How to Customize Coffee Mugs on Zazzle


Do you want to learn how to make your own coffee mug?

Designing custom mugs couldn’t be easier today with Zazzle!

Start by choosing one of their pre-made mugs in the style you like best. Then add text if you want to write a message on the front of your mug (like “Happy Halloween!”) before uploading an image or a particular design. When you’re done, click preview & order and just wait as they print and ship it right to your doorstep!

That’s it! Customizing coffee mugs has never been this fun and simple!

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step procedure to learn how it exactly works.

Stay with us if you’re looking to create the perfect mug for yourself!

Is Zazzle Trustworthy?

Zazzle is among the largest marketplaces for designing custom products today. They make it easy to create and sell t-shirts, hats, bags, mugs, wall art, stationery, and more.

Their library boasts countless photos, graphics, and illustrations that you can use as yours for inspiration. Also, they provide thousands of professional templates for any occasion – birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays!

With so many printing options available, there’s something for everyone at Zazzle!

With multiple offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide, Zazzle has quickly become a leading marketplace in the print-on-demand industry since its foundation in 2005.

Here are some numbers:

image 1

They offer an outstanding platform where you can purchase high-quality artwork or sell your designs for a royalty fee.

Every month, the site receives around 30 million visitors worldwide! There’s no doubt you will receive the visibility you’re looking for!

We will show you how to customize your coffee mugs on Zazzle, but first, you need to open a new store.

How to Create a Store on Zazzle

The procedure of creating a store is straightforward.

The first step is opening a new account on Zazzle.

image 11

The second step is creating a virtual designer store.

image 12

Please notice that your store name can’t be the same as existing others. Also, be aware that you can’t change it once created.

Anyway, Zazzle lets you create multiple stores. The option to create a new one is in your account settings.

image 13

The preliminary steps are now completed.

You’re ready to create your brand new mug and add it to your store!

How to Personalize Coffee Mugs on Zazzle

Zazzle developed a feature called “Quick Product Create” that allows creating new designs in 3 simple steps!

From your virtual designer store, go to the Product tab and click on “Quick Create”.

image 14
  1. The first option suggests using the default “Add Logo” Template provided by the platform. It’s needed if you want to upload your design onto a wide array of products.
  2. The second option is about choosing the image to place on your coffee mug. Dare to select quality photos, or you may incur unpleasant issues regarding resolution or size (we will deepen the topic later).
  3. Lastly, you can resize the image lowering its dimensions to fit the design area (“Fit” option), or filling it if sizes are too small and you need to cover empty spaces (“Fill” option).
At this point, we can finally move to the creation process of our coffee mug!

First of all, select a placeholder image from your folder and upload it. It’s important for a preview of the final look of our mug.

image 15

Play with the image alignment until the design isn’t clearly visible in the mockup preview (like in the screen above).

Flag the “Make this a template object” option, and click “More” on the toolbar.

image 16

It’s important if you want to use the same settings for the next customization project. It will be your new starting point.

At this point, the mug is ready to be published on the Zazzle marketplace.

Click “Sell It” and move to the product options!

image 17

In the next menu, you can decide whether to sell your mug in all colors and styles. By default, it will include each variant, but you can manually select your favorite ones.

It’s visible also the Store Category option, which you can modify by clicking on the “Select” button and changing specifications.

image 18

The next option relates to Product Rating. There are three levels:

  • G: the images and language shown are appropriate for people of every age.
  • PG-13: images and language aren’t appropriate for children.
  • R: images and language aren’t appropriate for people below 18 years old.

This will determine the type of audience that will have access to your store.

Of course, the broader, the better.

Another important option is the “Customize it” button.

image 19

If you leave it flagged, customers will be able to personalize further your mug, changing elements such as the image or the text.

It may turn into a better shopping experience for the user but at the price of a fewer control over your creations. 

The next option relates to product visibility. You can choose between “Public”, “Hidden” or “Direct-only” (more advanced).

image 20

It follows the “Royalty Information” box, where you can set the royalty fee for your product.

image 21

For a better overview of Zazzle’s royalty program, please refer to this page.

Lastly, you have to flag the “User Agreement” box if you confirm that you are aware of all the content guidelines of Zazzle and you agree with them.

Of course, you can’t publish if you don’t.

image 22

All the steps are finally over!

Simply click on “Post it!” and your wonderful coffee mug will magically appear in your store!

image 23

How to Upload Pictures on Zazzle (Best Practises)

You can upload your picture from the Design Tool through the “Add Image” button. Zazzle supports different images such as PNG, JPEG, AI, PDF, and SVG formats.

For best results, your source file should be transparent (i.e. without background).

To ensure the best resolution, Zazzle suggests following these requirements:

  • 150ppi for clothing.
  • 200ppi for mugs, postcards, and stickers.
  • 300ppi for wall arts

Anyway, the Design Tool will show a warning flag if the resolution of the image uploaded does not fit the recommended sizes.

image 24

Regarding color profile, Zazzle supports both CMYK and RGB, but the latter is more recommended!

If your product is white-colored clothing, your design file should have a 150ppi resolution and 14" wide x 12" tall size.

For dark-colored clothing, Zazzle suggests using transparent PNG-format images. To avoid any issue with printing white colors that are not intended, you can click on the “Show whites as transparent” option under the “Customize It” tab.

image 25

If you leave it unselected, it will show the white color on your t-shirt.

image 26


Is There a Minimum Order Quantity for Coffee Mugs?

Luckily, Zazzle hasn’t set a minimum order quantity for custom mugs. Of course, with bulk orders, you can accede to higher discounts.

Can Zazzle Mugs Be Microwaved?

Yes, ceramic mugs on Zazzle are microwave and dishwasher safe! Also, they meet FDA requirements for food and beverage safety.

How to Design a Custom Mug on Zazzle?

If you are a customer, Zazzle provides multiple print-on-demand options that help you creating the perfect mug for your needs. The procedure is straightforward:

  1. Select the style of your mug (Standard, Jumbo, Espresso, Morphing, or Travel).
  2. Select the size (from the plethora of dimensions available).
  3. Upload an image or create your own design.
  4. Finalize the purchase.

How Much Does Coffee Mugs Cost on Zazzle?

On average, on Zazzle, coffee mugs are sold at the price of $14,95. However, multiple factors can affect the cost, such as material, shipping country, dimensions, etc.


Customizing coffee mugs has never been easier with Zazzle.

In this blog post, we have seen a simple and quick creation process for creating personalized mugs for any occasion. Whether you’re organizing a corporate event or you want to make a gift to your beloved ones, Zazzle gets you covered!

With so many design options available, you will surely find the one that meets all your criteria!

Also, there are many other items that you can personalize in this fantastic marketplace. T-shirts, hoodies, wall arts, home decor, and many other products are just waiting to be customized with your fancy designs.

So don’t waste other time and start creating your branded line with Zazzle today!


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