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Like a photo editor, you must know the importance of contrast. Contrast is a strength of the abstract image. Therefore, the latest abstract generators introduced excellent functions that enhance an image’s contrast. 

In this article, we will see how Adobe Illustrator and Abstract Curves work to improve the color of an image and which performs better.

Keep reading so you won’t miss an in-depth comparison between the two. But first, let’s clarify one important concept. 

Why Contrast Is So Important?

The contrast gives an image of life, definition, standard, and quality. High-contrast pictures pop up, provide a realistic effect, define lines and boost the texture. In photo editing, we need to focus on contrast to improve the quality. Professionally, we can achieve this through curves and levels. 

Often we are presented with an imbalanced contrast image–the intensity of colors is too low or too high, so there is a need for tone control. Curves and levels handle the black and white endpoints of the tonal range to normalize the contrast. Minor adjustment to endpoints results in an observable change in the overall picture. 

In broad terms, levels and curves serve the same purpose, even though there is a slight difference between the two. 

Levels change the overall glimpse of the image. We change the black and white endpoints to alter the global contrast. Instead, we can give an extraordinary effect to a bland-looking graphic through curves. It uses geometric adjustment to provide the texture of bright light coming through a corner. 

Curves look at minor details of the tonal range. Hence, their knowledge is essential in photo editing. 

Adobe Illustrator vs Abstract Curves: A Comparison

Having grasped the concept, we can return to the original issue. We all know that we can generate valuable abstracts through modern digital tools.

Abstract art generators like Adobe Illustrators and Abstract Curves are valuable alternatives in the market, as they can make detailed and unique paintings. 

But which one is better?

Are you curious?

Let’s find out!

Adobe Illustrator

image 19

Adobe’s idea about changing the world through digital technology seems accomplished through Illustrator. We have seen Adobe launch amazing applications, and Adobe Illustrator is one of their precious gems.

Launched in 2021, Adobe Illustrator is a design application that fulfills industry standards. 

With their vector-based technology, we can create logos, fabulous designs, and posters. Just name the graphic items, and you can achieve them through this application. 

But what are vector graphics? 

You must be familiar with mathematics to understand the concept fully. Straight lines, curves, and shapes are used in making vector-based graphics. They use the formula of a circle with radius and an (x,y) component to draw a circle. Any changes in texture, color, or style will follow the formula. However you zoom into the picture, the curves and lines will remain sharp. 

Adobe Illustrator images do not distort or lose their quality even at maximum zoom. Curves will remain spik and span. If you are on your iPad or tablet, all your data will automatically save on the cloud due to cloud computing technology. 

What makes Adobe Illustrator the best abstract generator? Illustrator uses Adobe Sensei AI technology. 

It helps the marketing process and gains better results. 

Abstract Curves

image 18

No matter how you paint the front, weak backgrounds do not let the colors pop up. And here comes in handy Abstract Curves, a powerful tool for generating unique backgrounds and artworks through abstract curves. 

It is among the best in generating vector graphics. With its easy-to-use interface, Abstract Curves makes non-artists feel comfortable. If you’re a beginner and want to make your painting from scratch, then just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log-in to Abstract Curves
  2. Choose your source
  3. Use all of the available tools
  4. After completing the artwork, save it on a device by pressing the “download” button.

Please remember to use the “transparent background” option to preserve ownership of your masterpiece. Also, if you explore the website, you will notice an abstract gallery showing overwhelming models and artworks. You can easily get lost in it.

Lastly, Abstract Curves provides a demo version that is free of charge. Anyone who wants to be familiar with the application can download the trial version and start practicing their skills.

We have seen a general review of each service. Now let’s compare them in the table below.

