Top 5 Print On Demand Coir Doormats Services In The USA


Print on demand coir doormats not only look great in your home but also serve as a cleaning surface, allowing you and other visitors to clean their shoes before entering your home. 

What if you could create your own custom doormat with your own design, color scheme, and print? 

In this article, we’ve hand-picked and reviewed the five best print on demand coir doormats in the USA:

  1. iLoveMats
  2. CocomatsNMore
  3. Make An Entrance
  4. Canada Mats
  5. Custom Logo Doormats

Which is the best? 

Keep reading if you’re curious and want to know more.

Let’s dive in!

What Are Print On Demand Coir Doormats?

Print on demand is a process where customers can design their own unique physical product based on given design and preferences. 

In the case of print on demand doormats, vendors come with a basic doormat, on which they print the customers' design. In the end, they will deliver it to their address.

There are thousands of websites on the internet that offer custom print-on-demand coir doormats, especially if you’re USA-based. 

Below we have mentioned our favorites.

1. iLoveMats

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iLoveMats is one of the internet’s leading print on demand businesses that allow you to design your custom doormat and get it delivered in a matter of weeks or even days. Their fulfillment process is user-friendly and straightforward.

All you've got to do is upload your design to the "Mat Maker" editor, proceed to checkout, pay, and get your custom-designed doormat at your doorstep. 

Additionally, you can choose from the templates if you can’t find your ideal design or don’t know how to design a print on demand coir doormat on your own. Further, you can go with pre-designed mats for a faster process.

iLoveMats use coir material to make the mats, and their base color is always natural brown, which is also the color of natural coir. Coir is a raw fibrous material obtained from the coconut’s outer shell. It has many uses in commercial consumer products, like fishing ropes, nets, brushes, doormats, and upholstery.

iLoveMats products are made up of 80% coir, and the other 20% is a mixture. That makes the mat resistant to machine washes and everyday shoe scratches, bringing high reliability and strength.


  • Easy to use editor
  • It supports color editing
  • Made from 80% natural coir


  • Delivery charges might be expenses if you’re from Asia


  • $30 for custom mats
  • $15 for pre-ready mats

2. CocomatsNMore (CMNM)

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CocomatsNMore is a US-based print on demand company that offers a service for custom printing of coir doormats. One thing that we like most about this company is their assortment. They provide:

  • More than 80+ pre-designed print on demand mats
  • 10+ types of coir mats
  • 5+ dimensions of mats as per liking

However, one thing that we don’t like is the pricing. It’s no wonder that CMNM offers one of the most expensive coir mats compared to the competitors. It’s because of the 98% pure coir in their material. 

Yes, all the mats of CocomatsNMore are made from 98% pure coir, which makes them highly reliable, long-lasting, and resistant to weather, mud, and fungus.

Like any other print on demand coir doormat company, CMNM also offers the feature of a logo design and lets you choose different dimensions of your mat. 

We tested their editor, and they used to charge us about $150 for a design that covers only about 48% of the mat (1×1 foot mat size).

That was expensive!

Overall, CocomatsNMore is not a value-for-money buying option for tight-budget customers. But still offers 98.6% pure coir material, making it a “flagship product at flagship pricing.” 


  • 98% pure coir material
  • Custom design editor
  • Custom dimensions selector


  • Pricing is too expensive


  • $130-$180 for print on demand mats
  • $19-$80 for pre-designed mats

3. Make An Entrance

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If you’re looking for unique print on demand coir doormats, then Make An Entrance can serve you best. The company doesn’t only offer regular mats; still it provides a wide variety of products with different base materials and designs that you can customize the way you want.

Their editor allows you to personalize doormats according to given preferences in terms of size and colors. You have to visit their website, upload your design, edit it, and proceed with checkout after the customization process is over. 

Make An Entrance is the only service that offers laser etching on the doormat, including logo names (although it only supports black-and-white printing).

Their pricing is fair, not the cheapest, but not so expensive.


  • Wide range of print-on-demand coir doormats
  • Mid-range and affordable price
  • Fast shipping in European Union Countries


  • It is not suitable for people outside the European Union, especially Asia and Africa.


  • $120 for custom coir doormats

4. Canada Mats

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Canada Mats is a Canadian-based print on demand coir doormat company that works on the model of B2B. They don’t provide fewer than 21 pieces in a single order, unlike other B2C companies. 

However, you can buy their regular pre-designed mats, pre-built and ready for purchase. The company uses third-party shipping providers, e.g., UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TCS. 

Their payment methods include PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. However, if you don’t have access to any of these, you can contact their customer support and find a solution.

The company also offers free shipping on orders over CAD 150. However, if you need specific locations, they might charge extra shipping.

In terms of quality, Canada Mats uses 96% pure coir material and only 4% of nylon.


  • Best for wholesale businesses
  • Customized packaging and payment methods are available upon request
  • Fast shipping in North America and European countries


  • Their products aren’t available to an average user


  • $214 for single custom doormat (sometimes they come up with a discount, up to $86)

5. Custom Logo Doormats

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Custom Logo Doormats is among the best doormat services regarding reliability and user experience. In their editor, they immediately show you a mockup of how your mat will look like once printed, not a generic soft-copy on the image.

Moreover, they boast many customization options in terms of size, color, and material, as per liking.

The price is the only drawback. Custom Logo Doormat isn’t for tight-budget customers but those looking for flagship and elite-class products. A single custom doormat starts at $280.

However, the quality of their prints is superb and the best we’ve come across in this review. 

They also deliver worldwide except for North Korea and other unstable countries with no reach of UPS, FedEx, and TCS. 


  • High-quality print on demand coir doormats
  • Supports color laser etching
  • Fast shipping all over the world


  • Very high prices. Paying $280 for a regular doormat doesn’t sound acceptable


  • A single custom coir doormat starts at $280

Which Is The Best Print On Demand Coir Doormats Service?

So we’ve finally arrived at the end of this long review.

You might be wondering which is the best print on demand coir doormat service, according to us.

From all the above websites, iLoveMats is our favorite and preferred one, for the following reasons.

First of all, their coir doormats fall into the budget category

Second, they deliver worldwide with fast shipping in European Union countries and North America

Lastly, iLoveMats provides high-quality mats

That’s our choice!

Of course, if you run a business, you might choose Canada Mats. It might be more suitable for your needs and provide a discount on bulk orders.


Print on demand coir doormats brings a further aesthetic touch to your home. You might consider buying one to surprise your guests or your beloved ones at the front door.

For your ease, in this article, we've reviewed five great USA-based websites that offer print on demand coir doormats. 

Our choice goes to iLoveMats and we’ve explained the reasons above.

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