How to Successfully Sell your Designs on Merch by Amazon

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Do you have a design that you want to sell on Merch by Amazon? You’ve come to the right place. 

This article will give you everything you need to know about how to successfully sell your designs on Merch by Amazon. We’ll cover what it takes, what it costs, and how much money can be made with this opportunity.

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money or just want an easy side hustle, then Merch by Amazon is perfect for you! 

It’s not too difficult and doesn’t require any special skills other than creativity and patience.

With this guide, we’ll show you exactly how!

What is Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is a service that allows you to create your own t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and other merchandising with designs from uploading your original artwork or using templates. 

It’s so easy to get started!

The best part is how affordable it is! You don’t need any inventory upfront and you can get your designs printed and shipped directly to customers.

Today, Merch by Amazon is actually the most popular print-on-demand service in America. With over $400 million in sales, it’s clear that it’s the future for small businesses to create and sell their own merch.

How to Get Approval for the Service

Merch by Amazon is a great way for artists, entrepreneurs, and creative types of all kinds to release their creativity in the form of merchandising products that people are eager to buy. 

You can sign up for merch by Amazon if you are a registered business or an individual with your own US bank account. 

However, like any self-starting business endeavor you need to get approval before you’re able to sell your products on Amazon’s site. 

It will take a few days for the merch by the Amazon team to approve your account and once it does, they’ll email with more information about getting started in detail!

Please note that there are a few restrictions in place for the types of designs that can be approved:

  • Designs cannot contain any trademarked material or logos from other companies without permission
  • Design should not feature violence, sex, nudity, or anything else inappropriate for all ages
  • Design must follow company guidelines on the use of colors, logos, and images
  • Designs must not be a knock off or infringement of any intellectual property rights
  • Merch by Amazon does not allow designs for products that are typically sold at or

How Does Merch by Amazon Work

Once you’re accepted to Merch by Amazon, you can upload your designs. You might create a new campaign and add up to 20 items for sale at one time in an effortless way!

  1.  Uploading Designs. To do that, you will need to upload designs for the product category of your choice. You can also use the search bar if you know what you’re looking for.
  2. Create Campaign and Add Items. Under “New campaign,” select from one of three options, then add up to 20 items in an easy way. Once added, click on the “Add Design” button at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Pricing & Quantities. Once all details are correct, scroll down and enter pricing information. Click on the Quantity column and input the number desired for each item being sold; this is where self-published authors can make their money.
  4. Upload Image(s). Next, upload any images that will be used in your merch by amazon designs
  5. Add Tags & Descriptions. You can now add tags and descriptions to the products being sold; it is highly recommended to use keywords related to merch by amazon so customers find what they are looking for.
  6. Publish And Sell Your Designs. Finally, click publish on the product page. It’s now ready for sale to those who want merch by amazon products!

Important Note – You should not publish or press the “Publish” button on this post before writing at least 500 words. The minimum word count requirement has been set up to improve Google ranking since content length affects how high page ranks in search engine results pages.

Is Merch by Amazon Free?

The short answer is yes, but there are other costs you should be aware of.

Merch by Amazon does not charge a monthly fee to use the service and upload designs; however, they do take a cut from each sale that goes through their site.

This cut ranges from 20% to 40%, depending on how many items you upload and the price of your designs.

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Pricing & Payment Options

Merch by Amazon has a tiered pricing system that charges different rates for each tier, based on what stage in the process they are at.

To get into this service, you’ll be paying a one-time $0.99 fee, plus an annual renewal fee of $39.

Merch by Amazon takes a lower commission from merch sold in tiers 0-III as they are still at the developmental stage, but it starts to rise closer to 30% for those wishing to sell tier IV products or above who want more marketing exposure.

