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Painting has always been a hobby that soothes and calms people.

It is loved and cherished by people of all ages. It encourages the owners and founders of the company to come with a great idea. This question will surely arise in your head by reading the name of the article. 

What is “Painting With A Twist“?

Painting With A Twist is a platform where people can connect, socialize over a glass of wine while painting. 

People of all ages are welcome here. 

You shouldn’t be Van Gogh when it comes to painting skills. People who are beginners and love to paint but don’t know how to do it are always welcome. The assistants and the staff teach you all the basics for turning your paintings into magnificent pieces.

The company’s franchises and studios are all over the country. You can even book them and call them to your event or join them at the studio for a blast of laughter and immense fun, making your night a memorable one.

About Painting With A Twist

In 2007 when two enterprising women – Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney – were struck by the hurricane “Katrina,” they wanted to create an escape room for their depressed and tensed community so that they can come back to life. They hosted their very first event in Cathy’s barn. The people love and cherished the idea and encourage them to launch this platform at a higher level. Over time, Painting With A Twist has grown into a large industry with over 300 franchises all around the country.


Cathy and Renee made it clear that the company’s mission was to provide fun and amusement.

They state that:

“Our mission at Painting With A Twist is simple: to provide a carefree escape while making a difference in people’s life

The duo always made it clear that their mission was more than that of painting. In their classes, you will surely learn to paint, but there are more great virtues provided. They have always maintained the standard from delivering a perfect date night to a kid’s fun event.

How Does Painting With A Twist Work?

Painting With A Twist claims that they welcome people of all ages. And that’s definitely true. These classes are fun for adults as well as children. The painting material, brushes, canvases, and all essentials are all provided by them. We will talk about all the things they offer to you step by step.

How to Book a Slot?

The first step towards it is how to book a slot in an event. Believe us: it is as easy as making a reservation in your favorite restaurant. You have to follow these three basic steps after logging in to their official website.

1. Find a Location

First of all, you have to find a suitable location which suits you best.

2. Find an Event

Events are the way of telling what the topic of Painting is tonight.

3. Make a Reservation

If you do not like the topic of that particular day, you can choose your favorite subject and make a reservation for that specific day. The slots end up quickly, and to avoid any inconvenience, you should always make a reservation.

All set, now you are ready to go!

Painting With A Twist for Adults

What about painting in a cozy environment with a bunch of friends and a glass of wine? What can be better than that? Yes, you can also bring wine to these events. They provide glasses and corkscrews there, and you just have to bring your favorite wine.

Source: paintingwithatwist.com

What Type of Alcohol Can You Bring to Painting With A Twist?

You can bring any of your favorite wine, 40-oz beer cans, and margarita machines. Anything you like to share is always welcome there. You can also get your favorite foods and snacks to have a blast of fun with your friends. Be it homemade or fast food, anything you love is purely cherished there. But we advised you to take bite-sized finger foods along with you to keep your hands free for Painting.


There are some rules and regulations for alcohol consumption and age limit.

  • The adult classes are for age 18 years or older.
  • To consume alcohol, you should be of at least 21 years old.
  • The age limit to attend adults’ class is 15 years old. But at this age, you should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Toddlers and babies aren’t allowed at adult events.

Painting With A Twist for Couples

What is more than going on your first date and returning with a memorable thing you can cherish your whole life? Yes, there are a couple of classes once a month, where you can paint with your favorite human being. Each person paints a beautiful painting that can be completed when hanging together with the other part (if you’re a newbie and wondering how to start, we’ve written about the Basic Rules for a Good Art Print – we’re sure it can help!)

Romantic, isn’t it?

The “Locals Love Us” voted Painting with a Twist as “Best Couple Entertainment.” A glass of your favorite wine, foods, and snacks of your choice and a beautiful painting, what can be best than spending your night at Painting With A Twist. After the end of your session, you can bring your painting home too.

Painting With A Twist for Kids

Kids are always painting lovers. They love to paint everything with their favorite colors. Painting With A Twist has designed special sessions which are meant only for the kids. Parents claim that this is the best place to interact with their kids. The fun and knowledge completely balance each other. The staff and teachers there are amicable. They explain it all very clearly, teach very well and helps children to paint meanwhile you can work on your painting too without being distracted.

