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If you are looking for a self-publishing school, this interprets that you are an aspiring author who desires to publish their book. While searching for methods and techniques of writing and publishing a book, you have come across many schools which offer their outstanding services.

Among all these, based on our personal experience, Self-Publishing School is the best choice you got.

The School provides the best training and courses for new passionate authors. These highly qualified and professional experts teach you to step by all the processes and requirements for publishing a book in less than 90 days. 

Their courses are exotic and very helpful. We will share all the necessary points in this detailed review so that all your confusions are clear.

What is Self-Publishing School?

It’s hundred percent normal if this question arises in your mind about what Self-Publishing School and what services it offers. It is a company that will help you publish your book and provides you with adequate training to accomplish this process.

You can check their home page here.

The company saves you hundreds of hours and initial heavy investments and helps you to sell more than 1,000 copies of your books in your first year. They allow you to maintain control of your book and all the royalties. From publishing a book to marketing, they got it all undercover.

How Does Self-Publishing School Work?

The school offers many programs, from publishing a book to marketing and beyond; they have got separate courses and guidance for each of them.

We will divide this into two categories. The first one will tell you all about publishing a book, and in the second category, we will talk about marketing and PR and beyond the book.

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1. Publishing A Book

Our to-do list’s first task is writing a book and publishing it to become the best-selling author. In this article, we wrote our best 11 tips on writing a Successful Self-Published Book.

  • Become a Bestseller

The program makes you write a magnificent draft in less than 30 days from blank pages and empty heads. A one-to-one tailored coaching program allows you to write your first draft within no time. It’s your first step for writing a best-selling book and making a legacy. The program also provides group coaching five days a week which will save you tons of time. The lifetime program access and live Q/A saves you hundreds of dollars on additional courses. The experts training faculty provides you with Amazon categories and keywords that sell the best so that your book can be top-ranked.

  • Engaging Fiction and its Fundamentals

Now in this depressing life, the readers love to read fiction, although not a fairytale-like those in the 1800s but still a pretty cute fiction story high in demand. Self-Publishing School’s unique program designed for this particular purpose will train you to become a best fiction seller. From providing advanced training to writing a high-quality fiction book to provide plot development, styles, and characters, they have all the things which you will need. They will guide you through the path where you will find your unique readers for your fiction. It saves your time and initial investments. It is just like getting every service at your doorsteps; now, the only thing left for you to do is write a magnificent fiction story that will take your readers to a whole new world.

  • Children’s Book Writing Programs

From writing an enchanting children’s book to publishing it, this program will help you in all this process. A book which children’s love and adults are proud to buy is every children’s book author’s dream. Now for fulfilling it, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars and your precious time. It would help if you immediately stopped draining yourself. Registering with this program will help you in this process. Contacting a high-end illustrator for publishing a professional book and drafting your story can be done within as little as seven days with the help of this program. SPS proprietary services help you to sell more books in your launch.

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2. Beyond The Book (Marketing and PR)

There are several other things than publishing a book and creating a draft. Self-Publishing School helps and trains you to draft and publish it, but it also supports all the necessary matters beyond publishing.

  • Publicity and Speaking

Self-Publishing helps you to land through your first five high PRs and speaking opportunities. Writing a magnificent book is not just enough until it is showcased in the right way to grab attention. The program helps the authors to hold interviews, podcasts, public speaking events, newspapers articles, and tv & radio shows. It guides you on selling your book and generating a leading customer market using PRs and publicity. Without investing additional massive amounts in advertising and speaking opportunities, you can get enough with this program.

  • Course Building for Authors

This program offered by Self-Publishing School helps you to build a course and land your first ten sales. It trains you to turn your books into classes and get excellent results from your customers. It comes with the course layout template, which helps you to get closer to your success. From launching a course to marketing it, the program has got it all undercover. Course ‘Building for Authors’ guides you on how to sell landing pages and phone sales, in-depth funnel building, and webinar training.

  • Sell More Books

This program offered by Self-Publishing School offers you a complete roadmap to sell hundreds of non-fiction books. It provides you with Amazon and Bookbub ads tutorials templates. Marketing through social media also plays a key role, and the program comes in handy in that way, giving you the opportunity to promote your book through different social media platforms. It comes with a 1-year strategy to sell books consistently. ‘Sell More Books’ course also allows you to grow your Amazon reviews by more than 100. SPS proprietary also provides email list building.

