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Whenever we purchase crypto coins or NFT, we are restricted to the digital world. It is a good perspective because cryptocurrency is all about online and decentralized systems. But NFT print on demand technology helps bring the digital world into the physical world.

Prodigi and Nifty Print can make print on demand copies of your digital NFT, adding charm to the beauty of your home. 

But which of the two websites is the best? 

With its high-quality and helpful customer service, Prodigi has made a separate space in the market.

To find out more about the potential of this website, stick to the end.

Let’s dive in!

NTF & Art

For people who don’t know about NFT, just provide a minor detail. NFT means non-fungible tokens. It is built on a public ledger. Tokens stored on the blockchain represent attributes of digital goods. You can make NFT coins for any online asset, whether artwork or a website. NFT provides uniqueness and single ownership over them.

But what if we get out of the online world and explore its physical version of NFT?

Through print on demand, we can get NFT portraits in physical form. Now it’s your choice to embellish your home with such artworks or get them printed on certain accessories. Users can start up a business selling goods printed with NFT artworks. Prodigy and Nifty Print are those types of services that help you with this purpose. 

Let’s have a closer look at them.


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Prodigi is a developed NFT print-on-demand platform. It provides a marketplace for enterprises or small companies who want to sell printed products. Not only this, but users have the choice to print NFT artworks on different products like cups, shirts, or even mobile covers. 

Prodigi uses high-quality printers that generate beautiful and real-looking art pieces. They unify the flexibility of local printing with the dropshipping concept. In fact, you can either choose to develop a masterpiece on your own or take advantage of drop shipping features to resell the products of others. 

As you see, you have a wide range of options, wherever you like to give a personal touch to your products or customize objects like pillows, bottles, glasses, cups, and mobiles with an NFT printed on them.

However, their best feature is the possibility to order a sample. Before launching the original product, Prodigi gives a temporary model so you can check if the print looks good on it or not. 

How Do I Use Prodigi?

To place an order on Prodigi, you need to follow three easy steps:

  1. Choose the product on which you want to print
  2. Select the NFT
  3. Place an order

That’s it! 

Easy and fast.

Nifty Print

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Are you planning to give your friend a unique gift on his birthday? If yes, then check out the Nifty print-on-demand feature. 

There are different categories available on their website for choosing objects or products. You can select various accessories to print, such as mobile covers, bags, or pottery.

Nifty has been working for a long time on making prints of NFT and designing them on different products. About 250 products are available on their marketplace, which you can optimize on your own.

How To Print NFT Art Through Nifty Prints?

There are a few steps to follow before starting:

  1. You must have NFTs in your wallet. Visit an exchange and buy the one that you like most. Then, save it in your wallet.
  2. Design your product. Choose specific products from various categories on the website. 
  3. After you have finished creating your masterpiece, the next step is to sell it or purchase it. You can sell it on the marketplace or buy it from the website by placing an order. 

To check out the website’s credibility, you can check the investors area. It is better to know about a company’s reputation before going forward. You can get an idea of whether a particular business is worthy of investment or not. Reliable investors are like a symbol of credibility, and Nifty Prints have gained it throughout the years (Spicy Chicken Club is one of those). You can check out other associations by visiting the website of Nifty Prints.



  • Wide options. You will see various products available for NFT printing. It can facilitate the users’ effort to choose the best.
  • Fine art printer. We don’t like prints that show dull colors or unrefined images. Prodigi uses high-quality printers that generate bright colors and fascinating quality
  • Sample canvas. The Prodigi sample canvas is very helpful. It helps customers make final decisions before investing. If someone doesn’t like the product, he can get it back at this stage. In this way, you will not waste money
  • Customer support. Prodigi customer support is remarkable. They respond quickly and take people’s issues very seriously
  • Buy and drop shipping options. Prodigi is flexible. We can buy a product for personal use or order it in bulk to fulfill particular orders


  • Lack of bulk editing size. Due to insufficient edit size, there is a need to change the size manually by going into each category individually

Nifty Print


  • Several years of experience. Nifty Prints have been generating unique patterns in demand for a very long time. They have developed a vast target market
  • Organized categories. There are different categories of products. Each is marked with a heading like “accessories,” “furniture, or “pottery.” There are 250 product options available on the site
  • Easy interface. The easy-to-use interface of Nifty Prints lets users operate efficiently and with fun


  • Due to the lack of a sample canvas option, you can’t see how your final product will look
  • The customer support is nifty
  • Print quality is fine, but fulfillment is slow

Which Is The Best Site For Printing NFT On Demand?

Prodigi and Nifty Prints work very well compared to each other. Both offer a wide variety of products and features

However, if we strictly consider the highest quality and the best customer service, Prodigi leads the way. It uses high-quality printers to generate beautiful prints of selected NFTs. 

Also, you have the option to test the product before placing an order. Second, if you want to minimize your effort, you can easily switch to their drop-shipping service.

Last but most importantly, the factor that has made Prodigi a winner is its customer support service. A helpful, responsive, and active customer support increases people’s affection. It also shows the amount of effort a company is putting forth.

As a result of learning about Prodigi's advantages, we declare it the winner for developing the best NFT print-on-demand platform.

Can You Download NFTs?

Why do we need to buy NFT to download art files for free on the internet? It is a common question that pops up in the mind of a crypto beginner. 

Digital art is limited to the internet only, so we cannot control who sees, buys, or sells our artwork. This is the opposite of traditional art. Anyone can download an NFT art file from the internet, although blockchain technology provides single ownership to one customer. Unfortunately, we cannot control this process nor prevent people from using the internet.

NFT tokens have unique attributes that specify a particular object and single secure ownership. Anyone can see the NFT artwork and download the file, but it doesn’t mean they will become the new owners. No one can be, except if the original owner does not strictly foresee it.

So the answer is yes, we can download the NFT files for free from the internet. But to gain ownership, we need to buy them concretely.


NFT and cryptocurrencies are now overpowering the world. Instead of investing in gold or property, people start to buy NFT art as an investment. The e-commerce business is also making progress by selling NFT artwork.

Platforms like Prodigi and Nifty Print provide a powerful eCommerce marketplace where users can buy and sell NFT printed products. 

Hence, if you consider investing in NFT or buying NFT print on demand products, then visit these websites.

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