Are you ready to launch your store?

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BONUS – Why You Should Create A Blog To Promote Your Print On Demand Store

It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is and the number of competitors you are dealing with. Creating a personal website boosts your visibility and makes you intercept an increasing number of customers worldwide.

There is no more effective marketing strategy like this.

These are the main advantages of having a blog.

Improved SEO

It’s undeniable that search engines prefer new, high-quality content to dated ones. If you keep posting every day new articles your visibility rises constantly. Dare to type keywords to your articles, and focus on writing long content, minimum of 1.000 words per post. It shows that you’re not just spamming random products but providing valuable content for anyone else interested.

Great Engagement

The blog phenomenon is a pretty recent trend. More than 200 million bloggers are on the internet today; just a few years ago there weren’t at all. Blogs make you intercept users from worldwide countries and interact with them on a daily basis. You can build trust and engagement with your community by reading and answering their feedback on your posts. In this way, you can understand their preferences and so retargeting your marketing strategy on them.

Social Media Advertisment

Socials can be useful if you add the URL of your blog in bio and in each post you’re going to publish later on. Every time you write a new article, you should be considering sharing it on social platforms too, so it can get to a wider audience possible. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are commonly used for this purpose. They provide great visibility and engagement among others.

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