Best NFT Trends for your Print On Demand Business

nft trends

If you’re a business owner with a print on demand shop, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest NFT trends in the industry. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most popular NFT trends and how they can be applied to your business:

  • Art
  • Meme-Inspired Designs
  • Live Streaming and Gaming
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (Metaverse)
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Medicine
  • Investments
  • Sustainability
  • Social Responsibility
  • Ticketing

As you may already know, the world of Print On Demand is ever-evolving. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to be aware of the latest NFT trends in this rapidly changing industry.

We’ll also provide some tips on integrating NFTs into your POD shop. So, if you’re ready to learn about the latest NFT trends, keep reading!

Let’s dive in!

Art & NFT

There has been a recent surge in NFT trends within the art world. Some artists are beginning to use NFTs to represent and sell their work. For example, one artist created a piece of art that consisted of a digital image and an ERC-721 token. The token represented the copyright to the image and could be traded or sold to other collectors.

Other artists are beginning to create pieces that are specifically designed to be used with NFTs. These pieces can take the form of physical art, digital art, or even music.

There are several advantages for artists in using NFTs:

  • First, NFTs provide a way to secure and track digital assets. This can be important for artists who want to protect their work from copyright infringement.
  • Second, NFTs make it easier for artists to make a profit. By creating and selling tokens that represent their work, artists can earn a commission each time the token is traded or used.
  • Third, NFTs can provide a way for artists to connect with their fans. Fans can purchase tokens representing their favorite artist’s work and then use them to access exclusive content or experiences.

Meme-Inspired Designs & NFT

Many of the latest NFT trends in the world are meme-inspired designs. These can be in the form of stickers, graphics, or even 3D prints. If you’re looking to add a bit of humor and fun to your print on demand business, this may be the trend for you.

Meme designs can be inspired by popular culture references, internet memes, or jokes. As long as it’s something that will appeal to your target audience, you can create some great designs around it.

An example of a meme-inspired design is the “I’m not a feminist, but” sticker. Or the “I’m not a scientist” t-shirt. These quotes can be turned into NFTs through platforms like BitShares or OpenSea.

That’s a great way to add personalization and uniqueness to your products and stand out from the competition.

Live Streaming and Gaming & NFT

Live streaming and gaming have seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years, likely to continue among the NFT trends. As a result, your print on demand business needs to consider how you can tap into this trend. One way to do this is by using NFTs to create unique and engaging gaming experiences for your customers. This could involve creating digital games that use NFTs as part of the gameplay or even incorporating NFTs into physical games. You can give your customers a unique and exciting gaming experience that they won’t find anywhere else.

The gaming niche perfectly fits NFTs as users can earn and own virtual assets while playing the game. Some games have already started implementing NFTs, such as CryptoKitties, which is only the beginning.

Streamers are also starting to catch on to the NFT trends. Several streamers are now accepting NFTs as tips from their viewers. This allows viewers to support their favorite streamers directly and also get a chance to own a piece of the streamer’s content. Platforms like Discord, Twitch, and YouTube will soon allow users to tip streamers with NFTs.

It’s important to remember that the live streaming and gaming markets are still in their early stages. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to get involved and become part of the most popular NFT trends.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (Metaverse) & NFT

Augmented Reality is among the NFT trends gaining in popularity, and it’s something you could consider for your print on demand business. With AR, you can create designs that come to life when viewed through a mobile device or a headset. This can add an extra layer of excitement and engagement for your customers.

Virtual Reality is also gaining in popularity, and it’s a great option for businesses looking to create an immersive experience for their customers. You can use VR to make whole virtual worlds or add another dimension to existing products or services.

Both AR and VR are based on the idea of a “metaverse” – a virtual world that exists alongside the physical world. This is an exciting concept, and it could have a lot of potential for businesses in the near future.

Both AR and VR have the potential to be used with NFTs, and this could lead to some exciting possibilities among the newest NFT trends. For example, you could create a VR world that is based on your own print designs, or you could make an AR experience that allows customers to interact with your products in a new way.

The possibilities are endless, and it’s something that print on demand businesses should keep an eye on in the coming years.

Photography & NFT

Photographers and NFT trends seem like a natural pairing. Both rely on creativity and storytelling, and you can use both to create beautiful and unique works of art. NFTs can add an extra layer of interest to photography, and photographers can use NFTs to showcase their work in new and innovative ways.

There are a few notable examples of how photographers use NFTs to enhance their work, from artist portfolios to advertising.

Photos can be easily stored and shared online, making them a perfect medium for NFTs. With the progress of technology, NFTs in photography will become more creative and innovative.

Also, as the popularity of print on demand services grows, we can expect to see more photographers using these platforms to sell their work. By incorporating NFTs into their portfolios, they can create a unique and engaging experience for their customers.

