How To Use A Toybox 3D Printer (Kid’s Guide!)


The printing process has recently evolved, providing even three-dimensional printed items. These exceptional 3D printers produce realistic images through additive processing and successive layering.

A great exemplar is the Toybox 3D printer.

Toybox is a user-friendly 3D printer and the best companion for kids as it develops their creativity by printing outstanding 3D toys with ease. 

In this article, we are going to highlight the main specifications of the Toybox 3D printer and detail how it works.

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How To Use The Toybox 3D Printer (Tutorial)

The functioning of the Toybox 3D printer is straightforward since it has been specifically designed for children. The printer works through an app you can easily download on your phone. Here is the tutorial you were looking for:

  • First of all, download the application on your mobile phone (it’s available for both Android and iOS). The printer requires a Wi-Fi connection, so make sure you have a fast internet connection.
  • Once downloaded, the Toybox app categorizes all the items suitable for 3D printing (the group is sectioned into ‘Quick Prints’ and ‘Critters’). You can also directly draw in the app. Then, browse and select the print option and hit ‘Print Me.’ 
  • Attach the filament roll of your desired color to the back of the printer. Lead the wire through the top of the machine to start the printer.
  • With the “Print Me” option, the app will immediately command the Toybox 3D printer. A small LCD is located at the bottom front of the printer and lights up when the machine runs.
  • The machine will start printing your 3D image through successive layering and additive processing. You can see all the progress in front of you.
image 1
  • The app also notifies you once 3D printing is over. An alert will appear on your mobile phone. 
  • Finally, your desired toy has now come to life in three-dimensional form! The process usually takes minutes according to the design you have chosen initially.
  • The Toybox also allows users to import custom design files for 3D printing. These must be in OBJ, G-code, and STL format, as they are the only ones supported by the printer.

Toybox 3D Printer – Product Review

It’s exciting to see how the Toybox 3D printer works. It is used to create custom 3D toys but seems like a toy itself! That’s why children can use it with ease under their parents’ supervision. It bypasses any complex or hazardous functions. Kids can learn a new printing technique and develop their creativity and imagination simultaneously.

As it works through wireless connectivity, the Toybox 3D printer is able to print 60mm per second.

It features a print bed for layering the three-dimensional object, which you can easily peel off as it's non-sticky. It is also portable as it only weighs 3kg.

The Toybox 3D printer supports a mobile app representing the device’s core specification. It is easy to use and integrates as many designs as you want. Apart from selecting, kids can also draw and create their own toys through the app. The output is a biodegradable plastic object of 7x8x9 printing volume.

The Toybox 3D printer prints through a single nozzle and utilizes PLA filament material strictly for environmental concerns. You can import your models using the app’s ‘Creator Space’ or, alternatively, through the browser website.

What Is The Price Of A Toybox 3D Printer?

The Toybox 3D printer has been known since 2018 to be affordable and at a reasonable price. The ongoing cost on the official website is $249.00. At this rate, the buyer avails the 3D printer, the peel bed, creator space access for free, printer food, and a 2.000+ digital toy index. 

The Toybox also offers a Deluxe Bundle for their customers that integrates eight printer colors, a peal bed, creator space access, and a 20.000+ toy catalog along with the 2D printer. The bundle is available for the price of $299. 

All in all, the cost of the device is relatively feasible, considering it’s a toy that can produce more toys. It offers an excellent opportunity for the kids to be productive and creative at the same time.

How Do I Change The Color Of The Toybox 3D Printer?

The Toybox 3D printer works with colored PLA material filaments. It is relatively simple to change them mid-print. 

  • Carefully cut the filament strip from the top of the Toybox printer. Take the filament roll out from the back of the machine and replace it with the filament roll of a different color. 
  • Let the excess wire of the previous color disappear and insert the filament wire of the new color from the top of the Toybox printer
  • Hold the filament in place for a few seconds, and the Toybox will start printing with this new color. That allows you to 3D print an object in multicolor.

The color filaments for the Toybox 3D printer are available with the purchase of the printer or can be separately ordered as well. They are strictly made of biodegradable PLA material and are not pure plastic. Changing colors with the filament wires are non-dangerous and safe for kids.

Can Toybox Use Other Filaments?

Toybox filaments are made of PLA material to make the output toys environment-friendly. However, you can also use other filaments, not Toybox manufactured. Only make sure that these are printing safe and non-dangerous (Toybox 3D printer supports filaments of 1.75mm). 

If you’re interested in purchasing a printer filament, kindly refer to the following properties as a suggestion:

  • The filament should be flexible and high in strength. It should also have high durability. These properties ensure that it will be safe for printing and produce a stable output.
  • The filament should also have an appropriate melting temperature. The average temperature used for printing is 210–250 degrees. 
  • The filaments also have shrinkage properties that are preferred from considerable to minimal. That depends on the toys you are 3D printing. 
  • Please also check if it is food safe.

What Is The Recommended Age For Using Toybox?

Toybox is specifically made for children and easy usage. However, the recommended age for using the Toybox 3D printer is five years and above. The company suggests parents supervise their kids while working on it.

Even though it’s entirely safe, it is still a machine that heats up. The printer has wireless connectivity, which prevents any electrical dangers. Apart from this, the app is also easy for kids. Kids aged five and older can easily command the printer with just one click.

How Big Is The Toybox 3D Printer?

The Toybox 3D printer weighs 3kg only. This feasible weight makes the device easy to carry around and store. It is not heavy and gigantic, making it perfect for kids. The 3kg weight also makes the Toybox 3D printer easy to store, as it does not occupy a lot of space and can be stored effectively.


The 3D printer is an exciting way of bringing imagination to life. This modern innovation has made it possible to develop children’s creativity in minutes. 

Toybox is a smart machine that can easily be your kid’s preferred toy. It allows them to customize and produce toys through easy operation and functioning. It’s definitely a great device to boost your child’s productivity and creativity.

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