Top 5 Print On Demand Coir Doormats Services In Europe

Print on demand coir doormats are one of the best home accessories that not only increase the beauty and sophistication of your house but also prevent shoe dust from reaching your home’s floor. 

However, if you live in Europe, the problem is how and where to source high-quality print on demand coir doormats for your home online.

Well, we’ve got you covered! 

In this article, we’ve reviewed five of the best print on demand coir doormats suppliers in Europe from where you can order your favorite home decorations online:

  1. DoorMats4U
  2. Sumigran
  3. CoirMats
  4. Velcoc
  5. Mats4u
Among the listed ones, we believe Coirmats is the best service because of their price-quality ratio and fast delivery throughout Europe. 

Want to know more? Keep reading this article for an in-deep review.

Let’s dive in!

1. DoorMats4U

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DoorMats4U offers premium-quality coir doormats at the lowest price. You can order online either through their website or physically buy them in their offline store in the UK. 

They use 100% coir material, obtained from the brown coconut hairs (100% natural). You can create your custom doormat from their editor, or if you don’t have any ideas, you can even use their pre-built models. 

What we like about the company is the quality of the coir and the customization options of their printing services. 

They allow you to choose the size of your doormat as you like and even switch between embedding and printing.

The embedding option uses a laser engraving that burns the picture on the mat, while the printing option uses an inkjet system to spray the picture on the mat. Additionally, you can also choose the thickness of your doormat according to your preferences and needs. 

In case you don’t like coir material, they also provide cotton doormats. However, we highly recommend coir as it’s more reliable and maintains the print for much longer.


  • 100% pure coir doormats
  • They also provide cotton material
  • Laser embedding or printing option


  • They only delivered in Europe, not elsewhere

2. Sumigran 

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Sumigran is an all-in-one home decoration solution for doormats and carpets. Unlike other print on demand services that use laser engraving or printing technology, Sumigran is different.

They employ a specific stitching technique to design your picture on the doormat. 

They offer infills, cotton, nylon, and wool-based materials. With their logo maker, you can convert your brand name into a custom logo and print it on your doormat.


Sumigrants partnerships with other 3rd party courier companies to deliver all their orders in the European Union countries. The company also offers free shipping on orders of more than 80 pounds, but it will be fulfilled by a local post that may delay the delivery time.


There isn’t specific pricing for their doormats as it can vary depending on many factors. They’ll estimate it according to your custom requirements and printing options. Moreover, they don’t offer any pre-built templates for the coir doormats. 

Printing Type

In terms of printing technology, Sumigran is superb. They boast laser engraving, stitching, inkjet printing, and regular PVC printing. We highly recommend going with their laser engraving if you can afford it. Otherwise, inkjet printing is also good.


  • Many printing options
  • Custom quotation
  • Free shipping on orders over 80 pounds


  • Doesn’t provide pre-built doormat templates

3. CoirMats

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CoirMats is one of the oldest and most reliable print-on-demand coir doormat manufacturers that ship across the European Union, North America, and Asia. 

They offer 95% pure coir-made doormats, high-quality laser engraving or embedding, and regular inkjet printing as per like. 

What we like the most about their service is the focus on simplicity. Just upload your PNG or JPG image to the print on demand section, edit it according to your preferences, go to checkout, and you’re done. 


Luckily, CoirMats offer extra fast shipping all over Europe and free shipping for orders above 75 pounds. Like other print on demand European companies, CoirMats uses reliable third-party couriers like TCS, DHL, and UPS for deliveries.


CoirMats provides two types of doormats: pre-built and custom coir. The pre-built doormats cost about 25 pounds, while the print on demand version differs according to your design, requirements, and size (e.g. a regular five-word logo would cost you about 35–40 pounds).

Printing Type

They generally use inkjet printing and laser printing. Both technologies provide high-quality doormats, whose designs last for at least a year if you use them with care.


  • Perfect service for any budget
  • Great quality for the price
  • 97% natural coir


  • Slow delivery for free shipping orders

4. Velcoc

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Velcoc is one of the oldest manufacturers that has been making prints on demand coir doormats for over 100 years (“since World War II“, e.g. About us). 

The company’s business isn’t on a small scale, as their partners are enterprises mainly.

They deliver precise, cutting-edge print on demand doormats at the highest standard, with 100% natural coir.

Additionally, you can request further embellishments or stitching techniques if you place a bulk order. That’s why they got more than 1000+ excellent reviews from local online businesses. 


Velcoc ships products worldwide, with Europe as the primary region. If you’re a European citizen you’ll enjoy lower fees and fast shipping. Also, you can aim to zero expenses in the case of bulk orders (mainly B2B).


Velcoc might not be a good choice if you need only one doormat for personal usage. The company focuses on B2B customers, that’s why you may find it more expensive compared to other suppliers.

Printing Quality

In terms of printing quality, Velcoc is superb. They deliver the highly colored coir doormats on the market. Unlike other suppliers, they don’t use regular inks but pigments from organic sources. That’s the reason for such vibrant results. 


  • Best for B2B customers
  • Discounted for bulk orders
  • Best in quality compared to other suppliers


  • Not appropriate for individual customers

5. Mats4U

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Mats4U is an England-based print on demand supplier that redefines the coir doormat shopping experience. If you’re looking for premium quality with full customization features, Mats4U will be your best choice.

This company uses cotton, wool, nylon, and coir material for their printed doormats.

Customization options include the doormat’s shape, color, stitching style, logo, printing technique, and thickness.


Like other suppliers, Mats4U uses DHL and TCS for internal and out-of-country deliveries. Moreover, they also offer a full refund or replacement of your order if the product gets damaged by the courier or gets lost during the transition. 

Printing Quality

We found on their website that they don’t offer any specific type of printing quality. They’ll print according to your instructions. If you demand inkjet printing, they’ll do inkjet printing. If you ask them for laser engraving, they’ll do it and so on as per your demand.


  • Premium quality doormats
  • Wide customization options
  • Flexible price according to your request


  • The pricing may not be the best for tiny budget buyers

Which Is The Best Print On Demand Coir Doormats Service In Europe?

We’ve hand-picked and reviewed five of the best European print on demand coir doormats for your home and office needs.

From our perspective, CoirMats is the best supplier. 

Their pricing is the best, quality is superior, and delivery is fast throughout Europe (they offer free delivery for orders above 75 pounds). 

Why Coir Doormats Only?

There are many doormats types on the market, like cotton, nylon, and wool-made doormats, so you might think, why only coir ones?

These are a few reasons for choosing this specific material:

  • First is its resistance to weather, water, and moisture. Coir doesn’t pick up any mold, moisture, or green fungus, unlike cotton, nylon, and wool. 
  • Another benefit is its ability to absorb print. You can easily embed or sprinkle any print on the coir. And the print will last much longer as compared to cotton and nylon. Additionally, the print embedded in the coir can last for decades.
  • Coir doormats hold the highest level of water-absorbency, much higher than cotton and nylon.
  • Last but not least, coir doormats have a naturally rough surface, which increases the friction insoles, and all the dirt sticks to the doormat. 


So we have come to the end!

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