Adobe Illustrator


  • Versatile. From logos to posters, we can create various outputs through illustrators. It is a widely used program in the industry to meet market demands. 
  • Different routes. Illustrator provides different routes to the same problem. On Illustrator, you can use various tools to accomplish the same task.
  • Vector-based. Adobe design images never lose their appearance at 500% zoom. That is only achievable due to vector-based technology.
  • Service and support. Customer service and support matter a lot to make a good reputation. When users invest, they demand good behavior. Illustrator support provides a sudden response to customer issues. 
  • Adobe Illustrator cloud. The cloud technology of Adobe Illustrator is very useful. Your Illustrator’s content is accessible on any device. Just logging in is required.
  • Export file. We can download files in various extensions through Adobe Illustrator, whether PEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, PDF, SVG, EPS, and AI.


  • Space problem. Illustrator is a heavy application. It will take a lot of space to run—that’s why in most cases when you don’t have a robust system, the application will lag or not respond.
  • Trained user. You require beginner-level knowledge to use Illustrator. Otherwise, you won’t understand the purpose of a specific function. 

Abstract Curves


  • Light application. The abstract curve is a light application. It doesn’t put your processor and system under a heaving burden.
  • Easy to use. The interface of the website is straightforward. After downloading, a beginner can also start work without previous knowledge about art.
  • Abstract Gallery. A small gallery of abstract art is a plus point. People can observe what they are going to get. It develops a sense of trust in the user.
  • Free demo version. People only like to try new things when they are free. Nobody takes a risk investing in new firms. A free demo version of abstract curves is a good marketing strategy.
  • Transparent background option. Those who want to create abstract art for selling purposes will love this option. To maintain ownership and prevent illegal use, you can put a transparent image in the background. 
  • Vector-based. Abstract curves do not follow raster graphics. Abstract curves generate vector graphics.


  • Wide range. The functionality of abstract curves is minimal. We can not play or explore different functions in its dashboard.
  • Cloud storage. Abstract curves do not provide the facility of cloud computing. To access files, you need your device. Otherwise, you have to wait to reach home.

Which Is The Best Abstract Art Generator?

Adobe Illustrator and Abstract Curves show their best in the race for the best abstract generator in the market. But the winner is always one. 

Adobe Illustrator, with its latest features, has won the race. 

To clarify the results, let us summarize the reasons for our choice:

  • Wide range of functions and editing features
  • The convenience of cloud computing
  • Clear and sharp vector graphics
  • A responsive customer service desk

Curiosity: Does Abstract Art Have Value?

You went for dinner at a friend’s house. You catch a glimpse of an abstract painting hanging at the entrance. When you come back home after enjoying a fantastic dinner, you still keep thinking about that painting. 

That’s the value of abstract art.

Abstract art leaves a seed of curiosity in mind. 

Whenever you see abstract art, you cannot understand the meaning at first. Imagination and continuous thinking are the only tools that help in understanding a complex and clueless art. 

If you ask us a solution to cracking abstract art’s meaning, then our answer would be “sorry.” 

People are good at solving problems through solutions. But abstracts don’t follow definite rules, explanations, and meanings, as is just the emotion of an artist. We cannot define particular methods for making it.

If you want to know the value of abstract art, then learn how to look at an artist’s work. Here’s are our three recommendations:

1. Spend Time

When we look at paintings, we just catch a glimpse of them. Spend time reading an illustration and if you don’t get it, go home, and you will probably crack the code at some point.

2. Irrelevant Title

Artists give paintings a random title. Sometimes, the title says “mountain,” but you can’t even find a hill in the image. So don’t be constrained by the title’s name; focus on the colors represented inside. 

3. Respect The Artist

We just saw colors on canvas. But painters serve months and years to make one piece. Mocking someone’s effort is ridiculous, so better respect their efforts and not judge their artwork.


Hence, we have observed two amazing abstract art generators in the market. Both of the applications serve the creative industry superbly. However, Adobe Illustrator leads the way with a margin of a few remarkable features.

Wherever you choose, these tools will let you create unique abstract art pieces with ease.

So don’t hesitate further and let your imagination fly.

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