How to Screen Print T-Shirts With GoccoPro QS200



Are you looking for a new way to screenprint t-shirts?

The RISO Goccopro QS200 is the perfect solution for your printing needs.

You can easily create professional-quality prints in minutes without having to worry about wasting materials or spending hours setting up equipment.

To screen print T-Shirts with your GoccoPro QS200, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Connect the printer to your PC and register the frame size;
  • Place the screen stretched fame on the printing dashboard of the QS200;
  • Design your artwork with graphic software (e.g. Adobe Illustrator) and send it to print!
  • Use this printed screen frame to create custom t-shirts!

The procedure is easy to use and fast to achieve!

The machine is also compact enough that it won’t take up too much space in your home or office! It has all the features of larger machines at a fraction of the price. There’s no need for messy chemicals or complicated equipment because this machine uses eco-solvent ink, which dries fast without any odor or fumes. 

Do you want to start printing like a pro today?

Keep reading, and we will show you how!

What Is RISO GoccoPro QS200

Riso GoccoPro QS200 is a serigraphy machine that allows screen printing frames in real-time and with high photographic quality.

It reduces costs and fulfillment times, cutting the laborious and expensive process of frames preparation using films, gels, drying emulsions, solvents, and rinses.

Waste disposal and water purification will be just a memory. Do not forget the energy saving, the lower consumption of solvents for cleaning the square, and the recovery of space dedicated to storing materials!

You won’t deal with inhaling emulsions or any other chemical anymore, which is the common downside of traditional screen printing systems.

Riso GoccoPro allows the creation of self-contouring screen printing transfers, swelling prints, thickened screens, applying glitters and holographic and multicolor foils, making incisions for corrosion on metal and aluminium, and printing in a four-color process with a stochastic screen.

You can interface the screen printing potentials with other technologies, such as embroidery, sublimation, and carving, offering customers a product of absolute quality in a short time.

Technical Features

  • Resolution – 600 Dpi
  • Print Area (max) – 420 Mm X 620 Mm
  • Maximum Frame (max) – 580 Mm X 780 Mm
  • Minimum Frame (max) – 260 Mm X 260 Mm
  • Engraving Time – 4 Min
  • Operating System – PC/Mac
  • USB interface
  • Consumption – 200W
  • Highly Accuracy on multicoloured and photographic images

How to Screen Print With GoccoPro QS200 (Tutorial)

We will guide you now through the screen printing process with GoccoPro QS200.

The first step is Preparation. 

Connect the USB cable and the power cable to the machine as follows.

image 64
image 65

Connect the USB cable to your PC, open the “Devices and Printers” section from your settings and select the ‘GOCCOPRO QS200 driver. Then, open driver properties.

image 66

Click on “Register” to type in the frame name and the other frame size in the next window. Then, click on “OK”.

image 67

The preparation step is over!

Now, let's move on to the Screen Making process!

Place the screen stretched fame on the printing dashboard of the QS200. Dare to fit the edges to the screen guide plate, as follows.

image 68
image 69

You can check if the three guide points are touching the edge of the frame.

image 70

Fix the other end of the frame with a stopper

image 71

Turn on the power and move to the design process of your artwork. In this tutorial, we will use Adobe Illustrator.

When uploading your artwork to Adobe Illustrator, go to “File” and then “Print”.

image 72

Click on “Printer Properties” and select the frame size. Then click “OK” to send the image to the printer.

image 73

Now the magic happens!

QS200 will imprint your artwork on the screen maker so that you can use it for printing white-labeled t-shirts!

image 74
image 75

That’s it! As you see, the procedure is straightforward!

The powerful features of the GoccoPro QS200 make your screen printing experience enjoyable and fast like never before!

The image below will recap the entire printing process, and the following video will show you step-by-step the procedure just described!

image 61

​Pros of GoccoPro Digital Screen Maker

RISO GoccoPro is a “Common Type System” machine that uses a thermal head to heat press a screen coated with a film.

For these reasons, it is easy, eco-friendly, and inexpensive when compared with the conventional screen making process:
  1. Easy. GoccoPro does not require the emulsion or film positive needed to date in the conventional screen-making process. Furthermore, it does away with light exposure processing and wash out and makes it possible in about 10 minutes, which took about three hours. In addition, the equipment is easy to use with the screen making process becoming more simple, like using a printer.
  2. Eco-Friendly. The dry thermal screen making system doesn’t involve chemicals and needs less resin than traditional printers. This will reduce wastewater, as it won’t require washout and power consumption, as it won’t involve the film positives dying.
  3. Inexpensive. Compared to conventional systems, GoccoPro reduces labour and utility expenses. It does not require a darkroom light exposure unit, a place to wash the mesh or other large scale facilities, making it possible to operate in a much smaller space. This, in turn, further raises productivity.

The GoccoPro Series: QS2536, QS200 and QS100

GoccoPro series includes three digital screen maker models: QS2536, QS200, and QS100.

  • QS2536. It has a perforation density of 1200 dpi and high positioning precision for full-colored and multicolored printing on 25 by 36 inch sized frames. It is capable of reproducing photographic images with greater detail than conventional screen printing. Furthermore, direct-to-garment projects of between 10 and 100 pieces that pose difficulties in production and efficiency can now be readily taken on.
  • QS200. It is a versatile professional model that supports printing on a wide range of frame sizes, from small items to t-shirts. You can burn images on any blank parts of a screen that you have already used before, thus enabling savings. It can also perform multicolored printing.
  • QS100. It provides flexible printing on everything from small items to towels despite its small size. It is also perfect for marking, name printing, and single colour printing purposes.

GoccoPro QS2536 Vs QS200: Which is Better?

These two models best incorporate the advanced features of the GoccoPro digital screen maker system.

But which is better?

image 62

As always, there isn’t a valid answer for everyone. It depends on your needs.

Here are the main features of each screen printer:

Size 47.8″ × 31.5″ × 16.1″38.6″ × 28.4″ × 18.9″
Weight154 lb148 lb
Resolution600 dpi × 1,200 dpi600 dpi x 600 dpi
Image Area310 x 590 mm (min)
457 x 759 mm (max)
260 x 260 mm (min)
420 x 620 mm (max)
Screen Frame Size0.7″-1.77″0.79″ to 1.99″
Screen Printing Time3 min (est.)2 min (est.)
We recommend GoccoPro QS2536 if you're looking for the highest printing quality, with precise edges and half-tones (best for multicolored images!).
image 63
We recommend GoccoPro QS200 if you want to print-on-demand custom apparel or white-labelled objects for your e-commerce, using different sized frames.

Regarding prices, you should contact the seller directly. However, we would recommend starting from these two links:


Printing t-shirts with the GoccoPro QS200 is a great way to create one-of-a-kind apparel for yourself or as gifts.

It’s also an excellent alternative if you don’t want to deal with screen printing and ink setups, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

We hope this article has provided some helpful information that will come in handy in your brainstorming process!

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