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The modern world is growing so fast. From owning a small business to large enterprises marketing and connecting with a customer always remains a hectic task. Connecting with people can be made more accessible via neighborhood magazines. This feature surely helps small business owners to communicate with nearby people and expand their business. 

If you want to live your life with ease and at the same time expand your business or communicate with people with the help of a magazine, then we will indeed suggest N2 publishing. 

Publishing and managing a magazine has never been a one-person show. It requires team efforts and work strategies. This company publishes custom publications that connect the small business owner to customers and neighborhoods with other neighborhoods. We will provide you all the necessary details and a detailed review to get an idea of how it works.

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What is N2 Publishing?

N2 Publishing is a company with more than 1000 employees and 800 franchises throughout America. You can publish a local neighborhood magazine and can gather a large audience through this. They also sell their franchises. As a franchisor N2 makes sure that process and laws created to ensure companies are selling franchises are hundred percent legit. It offers 650+ monthly, high-quality neighborhood publications. 

History of N2 Publishing Company

The story is about two friends, Duane Hixon and Earl Seals, who lost their jobs in 2004. After giving a lot of time to job hunting, they couldn’t land their dream job. They want an exciting position, and they both would enjoy working there. After a lot of struggle, they decided to build a business together.

And finally, they came with the N2 Publishing company.

Their prime mission was to provide a fantastic workspace for their team members and helping the small business owners to connect with the customers. They wanted to create a product that allows the business owners and makes an engaging community of area residents. 

Now many of you are thinking about why they choose print media in this growing era of technology? 

The founders give excellent reasons for that too. It was clear that print media is always in fashion; as long as humans are present, it will not be extinct. Moreover, the print has more shell life. It protects from spammers and unnecessary details which you require while approaching someone online. We can say that it is indeed a great initiative taken almost eight years back by these two friends.

Source: n2pub.com


N2 publishing offers many features, which are distinct from other publishing services in their unique way. Some of them are listed below.

  • Connecting people

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that N2 connects people. And eventually, the neighborhood grows into communities. The people know each other more appropriately and precisely. There are several ways through which N2 promotes this mission.

  • Featured Families

N2 introduces the family to neighborhoods by adding their stories to the magazine. Is there anything your family is proud of? Do you want to become more popular? Do you wish that the whole neighborhood would appreciate your quality? Then we can proudly say that N2 magazine has got you undercover. You can feature your family’s story in the magazine and let the community know about you.

  • Precious Pets

Do you own a precious pet that differs from the rest? It’s completely alright if you wish that your pet grabs more attention and becomes famous. Through neighborhood magazines, you can also fulfill this dream. You can write an eye-catching article and get it published. Voila, your pet gets famous!

  • Neighborhood Events

No one has enough time to make announcements in this busy lifestyle and ring every house bell to give invitations. The modern problem requires modern solutions. Issuing a statement in the neighborhood magazine and gathering all is the fastest and easiest way to go.

  • Business Spotlight and Advertising

Business always plays an essential role in growing economies. Marketing and reaching consumers and customers are crucial levels in this growth. You can advertise your business in neighborhood magazines and reach potential customers. As a community member, you can gain trust quickly, which will help you expand your business. For small business owners, this is a great opportunity. Getting well known in the neighborhood for your products and services in your area is something that everyone wants. It will help you reach the locals with ease first, and after that, you can also target further customers and clients.

  • Training

N2 Publishing is highly rated. Many people reviewed it and recommended it to others. People who worked with N2 are very impressed by its work environment and faculty. The training N2 provides is quite helpful. It polishes your skills and makes you excel in the field. 

  • Work Environment

The area directors and the team who manages the whole magazine are beneficial. If you want guidance or need someone to talk about, you always have a wonderful N2 community available. And this community always increases after every N2 National Conference. The team is eager and highly professional in their work. They love to train and help beginners. If you have the passion and skills, indeed, there is much more to conquer.

  • Flexible Working Hours

Spending time with family, going to your children’s school functions, and enjoying your life is everyone’s dream. But sometimes, our jobs and working hours become hurdles in fulfilling them. If you are a mother or housewife and at the same time you wish to earn some money but are afraid of the working hours and responsibilities, then we will suggest you stay calm because N2 provides you this opportunity. You can choose your work hours and work accordingly. In short, you can balance your personal and professional life efficiently.

