7 Tips For Selling T-Shirts On Instagram

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Instagram is the catalyst for the attention of all teenagers.

Twitter and Facebook have lost the pace of the times while Instagram continued to innovate itself over the years, offering an engaging platform to its users.

To promote your Print On Demand T-Shirts on Instagram effectively, you should follow these steps:

  • Use Eye-Catching Images
  • Schedule your Posts
  • Minimize Linking
  • Choose different Contents
  • Use Trendy Hashtags
  • Share your Pictures
  • Boost your Stories

If we focus on the images and videos, it’s easy to get lost in the Instagram feed.

From young to adult, from companies to professionals, Instagram is now the showcase for anyone willing to promote an online business by themselves.

We will explain to you more in the following paragraphs.

Use Eye-Catching Images

The ultimate goal of Instagram is to attract new users through captivating and high-quality images.

If you want to treat your Print On Demand store like a real business, you have to start thinking big and do what professionals do: take care of the images’ quality until the last detail.

Your posts have to look flawless in every aspect because it’s the showcase of your store.

You want to offer a real shopping experience to your customers. not just a simple t-shirt like everyone else.

They should feel overwhelmed by the quality of the images promoted. So, take your time to carefully select those.

If your goal is to sell clothing items, whether they are t-shirts or bags, we recommend creating mockup images and use them in your advertising campaigns.

Psychologically, customers will likely appreciate worn apparel in lifestyle images than neutral product images shown in a random post.

Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling your promotions helps you better manage your marketing campaigns.

Define first the starting date and ending date, then create the images you are going to promote and write the description of each post.

Everything should be coherent with the purpose of the campaign and your goals.

This is important at the end of the campaign when you will analyze the results of your promotional strategy.

Did it reach your sales target? Did it go beyond your expectations? Did it go under?

You may know the answer if you have correctly planned your campaign in advance.

If it was successful, can keep going with it, otherwise you should make some changes (image, description, length, etc.).

Minimize Linking

Since we are not just selling a product but a shopping experience we want to be as clean as possible.

Therefore, add a direct link of your store to the post description, so that customers can buy your products simply with a click!

In this way, you will boost the effectiveness of your campaign by making the shopping experience more immediate.

Choose Different Contents

Select carefully the content for your posts and don’t repeat the same topic over and over.

People are interested in learning and watching new things and we don’t want to bore them with the same messages.

The difference between professionals and “spammers” relies on the quality of the content conveyed.

Therefore, make sure your campaigns reflect this principle and choose carefully the right content for your promotions.

Photo mockups are suitable for this intent as they let you vary the templates on which to apply your designs.

This method ensures greater engagement throughout your community in and outside.

Use Trendy Hashtags

Hashtags, when used correctly, are a powerful tool to get a post to target your customers.

To choose the hashtags for your promotional campaign, try searching for the trending ones on Instagram, related to your niche.

For each post, you can use up to 30 hashtags.

So, create a list of the 30 most trending hashtags of your niche and post them as the first comment.

The Instagram algorithm will make sure that your post appears among the related searches and, the more popular the hashtag is, the more people will reach.

You can use this method to take advantage of the next trend on Instagram! Just be aware of which keyword to use for your campaign.

Share Your Pictures

A crucial aspect of Instagram campaigns is mutual engagement with users.

If they appreciate your content, they may entice other people to watch it by sharing your post.

You could also ask them to share a mockup image with your t-shirt, and tag your page in the description, within your store link.

Dare to save this post on your profile as it can boost your brand awareness throughout your followers as well as your exposure.

Boost Your Stories

Diversifying content is another effective method for boosting engagement.

You could alternate stories with posts and vice versa, even if, due to the new Instagram algorithm, your posts may not appear in the search results.

Moreover, stories, always appear in the upper feeds and remain visible to the recipients of your campaigns, which means they may be more effective than classic post promotion and thus become frequently viral.

So, evaluate the latter and alternate it with the classic promotion through posts, then make your decisions.

Let’s Sum Up!

Selling t-shirts is practical and easy and is one of the best ways to make money from home today.

Social media are crucial as they give visibility to your store and provide an unlimited potential audience of customers.

With the right analysis, high-quality images, and appropriate description, there’s a good chance that your campaign may produce great results.

Be creative in what you do and analyze the analytics to figure out if there is something to change and implement.

The alternation of posts and stories campaigns is effective to reach a heterogeneous target of people outside and makes your product going viral in a short time.

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BONUS – Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The Instagram profile represents the showcase of your business. It must therefore reflect your identity in a clear and unexceptionable way.

  • Clear Username. The username is the first thing that catches the eye. It must be as short as possible and easy to remember. We recommend a username that is two to three words long, and that condenses your identity to the maximum. Try to compensate for the lack of name alternatives with creativity and cleverness.
  • Cool Picture Profile. The choice of images has to be made starting from the logo. The logo is the first thing you need to do if you are planning to create an e-commerce site and it best represents your identity. Some sites let you create a custom logo; on the other hand, you could ask a graphic designer to create one for you. All in all, the logo must be creative, professional, and awesome.
  • Exhaustive Bio. Biography is the third thing people look at when they’re visiting your Instagram profile. The space available is not much (you have a maximum of 150 characters) but it’s enough to give an effective description of who you are, what you do, and what distinguishes you from others. Try to be authentic because the description is the way you can truly connect with your users. It reflects your behavior and your thoughts towards the niche you are dealing with.
  • Pictures Order. Instagram feed represents the brand’s first experience. Usually, if we scroll our feeds from top to bottom we notice random pictures of our contacts, one after the other. That’s absolutely what you want to avoid: a confusing selection of pictures without any order. When users come to visit your profile, they should catch the real essence of your store, from the images to the bio description. The visual appearance, particularly, has the biggest impact on their overall experience so you have to take care of image selection, their order, and their evocative power. This can influence their final decision on purchasing or not your product.

Contact An Influencer

Influencers have a central role in this game, as they can direct the current trends in one direction or another, especially among the fashion industry.
From small shops to big brands, today companies are quite forced to go through them if they want to reach a greater share of users.
Their communicative power increases the value’s perception of a specific product, in both a positive and negative way.
This is the striking case of t-shirts: you can create the most beautiful and eye-catching design but if it’s not worn by an influencer it won’t have the same perceived value as you expect.
It might seem absurd, but the fashion industry works in this way right now. The only clothes worn by influencers can generate a purchase hunt from their passionate audience.
To choose the right influencer, you should target those who belong to your niche and have a fanbase of at least 100,000 people, we don’t recommend the million followers ones.
That’s because, statistically, the medium size pages have a higher level of engagement than bigger ones, so your sponsored post would likely attract more people genuinely interested in your product.

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