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Print On Demand it’s the best solution to run a profitable store today, due to its high-returns and low-risks business model that enables anyone to sell products from scratch.

The best Print On Demand companies that can be integrated with WIX are Printify, Printful, and Zazzle.

You can select them from the Wix App Market, and upload them to the website.

Once integrated, they will process every task related to your business, from payments to fulfillment, from shipping to customer care.

And this works automatically without having to pay a single extra fee, which is awesome.

The only exception is the MyTshirt app, which is used to connect your store with Zazzle. You should update your basic subscription, as the premium version provides really valuable features for just $4 a month.

How Does It Work?

Today there are unlimited solutions to choose from, but one we truly recommend is to create a website with Wix.

With its user-friendly interface, Wix makes it easier to create a professional website that hosts your store. Of course, it doesn’t provide the same level of personalization as Shopify does but, anyway, there are various solutions for your needs.

First off you have to create a Wix store and connect it to the Print On Demand service through the related app on Wix App Market.

Then start to create your products using the mockup generator, which is free, and simply drag them into your store.

Next, set the shipping rates and the payment methods, so the customers have different options to choose from.

And that’s it! Now everything is set to work by itself: if anyone buys from your Wix store, the Print On Demand service will receive the order and will process it immediately.

You can just glance down at this machine working by itself!

Customized Products

You can create unlimited Print On Demand products with Wix, more than one hundred.

This is due to the two main Print On Demand platforms integrated, Printful, and Printify, which let you accede to 80% of all existing products on the market.

But if you want further customization, you can use the MyTshirt app and accede to the more diversified portfolio of Zazzle, with unique products of their kind.

Fees & Expenses

The cost of handling a print-on-demand business on Wix varies from $20 to $30 per month, plus further variable fees.

The fixed costs are $10 for the web domain (once a year) and $20 per month for the Wix subscription.

You may subscribe to Zazzle premium services, and add an extra $4 a month for their unique features.

Or upgrade to a premium Printify membership to get discounted prices for a further $8 per month.

However, there isn’t a clear amount that is equal for everyone as everyone has different needs.

The generic rule is to start with free accounts and move to premium subscriptions once you can afford them and your business can pay back them.

As long as you will cover all the expenses (including marketing and promotion), your store will remain profitable in the long term.

Which Print On Demand Service Should I Choose?

To answer this question, you should know first about your needs and your goals.

The platform should provide the exact items you want to sell first. For instance, if you aim to sell a certain product but Printify doesn’t provide it, your choice should be Printful or Zazzle, and vice versa.

The second condition is the cost you’re going to pay. It depends on which product category you’re going to sell and, mostly, from your customers’ spending habits.

If your targeted audience can afford high-quality products you will be inclined to purchase more expensive materials on your Print On Demand service and customize them.

Otherwise, you will switch to cheaper solutions, which can satisfy both parties.

Wherever will be your choice, all three platforms provide high-standard services, considering product fulfillment (3-5 days on average), shipping (others 3-5 days on average), and available customer service.

Of course, if your customers have a kind of urgency, they can choose quicker solutions paying extra fees, but it’s totally upon them.

However, one distinction could be made on the suppliers’ choice.

All these services use third-party suppliers to reduce fulfillment time and increase their efficiency.

The “problem” is that each supplier is located in different areas of the country, and works differently from another.

But Printify allows you to choose the right supplier for you, according to labor time, location, output quality, and cost.

Printful and Zazzle don’t let you do that. You have to accept their suppliers and their conditions.

This is not necessarily bad but if you have urgencies of every kind (for instance, you want faster shipping times in Europe), maybe Printify it’s the right solution for you.

Pros Of Using Wix

In conclusion, we want to sum up the main advantages of using Wix as the main website for your Print On Demand business:

  • User-friendly interface, which allows you to create your store in just a few steps, using basic drag-and-drop features;
  • Wide range of alternatives if you want to create unique designs for your Print On Demand products;
  • Fully-automated order execution, from the initial purchasing to the final delivery;
  • Possibility to use the Printful’s mockup generator plus many other personalized features embedded;
  • 24/7 customer service.

Today there are unlimited solutions to choose from, but we truly recommend creating a website store with Wix.

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BONUS – How To Promote Your Print On Demand Store Today?

Social Presence

Today, you can’t imagine promoting your store apart from socials.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are the most popular ones, boasting billions of users around the world every single day.

They are just perfect for our purpose, that is to bring massive traffic to our store.

And to do this, you need to create a social account and start posting (possibly) everyday relevant content for that specific niche.

But be warned: it’s not just a matter of describing which items you’re going to sell.

You should range on general topics that have a significant impact on your audience. It’s statistically proven that this type of content will have a bigger follow-up among users and greater engagement.

For instance, if your store is focused on the fishing niche, you could publish a post teaching people how to fish, or which equipment to choose.

In short, give all the information that your audience is looking for and that would be glad to receive,

It may seem a huge effort, but over time this type of content will indirectly lead to a significant increase in your sales, more than you ever imagine.

Boost Your Instagram Profile

The Instagram profile represents the showcase of your business. It must therefore reflect your identity in a clear and unexceptionable way.

  • Clear Username

The username is the first thing that catches the eye. It must be as short as possible and easy to remember. We recommend a username that is two to three words long, and that condenses your identity to the maximum.

Try to compensate for the lack of name alternatives with creativity and cleverness.

  • Picture Profile

The choice of images has to be made starting from the logo. The logo is the first thing you need to do if you are planning to create an e-commerce site and it best represents your identity.

Some sites let you create a custom logo; on the other hand, you could ask a graphic designer to create one for you.

All in all, the logo must be creative, professional, and awesome.

  • Bio

Biography is the third thing people look at when they’re visiting your Instagram profile.

The space available is not much (you have a maximum of 150 characters) but it’s enough to give an effective description of who you are, what you do, and what distinguishes you from others.

Try to be authentic because the description is the way you can truly connect with your users. It reflects your behavior and your thoughts towards the niche you are dealing with.

  • Folder Pictures

Instagram feed represents the brand’s first experience. 

Usually, if we scroll our feeds from top to bottom we notice random pictures of our contacts, one after the other. That’s absolutely what you want to avoid: a confusing selection of pictures without any order.

When users come to visit your profile, they should catch the real essence of your store, from the images to the bio description.

The visual appearance, particularly, has the biggest impact on their overall experience so you have to take care of image selection, their order, and their evocative power.

This can influence their final decision on purchasing or not your product.

  • Influencers

An immediate way to attract traffic into your store is to take advantage of the notoriety of influencers.

The first step is to identify which influencers have the most engagement in your niche and write them a Direct Message (“DM”).

This form of advertising is very effective but also very expensive because it may require a couple of hundred dollars (or even more) for a promotion post or a 12/24 hours story on Instagram.

Definitely, if money is not a problem for you, it still remains the quickest way to send traffic to your store.

Print On Demand World Staff

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