Music & NFT

We believe that music and NFT trends are a natural fit. Just as there is an increasing demand for unique digital art, the market for music-related NFTs is growing in popularity. Musicians and music-lovers appreciate the ability to own and trade vinyl records, concert tickets, and other memorabilia that have been digitized and made into NFTs.

We have already seen some early examples of these NFT trends.

For instance, the band Twenty One Pilots has released a series of NFTs called "TrenchCoins" that fans can purchase to support the band. 

You can use these coins to buy merchandise or access exclusive content.

Other projects, like VOISE, allow artists to upload and sell their songs and albums on the blockchain. This will enable fans to own and stream their music while supporting the artists they love.

Also, there is the potential for NFTs to be used to fund and promote new artists. For example, an artist could release an album as an NFT and offer exclusive bonuses to those who purchase it. This would give fans a unique way to support their favorite new artists.

We believe that the combination of music and NFTs will continue to grow in popularity. We expect to see more projects that merge these two industries in the future.

So, if you’re involved in the print on demand industry, this could be a great way to expand your business and reach new customers.

nft trends

Healthcare & NFT

The healthcare world is constantly changing, and so is how we approach it. NFTs are set to be used more and more in healthcare soon.

Data management is one of the most important uses of NFTs in healthcare. With patient data becoming more and more digitized, it is essential to have a secure way to store and access it. NFTs can be used to create a digital identity for patients, which can be used to store all of their medical records. This will make it easier for doctors and other healthcare professionals to access the information they need without searching through multiple files.

NFTs can also be used to store data about treatments and medications. You can use this information to create a personal health record for each patient. This will allow patients to track their own progress and see how different treatments work.

Another use for NFTs in healthcare is providing secure access to medical equipment. Many hospitals are now using RFID tags to track medical equipment. This helps ensure that the correct equipment is being used in the right place and prevents theft. Using NFTs, hospital personnel can gain access to RFID tag data.

So, from secure patient data management to create a digital identity for patients, there are many ways that NFTs can be used in healthcare, becoming part of the newest NFT trends.

That would be a great opportunity for your Print On Demand Business, as this industry will only grow in the future.

Real Estate & NFT

As the world of real estate continues to evolve, so does the way that property is bought and sold. In particular, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming more commonplace to represent and track ownership of property.

There are a few reasons why NFTs are well-suited for this purpose:

  • First, they provide a more secure and transparent way to track ownership than traditional methods like deeds and titles.
  • Secondly, you can use them to create a more efficient and liquid real estate market, where you can trade the property quickly and easily.
  • Finally, NFTs can help cut down on the cost of real estate transactions because they don’t need to hire people as intermediaries.

These factors will likely lead to broader adoption of NFTs in the real estate market and a better-structured property market.

For your print on demand business, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest NFT trends in the real estate space to offer products and services that meet your customers’ needs.

Ticketing & NFTs

Today, with NFTs, it is possible to ticket events securely and transparently. This is done by issuing NFTs representing the right to attend an event. The holder of an NFT ticket can ensure that the ticket is not counterfeit and that the event will occur as planned.

This use case of NFTs is interesting for event organizers because it allows them to sell tickets in a trustless way. This means they no longer need to worry about fraud or fake tickets.

NFTs can also be used to create loyalty programs. This is done by issuing NFTs that represent points or rewards. The holder of an NFT reward can be sure that the reward is not counterfeit and that you can redeem it for the desired prize.

If you’re a print on demand business owner, consider implementing this technology, as it will allow you to offer a more secure and transparent experience to your customers.

Merchandise & NFTs

Another way to use NFTs in your print on demand business is by creating merchandise using them.

This could involve creating T-shirts, hats, stickers, and other items with blockchain-based designs.

You could even create physical versions of NFTs as merchandise. For example, you could create a limited edition of coins or tokens only available for purchase from your store. This would give your customers a unique way to show their support for your business and its products.

Another option would involve 3D printing. One of the advantages of using NFTs with 3D printing is that you can use them to create a digital asset registry. This is a database of all the objects that have been printed using 3D printing.

You can use this registry to verify the authenticity of objects and track their ownership. You can also prevent counterfeiting of 3D-printed objects.

So, if your e-commerce store sells 3D-printed objects, using NFTs would mean adding a further layer of protection to your customers.


These NFT trends are quickly becoming a staple in the online world. As more and more businesses and content creators start to adopt them, it will be interesting to see where the trend goes next.

If you're looking for ways to add value to your print on demand store, using any of these NFT trends is a great way to do it. 

They provide an engaging customer experience that can help set your business apart from the competition.

Have you experimented with using any of those NFT trends? We’d love to hear about it!

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