  • Full-Time Fiction

The programs offered by Self-Publishing School aren’t only restricted to non-fiction writers. But it also provides a complete 1-year roadmap guide for fiction authors for selling books consistently. The program allows you to understand your genre’s market values fully and to adopt full-time fiction authorhood. It also helps you to interact with a full-time fiction author so you can learn and take notes from their experiences.

The training provided by experts prepares your path through the fiction industry. 

When it comes to marketing, the program comes with unique features. The training gives you a complete understanding of making and creating book ads that convert and sell and how to use them. It also guides you on how to get higher read-through rates of your books. Nevertheless, Self-Publishing School provides several platforms for social media marketing.

How Much Self-Publishing School Cost?

The cost varies from program to program. These costs include complete courses, individual and group courses, and some additional services too. Depending upon the program you select, the total cost depends. However, the average price for each course is $ 6.000,00. They offer different payment methods, that you can discuss with the Publishing Success Strategist during the free 1-hour call, as a starting point of your enrollment process.

if you're interested in scheduling a call with them, you can check right here. 

Is Self-Publishing School Legit?

Yes, the Self-Publishing School is hundred percent legit. It is a reliable online Self-Publishing School company that offers various courses to train authors for excelling in their fields. Also:

  • The courses are centered around Amazon Self-Publishing. 
  • The school was founded by Chandler Bolt, who is a six-time bestselling self-publishing author. 
  • The company was listed as one of INC 5000’s fastest-growing companies.
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Why Should You Choose Self-Publishing School?

Various companies in the market that offer publishing opportunities. But the question remains, why should one choose a Self-Publishing School apart from all those companies. Well, it is easy to answer the question with the help of an example. Suppose any of these offers you a complete fulfillment process, with all the necessities and requirements from publishing your book to marketing under one roof, with no additional investments (time and money). In that case, we’re sure you will choose it. Well, Self-Publishing School provides you all these things under one roof.

You can start your career path as a kindle author, which is way recommended nowadays. If you want to know how we wrote a complete guide about Kindle Direct Publishing.

  • Best Online Bestseller Author Courses

Within less than 90 days, the training enables you to publish your own physical and eBook on Amazon. The training provided by experts helps you to write an engaging fiction or non-fiction book. It covers from writing to publishing and marketing all the steps needed for your book to become a bestseller with its different phases. As the company’s CEO states, you don’t have to be a bestseller author to write a bestseller book.

  • Strong Marketing Tactics

Publishing a book is not enough. Unless and until you promote it in the right way. With the help of SPS proprietary, the company makes you promote your book using different sources. Social media branding and promotion helps you to find more readers for your book. The special public speaking events at the time of book launch, podcasts, and interviews help you reach a higher audience.

  • Ask From Experts

The guidelines provided by experts are always necessary. Self-Publishing School connects you with the field experts who train you to make it through the market and guide you well by their own experiences. The company provides a friendly environment between the trainers and the students. No harm intended; healthy competition only helps you to grow.

  • Extra Bonuses

The most amazing thing which makes Self-Publishing School stand out from other self-publishing companies is these extra bonuses. It is not a common thing to receive a goodie bag once you enroll in an online school. When you register yourself with Self-Publishing School, you will receive a comprehensive guide, workbooks, and community resources. These resources are beneficial in making your dreams come true.

Success StoriesGillian Perkins

In the past years, Self-Publishing School has changed many lives. From entrepreneurs to writers and authors, it has changed many lives. Many people currently rate on the bestseller list with the help of it.

A striking case is Gillian Perkins, who becomes a successful bestseller author through Self-Publishing School.

She is the author of the famous book “Sorted.” The book gives you basic guidelines to set your routine. It helps you to think using your time and space. After enrolling with Self-Publishing School, Perkins became a bestseller author. Her book is rated 3.2/5. Perkins is delighted and is proud of herself for choosing Self-Publishing School. Her book was positively reviewed and sold thousands of copies in the first few months.

She states that:

At least 100 people wrote me a review, shared it on social media, and that was the biggest thing-that strategy came from you (Self-Publishing School), and that was what sold 10,000 copies of my book in the first couple of months.”

Gillian Perkins


Writing a book and becoming an author is game-changing. Before jumping into this field without any safeguards isn’t the safest thing to do. We have provided you with a detailed review of the Self-Publishing Company. All the aspects and programs offered are explained in detail in our blog post. Based on our personal experience we assure you that their services are the best in town.

Before choosing a company, do your research and choose what suits you best. With the proper guidance, dedication, and hard work, you will become a bestseller published author within no time.

We wish you all the best!

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