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With the latest technology innovations, you can create custom 3D models using 3D printing. You can print anything from household items, artwork, and even t-shirts!

If you want to start 3D printing but have no idea where to begin, we recommend using Threekit’s 3D configurator for t-shirts. 

This app is the best way of getting started with 3D printing. It lets you create your own designs and customize them any way you like before downloading the file in STL format. This will then allow you to upload it on several online platforms and send it directly to a printer nearby.

All you need is an account and some basic knowledge about how this particular design works to get started.

Let’s figure it out!

What is Threekit?

Threekit is a virtual software that allows customers to visualize and personalize their products according to their tastes. It combines Virtual Photography, Augmented Reality (AR), and 3D configuration, all in one product.

That’s extremely useful, especially in the e-commerce field, as customers can get a realistic portrayal of the product they will receive. With real-time modification in price and design, sellers can boost their store engagement and dramatically lower the churn rate.

Ben Houston, a senior software developer and current CTO, founded the company in 2005. Seeing the potential to revolutionize eCommerce, Ben soon recognized the tremendous opportunity hidden behind the usage of 3D product configurators in the web industry.

He raised a $10 million seed round investment by Godard Abel, a SaaS Entrepreneur, followed by a further $30 million round led by Salesforce Ventures and Shasta Ventures

These two rounds allowed Threekit to develop its products and roll them out on an international scale. The team has tens of years of experience in e-commerce, software engineering, and computer science.

Today, Threekit boasts a global presence with headquarters in Chicago, London, Ottawa, Paris, and San Francisco.

What is a 3D Product Configurator?

A 3D product configurator is an online tool that helps you to create products using 3D modeling software. It is mainly used to create unique objects for personal and business use.

In this case, we are focusing on creating a t-shirt with your own designs and customizations. Threekit’s product configurator is probably the best example for such a tool as it allows you to change every detail of a specific design. You can change the color, size, and font of any design component.

If you want to create a business out of 3D printing, this type of product configurator will make it easier to attract new customers and boost your ROI.

What are the Advantages of Using a 3D Product Configurator?

The main advantages of using a 3D product configurator are:

  • Improved self-esteem. 3D is a powerful selling feature for buyers, as they can clearly see what they’re going to buy, meeting their expectations and convincing themselves that it is the right choice.
  • Reduced stress during the purchasing process. E-commerce has never been as successful for those who wanted to sell expensive items compared to cheaper ones. The reason is that customers are hesitant about spending money unless they are absolutely sure of what they’re doing. 3D images can reduce shoppers’ anxiety by giving them the assurance they need before deciding to purchase.
  • Merging online and offline experience. Online shopping with 3D images provides more of an experience similar to the physical one in store. That increases the overall customer shopping experience significantly and boosts retention.

How Can You Use a 3D Product Configurator?

A 3D configurator software, like Threekit, is simple and easy to use, and very stylish.

For the sake of this example, we can identify three main steps:

  1. Upload the file. The system lets you upload your desired image (alternatively, you can create it from scratch) in 3D or CAD format. Threekit then elaborates a 3D model according to your requirements. 
  2. Connect it to the Platform. Threekit imports the files into the platform and, by using your predefined catalog settings, creates parameters for your site’s configurator that customers can customize their chosen product.
  3. Now you’re online. On the user interface will appear the player section that shows the products in 3D format.

For more details, we recommend watching the video below, from the Threekit’s Youtube Channel Page!

Can You Integrate the 3D Product Configurator With Woocommerce?

Yes, with Threekit, it’s possible!

It makes no difference if you are launching a new product or selling through an existing website. Consider using their 3D Product Configurator to create better experiences for your visitor and increase sales at the same time.

A 3D Virtual configurator acts like a real-life designer experience, allowing your customers to prototype a customized product on-screen before deciding if they want that specific product. 

It's been shown over and over again that 3D visualizations lead to a higher conversion rate than regular e-commerce!

Also, Threekit perfectly integrates with the following e-commerce platforms:

  • BigCommerce
  • commercetools
  • Magento
  • Salesforce
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Shopify
  • Google 3D Display Ads

As you see, the solutions provided are countless and for all business needs!

How Threekit Pricing Works

Threekit doesn’t provide a defined plan. Their pricing is customized to suit the needs of each client.

However, their basic plan starts at $4,500 per year.

All Threekit packages offer these core features, included in your custom plan:

  • Self-service access
  • Integration with e-commerce services
  • 3D customizable Product Configurator (also available in 2D with A-R option) 
  • Management and visualization of digital assets
  • Player’s displaying and cloud hosting

The pricing process starts with a first call/appointment scheduled with the Sales Team, which leads to a Project Survey. Once the team receives your Survey, they will schedule a second meeting to discuss the final price, according to your requirements.

The price will consider your business’s needs and the specifics of your project, such as the number of products, the type of visuals you’re looking for, and your estimated budget.


Threekit is a virtual software that allows visualizing your own products engagingly in 3D.

The best part about this tool?

You don’t have to be a professional designer! Simply upload an image of your desired product, and the Threekit team will do the rest!

If you don’t have any product images yet, they get you covered too! Their software allows you to choose from a catalog of several items that you can customize as per like.

With their easy-to-use interface and seamless integration with most major e-commerce platforms, you can get started with ease!

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to unveil the best 3D product configurator on your e-commerce site?

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