7 Tips For Promoting Your T-shirt Brand

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If you’re running a Print On Demand t-shirt store, you know how important is to implement the right promotional strategy. You need to develop a strong identity to emerge from the ocean of sellers in the world.

In this article, we want to show you 7 tips for beginners that help to promote your t-shirt brand:

  1. Determine The Demographic Target
  2. Build A Personal Brand
  3. Create An Eye-Catching Store
  4. Focus On Promotions
  5. Use Social Networks
  6. Contact Influencers
  7. Be Passionate

To achieve this goal, it’s a matter of patience and dedication and could be challenging every single day. But it’s definitely worth it.

1. Determine The Demographic Target

It’s important to have full knowledge of the market you are going to target, which are your customers, and what their tastes and preferences are.

Having in mind these aspects is crucial before you start.

You must narrow down a very specific audience, made up of people very passionate about something.

And you must provide them this “something” wherever you can, as much as possible.

2. Build A Personal Brand

The concept of building an identity is fundamental and it’s connected to the choice of your store’s brand.

Creating a successful brand makes your products unique, and, in a such competitive environment like this, literally saves you from anonymity.

Usually, what you are selling has been already sold in the past or will be sold by somebody else in the future. This won’t happen if you provide something that has a strong brand itself.

Think about what could distinguish you from others and what your niche customers really like, and make it your own.

Only in this way, you will turn your products into something one of a kind.

3. Create An Eye-Catching Store

The eye wants its part and so it counts for your store. It must look perfect from an outsider’s perspective.

You got to take care of every single aspect of your shop: from single images to layouts, from background themes to item descriptions. It should transpire your strong identity imprint and how much you care about details as well.

People love these nuances and are attracted more to quality than quantity.

The credibility of your actions and therefore the success of your store depends strictly on detail’s attention.

4. Focus On Promotions

Having an eye on promotions is another aspect of significant importance.

You can provide the best attention to your store and upload high-quality designs, but if nobody has a chance to see them, they won’t appreciate it at all.

There are plenty of methods to promote your products online as we already discussed in other articles of the blog.

Anyway, what we recommend you is to set your promotion on two key factors: time and money. Which of these two is the most valuable for you? The answer to this question will let you understand which strategy to implement.

5. Use Social Networks

Creating a social account is the step that immediately follows what we already said before.

In 2021, you can’t imagine promoting your store apart from socials.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are the most popular ones, boasting billions of users around the world every single day.

They are just perfect for our purpose, that is to bring massive traffic to our store.

And to do this, you need to create a social account and start posting (possibly) everyday relevant content for that specific niche.

But be warned: it’s not just a matter of describing which items you’re going to sell.

You should range on general topics that have a significant impact on your audience. It’s statistically proven that this type of content will have a bigger follow-up among users and greater engagement.

For instance, if your store is focused on the fishing niche, you could publish a post teaching people how to fish, or which equipment to choose.

In short, give all the information that your audience is looking for and that would be glad to receive,

It may seem a huge effort, but over time this type of content will indirectly lead to a significant increase in your sales, more than you ever imagine.

6. Contact Influencers

An immediate way to attract traffic into your store is to take advantage of the notoriety of influencers.

Once you’ve signed up in one of these networks, the first step is to identify which influencers have the most engagement in your niche and write them a Direct Message (“DM”).

This form of advertising is very effective but also very expensive because it may require a couple of hundred dollars (or even more) for a promotion post or a 12/24 hours story on Instagram.

Definitely, if money is not a problem for you, it still remains the quickest way to send traffic to your store.

7. Be Passionate

We want to leave you with the best advice possible, which is passion.

In everything you do, from posting on social networks to creating great designs for your articles, you must be passionate about, and enthusiastic to convey an added value to your community.

This is sincere advice for anyone who is planning to approach this business. Everything you do has to reveal your personality and a strong, unique identity.

It’s the only way to emerge in the highly competitive industry of e-commerce.


We’ve talked a lot about how to promote your brand online.

We recommend you to read carefully this article and start to test personally each of these tips in your store.

We hope what has said was useful to you. But remember that these are simple tips which effectiveness depends solely on you.

As we explained before, success is a matter of passion and consistency in what you do. If one of these ingredients is missing nothing will work accordingly.

So, are you ready for this challenge?

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BONUS – How To Sell Fast My Products?

We will summarize some basic concepts we’ve already talked about in another article. If you’re interested in selling fast your product, we would recommend reading it for further bits of advice.

Few Product Variants

Providing different variants of your themes, in colors or sizes, will give the customers the opportunity to choose among many items, which is always great if you want to raise your sales.

But there should be a limit to this process, you can’t just provide dozen of variations of the same item. The reason is the so-called “paralysis analysis”: when you have so many options to choose from you just can’t decide which to pick and you will come up with no choice at all.

This can be applied in every field: how much time do you spend in front of a restaurant menù before ordering? The more options you will see the longer the process it will take.

So, too many variants will only create confusion among the customers and most likely will reduce your potential sales.

So the basic recommendation is to choose only 5 color variants per single item.

Mockups & Lifestyle Photos

Using mockups photo is certainly the most effective way to grab your customers’ attention instead of posting generic photos on a white background.

However, it’s not necessary to use a camera and involve models.

Several platforms do this for you. One of them is Placeit. This platform lets you upload designs on real models and span a wide variety of products such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, mugs, and even pillows.

Its interface is user-friendly so it’s not required any specific skill.

In this way, you will get fantastic lifestyle images that will attract your customers at first glance!

Not Only T-shirts

Although t-shirts are the most used apparel in the world it’s advisable not to focus excessively on them.

There are unexpected products that are sold at a much higher price than their intrinsic value (a striking case is leggings).

This is possible when you make them appear as unique and precious of their kind.

It’s up to you and your promotion skills to make this happen even to your products. In this way, you could sell them at higher prices than prevented.

So, we strongly recommend not to limit your shopping experience to just t-shirts and provide a wider range of products looking one of a kind.

Scarcity Trigger

Scarcity is perhaps the most powerful weapon in convincing people to buy your product.

However, don’t overdo it otherwise it won’t be so reliable.

As with other strategies, it’s in the equilibrium that its effectiveness derives.

All in all, we recommend limiting your discounts to only 4 items, in order to maximize the perception of scarcity on your products.

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