How To Promote Your Print On Demand Store?

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Your marketing strategy must be innovative and effective if you want to succeed in the Print On Demand industry. The level of competition is high and you can’t just be outdone.

Here are our tips on how to promote your Print On Demand store to boost your t-shirts sales: you could start conducting market research on your target audience and make a Blog page on that specific niche. Then it’s time to test your t-shirt ideas (with your brand new logo) on the market through Social Media. Several instruments will come to your aid: Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, and Discount Coupons.

We will talk about them as follows.

Market Research Of Your Target Audience

It’s important to conduct proper research, which means exactly target your customers, discover their preferences, and set an accordingly marketing strategy.

This makes you realize which product or service better attracts your customers and which not.

First of all, you need to set some quick goals, timelines, and other relevant facts of your niche case study. Then determine whether you’re enough experienced or whether you need to employ a specialist to help you.

Conduct the study and test the reliability of the first results. Take maximum advantage of Internet knowledge, consumer reviews, and other sources that are already available.

Be ready to drive more and more analysis until you won’t reach the fullest knowledge possible of the topic.

Blog Page

It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is and the number of competitors you are dealing with. Creating a personal website boosts your visibility and makes you intercept an increasing number of customers worldwide.

There is no more effective marketing strategy like this.

These are the main advantages of having a blog:

  • Improved optimization of the search engine. It’s undeniable that search engines prefer new, high-quality content to dated ones. If you keep posting every day new articles your visibility rises up constantly. Dare to type keywords to your articles, and focus on writing long content, minimum of 1.000 words per post. It shows that you’re not just spamming random products but providing valuable content for anyone else interested.
  • Blogs help to create connections with current and future customers. The blog phenomenon is a pretty recent trend. More than 200 million bloggers are on the internet today; just a few years ago there weren’t at all. Blogs make you intercept users from worldwide countries and interact with them on a daily basis. You can build trust and engagement with your community by reading and answering their feedback on your posts. In this way, you can understand their preferences and so to retargeting your marketing strategy on them.
  • Blog articles have useful social networking content. Socials can be useful if you add the URL of your blog in bio and in each post you’re going to publish later on. Every time you write a new article, you should be considering sharing it on social platforms too, so it can get to a wider audience possible. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are commonly used for this purpose. They provide great visibility and engagement among others.

Online Promotion Of Your T-shirts

Social media marketing is effective for promoting your articles online, especially for those small businesses looking for expanding their network of professionals and intercepting an increasing number of customers.

As with any other tool, social platforms need some precautions before starting. A correct marketing strategy can’t be improvised, you must have a precise method and do whatever it takes to build credibility and authority.

Only when you achieve this goal, you can set promotions on your products, otherwise, they won’t be effective.

However, advertising through social media is relatively cheap compared to traditional services in the market.

This is the reason why today many small companies turn to socials rather than other marketing solutions.

Email Marketing

A powerful way to reach their customers is email marketing.

This strategy is effective to attract local customers and keep in touch with them regularly, through follow-up emails in which you share valuable content along with recurring promotions of your items.

Mobile Marketing

People are constantly spending their time in front of their mobile phones, and it’s a factor you should definitely take into consideration in your first marketing strategy.

Make sure that your store is “mobile-friendly”, which means easily accessible from devices.  Your customers have to be able to accede and make their purchases without problems.

It doesn’t matter how many items you upload if they can’t be viewed properly from a mobile phone.

This will simplify your users’ shopping experience, and most likely makes them come back to your store.

Discounts Coupons

Offer discounts on your products are still very effective, as they attract the attention of your customers. Who wouldn’t like to receive a 10% or 20% discount off?

Definitely, it’s a great strategy to ensure people visit you more often in your store.

Discounts have to be dosed carefully by the way. You can’t simply apply discounts to all your products otherwise it wouldn’t be reliable.

Our advice is to apply discounts to a couple of products for every 10 items you upload and evaluate the results.


In this article, we have given a general overview of what are the most effective strategies for promoting your articles online.

Each of these has to be tested one by one and time after time. Don’t expect immediate results as it takes time to produce reliable evidence.

However, it’s definitely recommended to improve your t-shirts sales through social media marketing.

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BONUS – Quick Tips For Selling Print On Demand Products On Shopify

Selling your products through Print On Demand platforms can be rather simple and easy for beginners today.

All you need is to:

  • Set up a Shopify Store
  • Choose the provider of your printed products
  • Upload them into your store
  • Publish it online

The complete setup of your store generally lasts around 2 days. If you follow this checklist you won’t have problems and most likely you will run your business properly.

Set Up A Shopify Store

Shopify gives you a free 14-day welcome trial, which is more than reasonable to set your online store.

You will be asked to digit the shop’s name and domain name but don’t waste too much on it as you will still have the opportunity to change it later.

At this point, you should already have an idea for your Shopify store, like a brand or a logo, which you can apply to your products.

It will be asked to add information to your store and to do that just go to settings and fill all the boxes indicated.

You will be asked to enter your contact information and everything related to payment and billing addresses.

Setting a default payment method is also important to make you pay you correctly by Shopify as soon as you receive the orders.

Once done that, you can move to the next step.

Choose The Provider Of Your Printed Products

Well, you have to make sure you pick the best Print On Demand platform for your needs. Each platform has its pros and cons, so it’s important to choose carefully before starting.

Shopify itself doesn’t offer a Print On Demand feature, so if you’re planning to sell types of products, you have to choose among the available integrations.

On the Shopify App Store, you can find a list of print-on-demand applications. Please do your research carefully before installing the app.

Once chosen, start creating your designs and upload them to your Print On Demand catalog. Then, synchronize it with Shopify, and they will be shown on your store too.

Upload Them Into Your Store

Now that you have configured the application, uploaded the first items, and synchronized on your store, you want to customize it so that your brand and image are clear.

You can also set up a new domain name that reflects your underlying concept, directly from the Shopify application through the settings.

Layouts, background images, and colors are other features you can change to increase your brand identity as well as adding variants to your items, in terms of colors and sizes.

For each product, you got to write the title, the description, the main questions related, and upload valid pictures that show clearly its qualities.

Done that, you can move to price setting, minimum double of the custom product plus the shipping costs. 

These can be seen in the shipping section of the menu.

Publish Them Online

Be aware, before you start, of how the production process works and the costs associated with delivering and purchasing custom goods.

The whole process is embedded into the Print On Demand platform, but you can manually change the settings and customize the check-out procedure.

It’s important to personalize it further and insert orders in upselling to maximize your earning possibilities.

We recommend also to accede the store in private mode and make a random purchase as if you were an external user. In this way, you could test the quality of the Store and the check-out process to evaluate the presence of any errors.

This crucial step will allow you to objectively appreciate the shopping experience of your store.

Print On Demand World Staff

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