Imago Cake Printer: The Best Edible Printer?


Technology has come so far that now we have edible prints. These printers have made edible printing images on safe cakes for consumption. This innovation went beyond expectations, taking the whole food industry to a new level.

This article will highlight the advanced edible printing skills of the Imago Cake Printer. The Imago Cake Printer is easily the best cake printer you can have because of its:

  • Modern configurations 
  • Smart printing technique
  • Innovative design
  • Non-toxic dyes

There is so much more to say about this superb printer quickly becoming an essential tool in the contemporary food industry. If you’re interested, continue reading to learn more about the Imago Cake Printer.

Let’s dive in!

Imago Cake Printer – Product Review

The Imago Cake Printer is a contemporary flatbed printer packed with powerful technology. Users can print both economically and professionally through this machine. With the advanced technology of the cake printer, it is now possible to print on any confectionery. It has been a great addition to the food industry because it allows cake decoration faster than hand printing.

Here are some important features:

  • The Imago Cake Printer has a 6-color ink arrangement.
  • The ink is safe for consumption and non-toxic.
  • The high-quality ink system allows you to print the desired picture on the confectionary substrate.
  • The cake printer offers printing sizes up to 32 cm wide trays. 
  • Imago Cake Printer is the one-to-go solution for people willing to expand their creativity with cake printing.
The Imago Cake Printer integrates the best features and specifications that can deliver an output of perfection: the result is that it offers precise positioning of trays to avoid any dismantled design. 

Overall, the printer has a durable structure that complies with frequent use of the machine. The Imago Cake Printer provides comfort to hand printers while assuring efficient output and precise printing on confectionery substrates.

How To Print Edible Cakes – Tutorial

Transferring edible images on confectionary substrates covered with glaze, chocolate, frosting, or buttercream sounds like a challenging concept.

However, it turns out to be pretty easy once you get the hang of it, especially using the Imago Cake Printer. This easy-to-function machine delivers output at the fastest rate with efficiency. 

The following is a detailed tutorial for beginners using cake printers first:

  • Prepare the Imago Cake Printer by setting up the ink cartridges and the food dyes.
  • Place the confectionary substrate directly on the platform surface. 
  • Select the printing equipment of your choice. There are three options available, namely eco-solvent, edible, and DTG. The option you choose will be the result printed on the cake.
  • Place the tray for cakes of any size up to 32 inches in diameter precisely on the printer. There are specific matrices compatible with various sizes that work at your command. 
  • The final step is to activate the printer, and it will do the job for you. It will print the edible image on your cake within minutes!

And that’s it.

You have just printed a gorgeous edible cake that will surprise everyone!

Can You Use A Regular Printer For Edible Images?

The regular printer works through a different mechanism. Edible printers are designed and engineered to deliver a palatable and safe output. On the other hand, traditional printers have toxic inks and papers and integrate different printing processes. 

Using frosting paper and edible ink and dyes, edible printers deliver an outcome within safe-to-consume boundaries. The design of the entire component complies with edible printing. However, the toxic ink contaminates the regular printer overall.

The key component's manufacturing complies with printing ink on standard sheets. Therefore, replacing the traditional printer ink won't help.

The regular printers are technically different. Therefore, there is no alternative way to print edible ink. Professionals do not suggest taking the risk of consuming a standard printer’s printed image. Even if you alter the printer’s ink cartridges with edible ink, it is unhealthy and highly toxic to you, and you must discard it immediately. The output image of this combination will also be blurred and weak since a regular printer works through a different mechanism. Therefore, the standard printer is only suitable for everyday printing services.

You can use an advanced edible printer like the Imago Cake Printer to print clear, edible images on your cakes with ease.

What Do You Need To Make Edible Images?

Printing edible images on cakes requires an advanced edible printer specifically designed for the purpose. The other accessories are necessary for the job depending on the cake printer you are using. Some edible cake printers that are portable and small in size work through a different system. Users print a separate image on the frosting sheet and later place it on the cake. Therefore, individual frosting sheets and dyes are required to function as portable printers. 

The engineering of critical components is in light of printing images on multiple confectionery at one time and not requiring extra materials like the frosting sheet. 

These machines can print edible photos on the cakes directly under your command. They have inbuilt cartridges. You need to change the dyes from time to time. 

What Is The Difference Between An Edible Printer And A Standard Printer?

The significant difference between an edible printer and a standard printer is their mechanism and function. These machines are designed to perform specific tasks and cannot perform alternate tasks. The construction of the standard printer complies with ink suitable for regular paper. Its internal structure is appropriate for common ink dyes and printing images in the usual way

On the other hand, the design of edible printers aims to deliver an output that is 100 percent edible. 

The construction of these machines is to integrate ink dyes that are safe for consumption and follow a procedure that can print images on cakes effectively. 

How Long Is Edible Ink Suitable For?

The edible ink does not last forever or remain forever fresh. The ink cartridges of an edible printing machine are designed for ink dyes that are completely safe for consumption. That is to ensure no compromise of health or ingest any toxicants. 

Therefore, you should change the ink cartridges of the edible ink printer every six months to ensure health safety. 

The time it takes you to change the ink depends on how regularly you use the printer. Most edible inks also have typical lifespans that you can check to estimate the cartridges’ time.

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Can The Cricut Print Edible Images?

Yes, you can use the Cricut but not directly for printing images. It is suitable mainly for cutting icing sheets, gum paste shapes, and simple fondant. The Cricut is used with other edible printing printers to give specific commands like printing and shapes and sizes.

Also, it helps you cut particular shapes and sizes accurately and precisely. It is an easy-to-use component and is very efficient at performing its job. You can cut through thick parts using the Cricut system. Otherwise, it will take hard work to manually cut shapes out of fondants, icing sheets, and gum paste.

Therefore, Cricut aids your edible printing process further by making it extremely easy to shape your imagination. 

What’s The Best Canon Edible Printer?

Canon has a wide range of edible printers available, and some of them are the best at performing the job. Selecting the one among the options is challenging as they all integrate premium specifications and features. 

The Canon MX922 edible printer, on the other hand, managed to stand out the most. 

The Canon MX922 is an easy-to-use and functional edible printer with some of the best features in its class. It offers edible printed images in both black and white or color, suitable for any cake decoration you may want to realize. The Canon MX922 integrates the 35-sheet Duplex ADF.

That allows you to perform other tasks while printing edible images for you in your absence. The output will always be bright and safe to consume as a real printed image. The 250-sheet capacity of the Canon MX922 is an attractive feature for users. It’s also included the printer’s support for Google AirPrint and Cloud Print, which is noteworthy.

The Canon MX922 works additionally like a regular printer, multipurpose and fit for any usage.


What sounds more appealing than eating printed images? 

The Imago Cake Printer is the ideal companion on your journey into edible cake printing. It is the best fit for anyone who has a cake printing business and wants to perform faster than manually designing.

The Imago Cake Printer never fails to impress with its advanced specifications and techniques. It directly prints the images on the cakes in no time, which makes it a must-have purchase and the best edible cake printer in the market. Traditional methods of cake printing take most of the time, but the Imago Cake Printer cuts the time-consuming process in half.

So what are you’re waiting for?

This brand new machine is waiting for you.

Go get it!

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