  • Easy Recruitments

The process of recruitment is straightforward. If you have got the talent and skill, you are in indeed. If you are an area director and can see talent among your family, you can recruit them. You can turn these office conferences into family meetings. The ever-growing N2 family always has space for new members.    


Anything existing is not perfect. There are some positive as well as negative aspects too. The same goes with N2 publishing. It undoubtedly offers a lot of features but at the same time has some cons also.

  •  Initial Investment

For owning a franchise or introducing your neighborhood magazine, you need some initial investment too. Now it depends on your investment how successful your project is going to be. You have to pay for your benefits. 

  • They Own It All

Some users claimed that it’s a franchise by its name only. You have to get approval for each and everything. You can say that they own it all. Even though the opportunity presents as running your own business, this isn’t the case at all. You have to get approval from area directors, which can sometimes be a nightmare for some people. Some nasty area directors have made it a money-making process. But for sure everyone is not like this.

Source: n2pub.com

Is N2 Publishing a Scam?

This question has been around on the internet many times. And it has gained many people’s attention too. But from our personal experience, it is our sole duty to make this clear. The truth is that there are many false rumors and false accusations. The official website owners gave a compelling explanation and facts to deny this accusation. And we indeed support them.

  • The BBB, a third-party agency known for sniffing scams and creating social awareness for the public, gives N2 an A+ rating? How is this even possible for a company which scams get an A+ rating by the scam-catching bureau? 
  • There are several laws and paperwork done before handing over a franchise. As a franchisor, N2 makes sure that everything is legit and not involving any fraud.
  • N2 has got more than 800+ franchises and more than 30,000 advertisers throughout America. This sizeable growing company has provided many people with employment and good incomes.

The Real Truth

  • Many people have never worked with N2 and claim that it is a scam. Now, on what basis have they made this accusation? A sensible man can judge these accusations rightly. Moreover, those who couldn’t pass the tight quality process claim that N2 is a fraud. We think it is pretty clear who is right and who the wrongdoers are.
  • Sometimes things don’t proceed as planned. The contractors, before signing, do not read the full terms and conditions properly. Each clause is written clearly in the agreement. Afterward, these things cause unpleasant events that result in the company’s defamation.
  • Working with more than 30,000 small business owners throughout the country isn’t an easy task to do. Sometimes there are unfriendly events or other reasons due to which the owners back off from the contract. These agreements and contracts are legit, and it requires paperwork to terminate them. But the people aren’t ready to hear our situation. They label the company as a scam. Ethically this isn’t the right thing to do.  


You can make a very handsome amount of income through N2 Publishing. Whether you own a franchise or are working as an employee, you will never regret your decision.

  • Publishing Franchise Cost. N2 publishing franchise fee is up to $570. The initial investment required is $975-$5,650. The ongoing royalty fee is about 15%.
  • Salary of Employees. If you are working as an employee, you can earn a high income through it. An area director can secure a six-figure payment yearly. Depending on your position and skills, this income can be increased and decreased further. 

Why Should You Choose N2 Publishing?

We have listed all the cons and pros rightly based on our personal experience. This question will surely arise in your mind as to why you should choose N2 Publishing while several options are available in the market (we encourage you to read our complete KDP Publishing Guide!). N2 gives you all the things which you need to start a local neighborhoods magazine. 

You can buy a franchise with a low budget and create your own business. With its vast growing team and members, you can advertise your small business and earn a handsome amount. The local neighborhood families who feature through it become very popular. The neighborhood announcements and events will increase your magazine’s annual sales-boosting your business. 

The premium-quality check and incredible faculty and team members will never let down your magazine’s standard. 

They will always thrive on producing the best content. N2’s team and directors are well known for their skills and the training they provide. Surely this will help you a lot if you are a franchise owner or an employee.


Based on our personal experience and reviews, we have stated all about N2 publishing in the above article. We hope you find this article helpful in deciding. We assure you that N2 is the best local neighborhood publishing company. Whether you work there as an employee or owns a franchise, your future is secured. There are always some negative reviews and news revolving around the internet, but if you have great potential and skills, then all things are just bluff. N2 isn’t for lazy or unmotivated people. It requires tremendous energy and enthusiasm. If you have got some, you will surely succeed.

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