  • Tier I. This tier is for designs and products that cost less than $15. Merch by Amazon takes a commission of 20% from merch sold in this range, which can be reduced to 16% with the application of their Merch Informer program. The minimum price here has been lowered to $0.99 as of September 2017.
  • Tier II. If your merch costs between $15 and $100, this tier is for you. Merch by Amazon will take a commission of 25% from sales that fall under this range, which can be reduced to 20% with the application of their Merch Informer program.
  • Tier III. This tier is for products that cost $100-$1000 as well as tier-II items. Merch by Amazon takes a commission of 30% from sales in this range, which can be reduced to 25% with the application of their Merch Informer program.
  • Tier IV. This tier includes merch priced at over $1000 and anything that falls under tiers II or III. Merch by Amazon takes a commission of 40% from sales in this range, which can be reduced to 30% with the application of their Merch Informer program.
  • Tier V. This tier is for items that cost over $5000 and anything else not classified under tiers I-IV. Merch by Amazon will take a commission at 45%, which can be reduced to 35% with the application of their Merch Informer program.
  • Tier VI. This tier is for items that cost over $25,000 and anything else not classified under tiers I-V. Merch by Amazon will take a commission at 50%.

In addition to the previously mentioned fees, there are still many other fees that you will have to pay, including:

  • An Amazon listing fee of $0.99 per item for each month it is listed on the site, regardless of whether or not the items sell during this period.
  • A printing and shipping cost based on your tier level and the number of units sold in a given month.
  • An inventory fee of 15% for each month that your products are not sold, with a maximum monthly cost of $25 per item or design.

Is Merch by Amazon Profitable?

Merch by Amazon is a profitable business model for both merch sellers and Amazon. Merch sellers make $0.20 per unit sold on merchandise that would have been otherwise unused, while amazon has started to take an additional cut of the profits as well (currently at 50%).

On average, an artist can earn $0.50 for every unit sold, and the merch store only takes $0.20, meaning that artists are earning at least 50% of their profit from each sale!

This marketplace is an easy way to make money as a designer without putting in any upfront investment or spending time marketing your products yourself – just upload your designs, and Amazon will do the rest for you!

There are a variety of other features available, including multiple tiers and pricing models to suit different merch sellers (those who want quick turnaround for low-priced shirts with minimal design work or those looking to produce high-quality designs at the expense of longer time frames).

These options allow each seller to customize their setup based on what they are looking for – even if they don’t have the skill to design their own merch.

Tips for Success with Merch by Amazon

These 4 tips helped us become successful selling on Merch by Amazon, and we hope they help you too!

1. Find a Niche that’s not too Saturated

Designers should research the different categories on Merch by Amazon to find one that has few or no competitors in it. One way to do this is by checking out what other designers with successful merch are selling and then find an open category where they don’t have designs under the same umbrella. This can be one of the best ways to make some quick cash because fewer people are competing in these niches and merch by amazon will have higher sales.

2. Invest Time Creating a Unique Design for your Product

One way you can set yourself apart from other sellers is through quality designs (and this does not mean spending hours on them). You still want to spend as little time as possible while maintaining high-quality standards so that you don’t end up with customers who order multiple products only to be disappointed when they receive their final design. If somebody buys just one shirt, it’s unlikely that someone else would buy another copy from the same seller if things weren’t perfect.

3. Work Quickly and Efficiently

When it comes down to it, the best way to be successful on Merch by Amazon is by being efficient. You should work quickly and not get lost in the details of your design, as it will likely take you longer than necessary if you do this every time.

4. Understand How Merch by Amazon Works

Merch by Amazon offers a wide variety of products that can suit any taste or preference; however, they don’t offer nearly as many options when it comes to designs because all shirts are created equal with only one color for text and graphics (black). They have an innovative process where designers submit their designs through the website’s dashboard which then goes into selection rounds before finally being approved and sold on You must understand exactly what merch by amazon is and how it works so that you can make a profit.


Now that you know how to successfully sell your designs on Merch by Amazon, it’s time for the final step in the process: uploading your design and getting started!

We would love to hear your success stories!

If you are a Merch by Amazon seller, we’d like to know how you have been successful in selling on the site

What is one thing that has helped you sell more? Let us know and be sure to share it so other sellers can benefit from your experience!

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