The fun part is that Painting With A Twist collaborates with Disney, so you can also paint your favorite Disney character at the scheduled sessions.

Working with a child is not an easy job, but believe us, they are doing it very well! They provide all the safety essentials like aprons and gloves to protect clothes and hands with feet. The paints used are completely eco-friendly. The staff there is accommodating and co-operative and surely knows how to interact with children.

We wouldn't advise you to wear a nice set of clothes at the session, keeping in mind you are accompanied by your children.  

And no one can stop children from playing with paints.

Although the staff provides you with aprons to protect your clothes, a sudden paintbrush stroke can attack you from anywhere.

The session provides you with an excellent opportunity to interact with your child. Panicking and helping your child so that their painting can be a masterpiece is useless. We advise you to stop running for that. Just relax and make memories as much as possible. Let your child do it all by themselves. Believe us for taking pictures of this beautiful occasion there is no better option than the staff and assistants there.

Painting With A Twist for Private Parties

The company hasn’t restricted itself only to studios. They also provide their services for private parties and gatherings. Painting within a party is indeed a different theme. Whether it be a birthday party, sweet sixteen, bachelorette party, evening dinners, anniversary parties, they have always got a unique theme designed for it particularly.


  • For daytime: requires a minimum of 12 people (Before 6 p.m.)
  • For Night-time: requires a minimum of 15 people (After 6 p.m.)
Source: paintingwithatwist.com

How To Book a Private Party at Studio?

From a studio room to paints and all the essentials Painting With A Twist provides you all. It is your choice what type of alcohol you want or any other catering service – the studio room at your disposal for the whole time. You just have to show up at the location, have fun and make memories. Following are the steps to book a private party slot.

  • Check Your Party Size 

Check timings and capacity of people. They provide you with three types of studio rooms having different capacities.

Studio A – have a capacity of 50 people

Studio B – have a capacity of 30 people

Studio C – have a capacity of 20 persons

  • Choose Your Date and Time

You can check the calendar page on the official website to look for free slots. Choose an available slot and make reservations.

  • Pay Your Deposit

They charge per person according to your guest list – $35 for two hours session and $45 for 3 hours session. For a private party, you have to make a deposit first. You pay for your first two guests – $70 for a two-hour session and $90 for three hours. The warranty is non-refundable.

If you cancel the bookings within ten days of your scheduled party, you have to pay a cancellation fee which is $200.

After that, the guest who pre-booked the event will receive a credit for another one. However, if you cancel in time, you will only lose your deposit.

  • Pick Painting

After paying the deposit, you can select from over 9,000 paintings. Be careful what choose before purchasing – we have written about the 5 most common mistakes you can encounter when buying artwork online. Have a look if you want to avoid them!

  • Send Invitations

The party management will send you a customized invitation which includes the picture of the paintings. You can forward this to your guest.

Private Party at Your Own Place

They also provide setups for private parties at your offices, homes, and other locations. The cost depends upon the location and requirements.

Painting Your Pet

Painting With A Twist also conducts a specialized session in which you can paint your pet. You only have to send your pet picture and credentials before. They prepare a trace and guide you step by step on how to recreate your beloved furry pet.

Painting With A Purpose

The founders of Painting With A Twist have always admired the welfare work. Serving this purpose through their company’s platform, they have organized several sessions in collaboration with local non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Multiple Sclerosis, and many more.

Till today they have collected and donated more than 7 million dollars for these organizations.

How Does It Work?

The session is just like other sessions but with a purpose. Every studio host this event once a month. All the amount that has been collected through this event is then donated. There are more than 300 studios across the country. You can locate the nearest one and browse for the upcoming fund-raising event. Tell your friends and family about this and book a slot. In this way, you will be helping the company in this pious chore.

How Much Painting With A Twist Session Costs?

The session prices are different for each category.

2-hour Canvas Session – $35 per person

3-hour Canvas Session – $45 per person

Kids 1.5-Hour Session – $25 per person

Custom Art Classes – $55 per person

Wood Sign Paintings – $40 per person


Painting With A Twist was such a great idea initiated by Cathy and Renee in 2007. Over the years, it has become very famous and a way for people to socialize and make new friends while doing something productive.

Choosing them is undoubtedly an excellent idea for your private events too!

The company has now turned into a vast industry. Their concept is loved and cherished all around the country.

Let your art passion flows with a twist!

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