How to Connect Gelato POD to Shopify in 4 Steps


Have you wondered about new ways to sell your t-shirts on Shopify?

Why don’t you try Gelato Print On Demand? In four simple steps, you can launch your brand new product worldwide!

Simply download the Gelato App from the Shopify App Store, create an account, add a product, set up the shipping options, and enable customization!

The order made by the customer from your Shopify store will be automatically sent to Gelato, which will fulfill and ship.

With a few clicks, you’ll be able to create high-quality products and deliver in the shortest time due to Gelato’s fast shipping options.

Have I grabbed your attention?

Keep reading to learn how the Shopify-Gelato integration works!

What Is Gelato Print On Demand?

Gelato Print On Demand is a network of printers and manufacture which is widespread worldwide.

With a stable presence in 33 countries, they can fulfill and deliver print-on-demand products within three working days!

Gelato POD was founded in Oslo, Norway, in 2007 by Henrik Müller-Hansen, with a precise purpose:

Add innovation and technology to the printing industry and make the shopping experience smoother and enjoyable for both customers and sellers.

Also, an essential target of their mission is to make the entire supply chain more sustainable. Gelato managed to reduce carbon emissions as the production takes place locally, in the same or closest country where the customer lives.

image 38

Through the Gelato API, sellers can connect with countless printing services worldwide. It’s essential if you aim to offer fast-shipping and quality customer care.

Gelato's revolution has brought inestimable value to each actor involved in the market. 

From the local printer (which can reach new customers) to the seller (who benefits from an efficient supply) to the final customer (who receives the product within 72 hours).

How to Integrate Gelato With Shopify

We’ve talked so far about Gelato’s background and the mission that they are carrying on. It was important to figure out the potentiality of their service.

We believe the best way to exploit Gelato POD at the fullest is to connect it to Shopify!

The procedure is straightforward and involves five simple steps.

1. Download the Gelato App

In the Shopify App Store, download the Gelato app and add it to your store.

image 39

Then log in to your Gelato account or create a new one if you’re a new user.

2. Add a Product

Now that both Gelato and Shopify apps are connected, it’s time to create a new product to sell! Of course, if you already have one on your own, you can simply import it from Shopify to Gelato.

From the dashboard, click on “Edit” next to the chosen product.

image 40

Click on “Connect to Gelato”, and it will import it straight away!

image 41

If you don’t have existing products, you can create a new one using Gelato’s design editor.

From the main dashboard, click on “Add Product”.

image 42

Then choose the product type from the catalog and the sub-category.

image 43

This will open the design editor. Different tabs allow you to customize the product on the left – you can choose size, color, upload images, add text, layers, and much more.

image 44

Once completed the customization part, it’s time to choose the mockup. It will be used as the cover image for your product.

image 45

Lastly, you need to write a description of your product. Besides the basic information, think of ways you could describe the unique qualities of your product.

image 46

Before publishing, dare to set the retail price of your product. The Gelato fee will be visible next to the recommended price for that product category.

image 47

Please note that Gelato’s price doesn’t include shipping and taxes, depending on the customer’s country and product type (check the Help Center).

Finally, click “Publish”!

image 48

If you go to your Shopify, you will see the product available in your store.

image 49

3. Set Up Shipping Options

As we said before, to cut delivery times, costs, and emissions, Gelato will produce and ship any order via your Shopify store as close as possible to your end customer.

Make sure to add the shipping fee to the product cost when you set the prices.

Gelato provides flat rates for most products, no matter which country you want to ship to. You will see the exact fee in the shipping profile of the product.

image 50

You can also offer free shipping to your customers as part of a promotion. But you will still have to pay the flat fee to Gelato, so make sure to increase the retail price accordingly.

In addition to flat shipping rates, you can choose live shipping rates, automatically calculated by Gelato during the checkout process.

In this way, your customer can choose between different shipping methods. But be aware! You need to activate a payment plan as Shopify Plus to accede to this feature.

4. Enable Customization

This feature allows customers to personalize the product they want to buy.

It integrates the Gelato design editor with your store.

image 51

It’s the perfect solution if your customer wants to make some changes to the design image, to the text, and so on.

Even this feature is completely embedded into your Shopify store to ensure the best shopping experience for your customer.

And that’s it!

You have finally ended the setup process, and your Gelato product is ready to be sold in your Shopify store!

How Much Does Gelato Print On Demand Cost?

Let’s have a look now at the overall pricing of Gelato directly on their website.

For instance, we have chosen these three products:

  • Classic T-shirt = $8.33 (excl. VAT)
  • 11oz Mug = $5.58 (excl. VAT)
  • Canvas = $8.90 (excl. VAT)

They are all fair prices – we have to admit. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive. It’s solid pricing.

If you also consider the lower shipping costs due to the Gelato fulfillment model, things start to be interesting!

More flexibility on costs means higher profits for you!

For instance, with a proper advertisement and wise product customization, you can resell a canvas at $40. This means up to 60% margins on your sales!

Does Gelato Integrate with Squarespace?

Recently, Gelato has launched the Squarespace integration to merge their network of global printers with the powerful features of this fast-growing app.

On Squarespace, you can open your brand new e-commerce store within a few clicks and join a family of over 4 million active users worldwide!

With this integration, Squarespace sellers have access to Gelato’s design tool and create top-notch print-on-demand products to show on your store!

Get started by setting up a store on Squarespace Commerce.

From the left menu of the Gelato app, go to “Stores” and search Squarespace. Click on “Connect” and do the same as the popup appears.

image 52

Click on “Allow” to authorize Gelato to connect, and that’s it!

The Squarespace store will be visible in the “Connected stores” section.

Please note that Squarespace requires a paid subscription to unveil online payments from your store. 

Adding Gelato products to your Squarespace store is straightforward. The procedure is similar to the previous one for Shopify, so check it again!

Viceversa, if you want to connect an existing product from Squarespace to Gelato, simply sync it from the “Store” section on the dashboard.

For more customizing options, kindly refer to their help page.


In this article, we were pleased to introduce you to Gelato Print On Demand. We’ve been positively impressed by their application and their powerful features.

Gelato takes care of the entire fulfillment process, from local manufacturing until the final shipment.

No matter which service is connected (Shopify or Squarespace), sellers only have to care about creating fancy designs instead of worrying about logistic issues!

Their global network of printers in 33 countries makes Gelato the perfect partner to your e-commerce business, no matter where are you from or your customers are.

It’s on you know to make your due diligence and start your own journey in the print-on-demand world!


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