How to Print a Custom Coir Doormat (Fast!)

Do you want a new doormat but don’t know where to start?

We get you covered!

Coir mats are great for homes and businesses. They’re durable, easy to clean, and can be customized with your logo or design. And now you can make one yourself!

We’ll show you the step-by-step process of printing a coir doormat with a Compress iUV-1200s printer. Here are the steps:

  • Upload an artwork on the Compress Design Software
  • Set printing options for high-resolution
  • Place the doormat on the printer and make it flat
  • Load the printer and..let it do the rest!

Once printed, the coir mat will last for years without fading or wearing out. Plus, they look great with any decor style – modern or traditional!

So don’t waste other time, and let’s dive if you’re interested in how it works.

Home Decor & Doormats

Home decor has always been a flourishing business. Furniture, appliances, and electronics are all part of the industry. Today, there is also an increased demand for home decor that reflects pro-environmental values and fashions.

The use of recycled and organic materials in manufacturing this type of home decor is also rising. With this trend in mind, the concept of green and sustainable design has become a key part of the home decor industry.

And coir doormats fully belong to this category.

They provide a practical and aesthetic solution to the problem of dirt and mud brought from outside. The material used for these mats comes from coconut husk fibers (coir). Coir’s durability is one of the reasons why it is becoming a popular home decor choice in Europe and North America.

When used in doormats, they last for about five years on average before needing replacement due to wear and tear from regular use. In addition, they are easy to clean by shaking or hosing down.

Coconut coir creates various items in the home decor industry, from floor mats and bathroom rugs to wall hangings and lampshades.

How to Print a Coir Doormat (Step-By-Step)

First of all, you need four main “ingredients”:

  • Blank coir doormat (30″ x 17″)
  • Ink
  • Artwork/design
  • UV printing machine

In this tutorial, we will use the Compress iUV-1200s printer and a predesign artwork.

So, open the Compress RIP Software and upload the design on a blank sheet. We rotated it to 180°, but it’s not necessary.

image 53

If you want to create custom artwork from zero, we recommend watching this video.

For a high-resolution print, click on the “Fine Color Only” tab, and under “Color Layer” on the left menu, choose “Printer Options”.

image 54

From the “Resolution” option, choose the largest size reasonably possible, like 1440 x 720 DPI.

Leave the rest unchanged besides the last option, “Wave Type”, which we reduced to “Wave 2” for faster processing.

After setting these features, we will RIP the project by pressing Alt+P to overview the cost.

Wait until the bar finishes to load, and the price will appear under “Job Cost”.

image 55

The software estimates that printing this artwork on the doormat will cost $1.27 of ink.

At this point, the designing process is over.

Let’s place the blank coir doormat on the printing machine and pat it down to make it as flat as possible.

Then load the printer and let the magic happen!

image 56
image 57
image 58

As you see, it’s an amazing result!

From a $1.27 ink and a $5-10 coir mat, you got a beautiful custom product that you can use as a home decoration or sell it online for up to 40-50$!

We’re talking about 4-5 times more returns!

However, for a detailed recap of the process, better watch the video below.

Best Doormat Printing Machine

In this tutorial, we used the Compress iUV 1200 printer for a reason. We truly believe it’s the best printing machine for coir doormats (and not only!)

image 59

This powerful machine boasts incredible features:

  • Large Printing Area – 44.813” x 29.5” (1137x750mm or A0). iUV1200s provides wider printing space than its competitors.
  • Fast Printing – 8 times faster than a similar machine, 60 square feet per hour.
  • Thick materials allowed – with a depth of 11.8″, iUV1200s is perfect for printing packaging and higher objects.
  • Efficient Printing – iUV1200s technology allows extended production times without using higher resolution modes unidirectionally. It lets you print on heat-sensitive material through dual water-cooled lamps.
Also, the software that comes with the machine is awesome! 

The Compress Designer matches the custom design to the printer’s template. At the same time, RIP Software makes the final adjustments such as image resize and resolution, estimating the ink costs.

image 60
Source: Source:

For all these features, the price of the iUV1200 is more than justified.

Compress offers three purchasing plans:

  1. Standard – $45,995. The basic plan includes the iUV 1200s LED UV Printer, the RIP Software, and one year warranty.
  2. Plus – $47,995. It includes the Standard plan plus the Designer Software, two years warranty, and a 5% discount on additional features.
  3. Pro – $49,995. It includes the previous plan plus a three-year warranty and a 10% discount on additional features.

For more details, better contact the company directly.

If you don’t want to spend all the amount on a unique solution, Compress provides leasing solutions starting at $1,074 with a 5% downpayment.

Where to Buy Printed Doormats Online

When you’re searching for a fun and functional doormat, look no further than is a family company based in Tampa, Florida. They aim to produce handmade doormats one at a time, taking care of the order since it arrives.

Their expanded collection of doormats include various themes:

  • Christmas 
  • Fun
  • Halloween
  • Animal Lover’s
  • Holiday
  • Fall
  • Religious
  • Sport
  • and more
With their broad range of coir doormats for entryways and walkways, you will greet guests in style!

Prices range between $30 to $60, but sometimes 50% off promotions can appear on the website.

Processing times are within five business days if you live on the East Coast. Otherwise, seven working days.

Valid alternatives to for buying coir mats online are:

  • – English company with over 30 years of experience in the field. Genuine coir mats are realized with natural materials and hand-finished with traditional methods. Recommended for European-based users.
  • – Largest Indian marketplace with all types of custom mats, with a tradition of up to 100 years. The manufacture is handmade, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Recommended for Indian customers.

Pros of Coir Doormats

  • They are made of eco-friendly and natural material
  • Coconut fiber is naturally fire-resistant, which makes it great for outdoor use
  • Coir fibers help to trap dirt and even remove odours
  • They are produced in different sizes to suit all needs
  • They are inexpensive

Cons of Coir Doormats

  • Coir doormats are not very good at water absorption, meaning they can be slippery after rain or snow (you should avoid using them on your front porch)
  • The fibers in coir mats are prone to leaving dust and debris behind, so you’ll want to vacuum often
  • You can’t recycle coir doormats because they’re made of natural fibers
  • Coconut coir mats require more spot cleaning than other types since the fibers can break down if exposed to too much moisture or direct sunlight. Also, it’s important not to use detergents on them as they may also cause the mats to break down.


In this article, you have learned how to print coir doormats with a Compress iUV-1200s. We hope it has been helpful, and we encourage you to share your thoughts or questions in the contact form below!

If you're looking for a way to brighten up your home without spending too much, then custom coir doormats are for you!

You can personalize them with colors and designs according to your tastes and print them yourself or through an online service.

With the right tools and a bunch of creativity, you can make your own custom coir doormat to match any design or style in your home. With so many options available, it will be easy to find the one for you!

So don’t waste other time and go printing your dream’s coir doormat today!


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